The Roots Report: Kodachrome: Time to take some folkin’ pictures


David Crosby performs at The Zeiterion. If you have to ask about the photo credit, you’re not reading very carefully.

Okee dokee folks… When I was a teenager going to concerts, I took a lot of photos with a cheap, pocket-sized Kodak camera that I borrowed from my grandparents. I used to take some halfway decent concert photos with that camera. I took a photo of Steven Tyler at the Civic Center, had it blown up into an 8×10, and at the next Aerosmith show, I brought that photo with me. By a strange happenstance I met Steven Tyler that night and I showed him the photo. I asked him to sign it and he said, “Sure, do you have a pen?” I didn’t, and never again went to a concert without a Sharpie. I also decided that I needed a nice 35mm camera to photograph concerts. I borrowed a friend’s Minolta when I went to see the Rolling Stones in 1980 and I got some images on film, but I couldn’t really call them photographs because I had no idea how to use the camera. So I learned. I went back to school as an art major, and one of my majors was photography. I won a few art awards from my photographic work and that helped pay for college, and I ultimately obtained a master’s degree and actually taught photography for a bit and took photos for weddings, product shots and other photo jobs. But I wasn’t taking concert photos. By then, they had started restricting camera use at music events.

As years passed, photography turned digital and film was becoming passe. I sold my darkroom equipment and one of my larger format cameras to buy a state-of-the-art digital camera. I used it for about a year, but it quickly became outmoded, which turned me off digital photography. My gear collected dust and a few years later I just gave it all away.

As a columnist for Motif I have had many opportunities to photograph concerts if I only had a camera. So I bought a camera from a friend and decided to give photography a try once again. I got my first photo press pass to the Farm Aid show (Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp) a few months back. It only took me 40 years to finally achieve what I wanted to do as a teenager! Now when I go to shows I get a photo pass, bring my camera and photograph the bands, which lets me add another dimension to my concert reviews. Check them out on the Motif Facebook page — I will always be adding more ( Read on…

The year is winding to a close so here are just a few shows for your consideration over the next couple of weeks. Saturday, December 22, it’s Chan’s Annual Holiday Extravaganza hosted by Jimmy “2 Suits” Capone & The All Star Chan Clan Band! This show is a Chan’s tradition and a Chan’s crowd favorite (! The Pump House in Wakefield hosts its monthly Open Mic and Potluck Social on December 29. Signup starts at 5:30, and the show begins at 6pm and runs until 11pm. There are 30 spots available. Also coming up at the Pump House are Ian Fitzgerald with Rachel Sumner on December 21, Cowboy and Lady Christmas Show on December 22, and the Jonnycake Center Fundraiser on January 3 ( The Courthouse Center for the Arts continues its tradition of rocking in the New Year with Neal and the Vipers. The party will kick off at 7:30pm on Monday, December 31 and besides music, there will be appetizers and food from local restaurants as well as raffles and prizes ( Celebrate the New Year with Mike (Fishel) Bresler & Phil Edmonds when they perform originals along with traditional Irish and Jewish melodies interposed with comedy at Sandywoods Center for the Arts in Tiverton on Sunday, January 6 at 1pm (

Oh, and if you are looking for a great selection of used vinyl for folks on your shopping list, I discovered that Barrington Books Retold in Garden City has it. I’ve been playing some music, songs for you to shop by, at their stores this holiday season. That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

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