The Roots Report: You Get Nothing! You Lose! Good Day, Sir!

Okee dokee folks… “I’ve got a golden ticket!” That is the way I used to feel when I bought a concert ticket. A ticket was special. It wasn’t just a piece of paper, it was a thing of beauty that we would save as mementos. I have hundreds of them and some of them were autographed by the performers. I had tickets to see The Who in Providence in ’79 when Buddy Cianci canceled their appearance. You had to return your ticket for a refund, but I wanted to save mine. I did return it for the refund because I needed the money, but before I did, I made copies of the ticket and saved the perforated stub. This is how much tickets meant. What constitutes a ticket now is just a sheet of paper from your own printer or a bar code on your smart phone. The “ticket” I had for the recent Neil Young show wasn’t even a ticket. You had to give the door person your credit card you used to purchase the ticket, and it was run through a reader that printed a small, thermal, cash register-type receipt that had your seat assignment on it. I guess physical tickets, like actual dollar bills, are fading away. Things change, yes. I am getting older and grouchier, yes. Do I like it? NO! Read on…

Did you know that you can kind of sort of use me in the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game? Years back, I opened for the Bacon Brothers in Newport. I am not sure if that really counts, but it is fun to think so. Most of the audience was there to see Kevin Bacon in person, not The Bacon Brothers Band. He did do a Footloose kind of dance that made the women swoon (in all fairness there may have been swooning men as well, but I didn’t see them). So, why am I talking about him? Because The Bacon Brothers will be at the Greenwich Odeum on August 10. The band is fronted by Michael and Kevin Bacon. They play folk, rock country and soul-flavored music. From what I recall, it is a fun show. So sure, come for Kevin Bacon, but you may just leave with a new favorite band! For more, “Guess Again” to Also coming to The Odeum on August 15 — for an intimate onstage show — is Cindy Lee Berryhill with special guest Heather Rose. I will have more about that show in next week’s online issue!

“Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing.” If you want to know who, what, when, where and how, you just might find out at Twin River on August 15 when Chris Isaak croons into the Event Center. Most folks only know him because of his hit “Wicked Game” that has been used in many films and received oodles of airplay over the years. Or you may have seen him on the sitcom, “Friends,” when he appeared as Phoebe’s boyfriend and they sang Phoebe’s “Smelly Cat” together. If you have never seen him live, you should. I caught one of his shows last year; it was extremely entertaining and I really only knew “Wicked Game.” Honestly, I think Isaac goofs on himself and presents himself as a tongue-in-cheek Elvis style entertainer, but he is charismatic performer and it all works quite well. For more,  “Diddly Daddy” to

“No school Fosta-Glosta.” You probably can still hear Salty say that, and that is probably all that you associate with Foster. But there is much more, like Jerimoth Hill, the highest point in RI and … ummmm … okay, I don’t know much either. Anyway, there is Little Rhody Vasa Park in Foster and that location will host Floodfest 2018! There will be music ranging from rock, blues, country, bluegrass, folk and funk all performed by Cross Rhode Blues, Infinite Groove, Rat Ruckus, Back Rhodes, Tai Chi Funk Squad, Red Hot Rascals, Hollow Turtle, Sun Gun, Phil Adams Group, Slurp, and Steve Malec & The Electric Flood. There will be food, arts vendors, alcohol for the imbibers and great rural scenery. It all kicks off at noon on Saturday, August 18. Little Rhody Vasa Park can be found at 10 Boswell Trail in Foster. For more, crest to

Finally, I have a few more shows to squeeze in so read them quickly! Cue the Em chord. “In a place you only dream of, where your soul is always free…” If you know that opening song line, then get to the newly expanded Narrows Center for the Arts on Thursday, August 2 for the “guitar army,” The Outlaws. I cannot confirm they are still an army. Also at the Narrows on Saturday, August 4, Australian performers Anne McCue & The Cubists are up from down under with special guest Angela Perley ( The 3rd Annual Warren Folks Festival will be held on Sunday, August 5 from Noon-8pm at 30 Cutler St in Warren. Performing is Haunt the House, Roots Government, John Colvert and the Great Brighton Fire, The Low Cards, The Quahogs, Jets Can’t Land, Six Star General & Dave Tessier All-Star Band of Allstars ( The Bird Dogs present a tribute to The Everly Brothers at the Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket on August 17 (

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

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