Rob’s Album Of The Week: Moon Tooth’s Chromaparagon

moontoothMetal is a wildly diverse style of music, but there’s also redundancy — fans are tired of the same old black metal band or stoner fuzz act playing tiring songs with no substance. There’s an explosive act from Long Island that’s been shaking things up lately that you have to check out. They go by the name Moon Tooth and their new album Chromaparagon is an absolute ripper. It’s incredibly forceful with tons of infectious energy that’ll leave you in awe.

For a metal band, Moon Tooth has a pretty unique sound in a sense that they fuse a lot of interesting dimensions together. Nick Lee’s guitar has a mathy tone while John Carbone sings with a lot of powerful soul. It’s definitely a refreshing brand of rock that blows your mind. The complexities throughout Chromaparagon makes the whole album very enjoyable to blast through your speakers. The unpredictability that each track possesses makes the album exciting and electrifying.

It’s fantastic that Moon Tooth didn’t use a metronome or any tuning software during the creating of Chromaparagon. There’s a genuine quality to the production that you have to respect. To explore the album as a whole, let’s dive into my top tracks off the Album Of The Week.

“Vesuvius” is a two-part song that features guest vocals from Providence’s own Roz Raskin. The track has a lot to offer with multiple progressions and a driving rhythmic force throughout both parts. You can really grab a hold of Lee’s mathy tones in the beginning of “Offered Blood,” but the breakdowns give the track a poetic aesthetic. A thrashing rip-roaring track, “Bats In The Attic” is a scorcher that’s extremely fast and epically amazing.

Moon Tooth are currently in the middle of a tour in support of Chromaparagon that’ll be landing them at the Tap House in Norfolk, Virginia, with Savage Kenny and The G-Bombs. Everyone in the area should go because Moon Tooth are spellbinding when they play live. While you’re there, grab a copy of Chromaparagon and get your brain melted.

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