Songs You NEED To Know Vol. 1

Rhode Island is a music hub filled with a wide range of musical talent, so I’m kicking off a new series that will highlight some of the best songs from around the state. Hip-hop, R&B, pop, and more, all genres will be considered. Here’s volume 1:

Nino – “Vibes”

After premiering a four-week series that featured a new song each week, Nino returned last month with a similar treat for fans. Four weeks, four songs. Standing as one of most versatile artists around, his most recent releases only pushed this idea further. A standout from these is “Vibes,” a blend of island and electronic-esque sounds. Nino takes a true step out of his comfort zone to create a track that is sure to have you groovin’ and movin’ through the summer.

-Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal & SoundCloud-

JeanLou – “Sade”

Keeping it going with more R&B, JeanLou returned this year with Melodies & Remedies Vol. 1, a follow-up to his 2017 EP Since You’re Listen… Just like the 2017 EP, he displayed his impressive vocals over sultry production. “Sade” is a perfect example of this. Serving as a play on the word “shawty,” JeanLou gracefully steps onto the mid-tempo track to relay his desire for his “Sade.” The track’s ear-pleasing production also makes this track worthy of the repeat treatment.

-Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal & SoundCloud-

Cam Bells – “Swervin’”

Prepping the release of his third project, the Prince of PVD himself, Cam Bells, looks to set aside his 16s for vocal runs. Heading down the R&B lane, the project’s lead single, “Swervin’,” shows great promise for the project. Dancing along the border of dark R&B and trapsoul, Cam’s track is perfect for a late night drive and definitely deserves a spot in your daily rotation.

-Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal & SoundCloud-

PresCEO, Z100Wave & S. Touze – Boulevard

If there’s one song on this list I’m almost certain you’ve heard, it’s “Boulevard.” The song has gained an impressive amount of attention, gaining almost 8,000 views on the official music video on YouTube and a million plus on Twitter. The attention is well-deserved, too. The song is an insanely catchy tune and is guaranteed to have you in a good mood, maybe even dancing, on your nearby boulevard.

-Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud & YouTube-

Hamad – “Blame On Me”

One of the more underappreciated acts in the state, Hamad is another talented and versatile act. With eyebrow-raising songs like “No Lie,” “Trussme” & “Backwoods” in his catalog, he has continued to put out great music. Self-produced, “Blame On Me” became available to all a little over a month ago. The emotion in his voice is very clear as he wears his heart on his sleeve. With a project on the way, I’d say now is the time to start paying attention to Hamad.

-Available on SoundCloud-

Olu – “Jéjély”

Serving as one of the state’s newest acts, Olu isn’t the hip-hop or R&B act we normally receive. Heading down the Afrobeat lane, he looks to bring attention to the city’s small, but very talented, Afrobeat scene. With his debut single, “Jéjély,” he’s off to an impressive start. Without a doubt, this song belongs right next your other afrobeat songs. I’m excited to hear what Olu has in store for us.

-Available on Apple Music, Spotify & Tidal-

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