Mob Clinches Championship Seat; Honeys and Rats to Battle

The sweltering heat during the August 13 bout couldn’t produce the fire on the track created by The Mob Squad taking on the Old Money Honeys. The Mob rolled in with a victory from the previous month’s bout against the Rats and looked to maintain their rank. However, the Honeys brought their A game in the first 30 minutes with an impressive seven lead changes on the scoreboard ending in a 65-54 in favor of the Mob.

Throughout the second half, Mob spread the lead by 35 more points. The Honeys began to creep up and closed in by the second to last jam of the bout within 2 points. In the final seconds, Mob’s #12 Varla Gunz picked up 3 more points and called it off, giving the Mob the 144-139 victory.

MVP jammer went to Mob’s #17 Goldie Glocks who scored 75 points in 13 jams. Joining her on the board were #16 Boones Harms with 25 points, and #37 Dread Velvet with 24 pts.

In what might have been an honorary send-off to actor Kenny Baker’s passing that day, the Honey’s #33 Artoo Detoonate racked up 43 points in 9 jams. Not too far behind was the speedy #345 Nutritional Beast with 30 points.

With the Mob moving onto October’s championship game, the Honeys will take on the Sakonnet River Roller Rats to determine who will face the Mob. This family-friendly bout takes place at the West Warwick Civic Center on Saturday, September 10 at 6:30pm. For ticket information, go to


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