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On Saturday, April 1, Providence’s Fete Music Hall will transform into an intergalactic hub for Tight Crew’s “Space Jam” party. Besides headlining DJs, there will be live art and aliens (Big Nazo’s creatures), as well as fabulous deco and more. Jammers are encouraged to get in on the otherworldly vibe (and fun!) by showing up in space-y attire.

Melanie Bertoldi (Motif): This event is kind of a big deal for you guys. You’ve come a long way from the time of the previous (and first) Space Jam in ‘09, at least in terms having a greater depth of experience producing your larger-than-life events. What’s one of the biggest changes you have made or adapted to since the last Space Jam?

Soappy (Tight Crew): We’ve grown a lot as a company over the years. The technology also has come a long way, which allowed us to expand on our stage designs with things like LED wall visuals and LED smart pixels that can be adapted to fit different themes and shapes.

MB: What made you decide to bring this party back?

S: This is such a special event for us. People are always asking when we’d bring it back. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Tight Crew. It seemed fitting to bring back one of the classic events that really put us on the map.

MB: What will be different this time?

S: We’re working on a custom futuristic DJ booth for this one using smart pixels. The decor will definitely be out-of-this-world.

MB: For this event, you have more than 20 (!!) DJs scheduled for sets. Who are your biggest headliners?

S: We’re bringing out DJ Dougal all the way from the UK. He’s a hardcore and hard dance DJ and producer with more than 20 years in the RAVE scene. Buku, a bass music producer/DJ from Pittsburgh, also will be spinning.

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