Sex on the Silver Screen

Strapped for Danger: Undercover Vice, the latest offering from veteran RI director Richard Griffin, wraps in Pawtucket on August 4. A rollicking LGBTQ+ comedy, the production centers around two undercover police officers being sent into a “gay porn factory” to bust a racketeering ring.

The second in the Strapped for Danger series, Undercover Vice is a typically high-octane Griffin story focused on humor and Pride, but there is more to the production than sexy scenes and punchy gags.

“The major reason for me wanting to direct Strapped for Danger: Undercover Vice is to bring fun, exciting and sexy movies to the LGBTQ+ community,” explains Griffin. “The film is a fantasy, a complete and utter explosion of joy, sex, humor and nudity. Is it for prudes? No. But prudes have enough typical neutered Hollywood film to enjoy. Those who think that sex and nudity are no laughing matter should steer clear of this film. But for those who are hip, I know we’ve made a film that will entertain and hopefully arouse!”

Strapped for Danger: Undercover Vice will be premiered in December.

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