Roots Report: I Need an Upgrade

Okee dokee folks … I feel old. Most likely because I AM old. I am now rolling double nickels. YIKES! That was a loose reference to CB lingo from the ’70s — maybe someone will get it. When I play a gig with my band I feel like death the next day(s). Probably because I jump around like an idiot on stage and move a lot of equipment. My drug of choice is Aleve. Hardcore stuff, I know. I wish that I was much younger, maybe just turning 30 again. Things would be a lot easier because I would be more agile and flexible and all those Neil Young aerobics that I do on stage wouldn’t be as painful. Also, new music is much closer to what I like to play so maybe I could finally make it if I were a younger musician. I am not sure how I would fare being part of a younger generation, though. I am not very ironic. I do like that Millennials have a bit of a social conscious. And I already have a beard, though it is mostly grey and it’s a lot older than any Millennial. I also would have missed seeing some of the best bands that have ever existed and that I wouldn’t like very much.

We live in a very disposable society. Everyone always wants the latest and greatest and is constantly upgrading and getting rid of the old. I am sure there will come a time in the future where we will be able to upgrade our bodies completely. I don’t mean freakish plastic surgery, I mean upload to a brand new body. They already do it in movies. The idea is there, so the science won’t be far behind. Now I just have to hold out until then. As Jethro Tull puts it, “He was too old to rock ‘n’ roll, but too young to die.” In the meantime I will just have to rock in pain. Anyway, because of the Music Awards I am writing a shorter column so I will TRY to squeeze more into less and be more economical with my words. Yeah, right! Read on…

Chris Trapper of Push Stars’ fame will be playing a show for the Social Enterprise Greenhouse in Providence on Friday, May 6. Trapper is best known for his original song “This Time” from the Grammy nominated August Rush film soundtrack. His music can best be described as “lyrically driven roots-pop with a knack for telling everyday stories.” He puts on a great show and it is well worth checking him out even if you are unfamiliar with his previous achievements! The Social Enterprise Greenhouse creates positive social and economic impacts by supporting social entrepreneurs and enterprises with the tools and networks they need to thrive. They are a network of business and community leaders who contribute time, expertise and money to create jobs and support positive change through social enterprise. For more, dream on over to

If any of you are still crying a Purple Rain, you can feel a little closer to the purple one at Common Fence Music’s season closing show on Saturday, May 14 when Brenda Bennett and Blue Bamboo take the stage. Bennett was a member of Prince’s Vanity 6 and Apollania 6 back in the day. She is a recent inductee into the RI Music Hall of Fame. Her band will feature an all-star line-up of some of RI’s best musicians including Fred Wilkes, Betsy Listenfelt and Ed McGuirl. For more, get your little red corvette to

The Met in Pawtucket has a couple of great shows coming up in May: Kevin Griffin of Better than Ezra on Wednesday, May 18 and Keifer Sutherland on Saturday, May 21. Kevin Griffin is a multi-platinum, five-time BMI Pop award winning songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and artist who started and remains the front-man of the ’90s alternative rock band Better Than Ezra. He has had success with major hits like “Good,” “In The Blood,” “Desperately Wanting,” “Extraordinary” and others. It has been a while since he has been in Providence. I saw Better than Ezra at Lupo’s back in the ’90s and it was a great show. Don’t miss this one!

Can you hear the clunk-clunk of the clock? Are your senses warning you that there are vampires loose in the dark? If so, it may be because “24”’s Jack Bauer and The Lost Boys’ David is heading to Pawtucket to play some music. Yes, actor Keifer Sutherland is another of the many talented Hollywood folks who are into performing music. Sutherland has had his mitts in music for a while. He started a record label with Jude Cole back in 2002 and his debut release, Down in a Hole, is a direct result of his collaboration with Cole. For more, tick-tock to

That’s it for now. Great job, RI! Thanks for voting Bernie! Thanks for reading.

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