Shark Cage Diving in RI — Coming This Summer!

Shark cage diving has been around in RI since 1976, and Snappa Charters has been the leader in providing these underwater adventures. Captain Charlie Donilon, who captains the charter, has 25 years of experience in the charter and fishing business. And his goal is to provide his passengers with the absolute best customer experience possible.

Snappa Charters is equipped with the latest technology to make adventurous shark-seekers’ diving experience a safe and successful one. Cage diving is an all-day event that lasts between 10 and 12 hours, and the spacious boat allows for comfortable travel for customers and crew as the head 50 miles out to the dive site. RI has an array of shark breeds that roam the waters between June and September. Divers can see blue sharks, mako sharks, basking sharks and even the occasional hammerhead! Dolphins, sea turtles and whales also have made appearances during Snappa Charters’ excursions.

Dive certification is necessary to cage dive and although it’s recommended that divers bring their gear, they can rent gear if necessary. Those who aren’t certified divers don’t have to miss out on the fun, though. They can surface snorkel on the “playpen,” a platform that allows snorkelers to observe sharks from the water’s surface. The playpen also is a perfect option for people who are hesitant to get in the water with the sharks, or for younger adventure seekers.

The experience of being up close and personal with such magnificent creatures is priceless. Snappa allows people to create unforgettable experiences and learn about these feared, and often misunderstood, creatures.

To have an underwater adventure of your own, visit for more information. Shark cage diving charters start in June. 

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