Her Thang: Scout Lyons’ individuality takes centerstage

Every artist has a “thang,” and for Providence-based pop singer Scout Lyons, it’s celebrating individuality. She officially released her new single, “Do My Thang,” on August 24, complete with a release party show at Fete Music Hall. Lyons and her stuffed companion Mr. Bear star in the music video for the song, which depicts — as promised in the beginning of the first verse — a party for the fellow free spirits who couldn’t care less what society thinks of them.

Full of flashing lights and brilliant neon colors, the “Do My Thang” video is good, mostly clean, sugary-pop fun. We see Lyons in quite a few different funky, eccentric outfits; her unique style is clearly a major part of how she expresses herself as an artist. In the PVD music scene, it isn’t uncommon these days to see young acts stepping outside the box and daring to be different, but Lyons’ iconic visuals serve as a way of ensuring that no one will forget her face or name.

“Do My Thang” is one of those contagious songs that can work as background music for just about any situation — getting ready for a night out, driving with the windows down or throwing a party with your own squad. It’s an empowering anthem, and if it’s an indication of what’s to come, you can expect to see Lyons gracing more stages in the future.

For more info: facebook.com/scoutlyonsofficial; see the video: youtube.com/watch?v=qUinAEs7hmM

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