Hip-Hop: An Interview with Sooper Vega

Music has been around as long as people — it’s an important part of life. Of course we don’t all listen to the same genre of music, and there are more artists in the world than we can count. But that just means there’s something out there for everyone. Audiences have a duty to provide input that brings the music industry forward by finding new artists. Many of us may be content with whatever is played on the radio or fed to us via a music streaming service. And my intent isn’t to tell you who to listen to or how to listen. But there’s nothing wrong with trying something new like listening to a song in an unfamiliar genre or going to see someone you’ve never heard of perform. Sometimes I do random searches and find artists that aren’t very popular or don’t have a huge music catalog, but what they do have is some of the best music I’ve ever heard. And it makes me wonder why they aren’t popular.

To get more insight into what people think about local shows, I interviewed an up and coming artist who performs regularly in Rhode Island.

Spocka Summa (Motif): Can you introduce yourself?

Sooper Vega: I go by Sooper Vega, and was raised in the little corner of Providence known as Washington Park. I recently found my way to living in Warwick, but I’ve managed to live in Pawtucket, Central Falls, Woonsocket and Cranston. Yeah — I get around.

SS: What is your musical background?

SV: My musical background runs deep. My pops was a DJ in New York (where I was born) for a boat called the floating hospital and my mom studied fashion in NY and played the violin, so I got involved in the business around 12 or 13 when I started DJing. As an artist I started writing and producing music seriously around 16 and been working ever since.

SS: Is it important to you for people to attend your shows? Why?

SV: Yes, it is 100% important for people to come out and support local artists they like listening to because it’s no secret how hard it is to make money in this business, let alone make it at all. If you like an artist’s music, show up to a show or two. You being in the crowd could be the difference between that artist retiring, trying again or even getting another chance from the venue.

However, it’s really up to us as artists to create a fan base willing to go to shows by putting out music and then promoting the show! The venue gave you a shot, so respect them and promote the show like a maniac. Every person you meet has to know that place exists and you plan to wreck their stage. So yes, people need to come out and explore new music. Pick a new venue a week and go out and see a show. Not just for the artist but for our city as well. Come turn up with us!

Supporting an artist even though they are not currently superstars can go a long way. Take some control of what you are listening to instead of continuously being spoon-fed the same artists day in and out. Do some random searches for hip-hop in Rhode Island and see what pops up. It’s not guaranteed that you will find anything amazing or life changing, but it never hurts to give it a try. After all, every artist starts somewhere and support from their city goes a long way. Also attending shows helps out our local businesses. As an individual who regularly attends concerts, I am always excited to see new talent and watching individuals go up on stage and pursue their dreams no matter the odds. So do yourself and your city a favor and support a local show.

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