Cosmic Capsule: Gift Buying Guide for Signs of the Zodiac

Aries: Aries likes to be first, so anything that gives Aries an edge and puts him/her ahead of the pack is appropriate. Mars-ruled Aries needs action. A gym membership is just the ticket needed to channel that energy in a constructive manner. Hiking boots, running shoes or other athletic gear is sure to please.

Taurus: Taurus likes quality and is touchy-feely by nature. If diamonds are not in the budget, something they can wrap themselves in that feels luxurious. A plush robe for lounging, a cashmere scarf, even the old standard, a tie, provided it is designer. All of these makes Taurus feel good.

Gemini: Anything that allows this faithful news gatherer to gather and disseminate that news is sure to make a hit. Things with the “I”, phone, pad or pod score a bull’s eye. Bluetooth, headphones, headset, all the hands-free devices that allow this master of multitasking to do just that. Think gadgets for Gemini.

Cancer: Cancer needs to nurture and be nurtured. They make a homey nest where ever they travel. A pot of homemade soup scores big with these guys along with the gift of the pot it was made in. Items that make an office feel like home. Articles that make your particular Cancer feel secure are a safe bet.

Leo: Items that show your appreciation please Leo because Leo likes to be appreciated. If Leo is not creating drama, they like to see it. Theater tickets make a big score as well as concert tickets, museum memberships and things of a historical or cultural nature. Leos are big kids at heart so anything “fun” will suit.

Virgo: Virgo is another sign that appreciates quality, but luxury is not the main motivator. Virgo is practical and organized. Day planners, clever storage containers that fit in odd little corners and little gadgets that fit a particular purpose go over well with this sign. Virgo is into creative crafts so think about something crafty.

Libra: Whatever you buy for Libra, make sure it is color coordinated. Libra loves harmony, balance and social interaction. The arts have a special appeal. A painting by a favorite artist, a membership to RISD Museum of Art, or a membership to a social club where Libra can schmooze with like-minded individuals hits the mark.

Scorpio: Scorpio likes that which is hidden, mysterious and complex. A membership to the Museum of Science or to the Mystery Book of the Month Club holds lots of appeal for this sign. Scorpio passion runs deep, a gift card to Victoria’s Secret or other lingerie store is sure to please Scorpio no matter the gender.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is the adventurer among us. Books about travel and faraway places appeal to this sign. If it is in the budget, tickets to those places are a sure thing. If that’s too steep for you, tickets to sporting events will please this freewheeling sign. For the more philosophical type of Sagittarius, weighty tomes about the meaning of life satisfies.

Capricorn:  Gifts that take Capricorn away from the duties and responsibilities that anchor the sure-footed goat will bring a welcome respite. Capricorns appreciate anything that is well constructed, whether it is a song, a sculpture or a corporation. Humor is part of Capricorn’s toolkit; tickets to a comedy-drama are sure to please.

Aquarius: Aquarians love the latest and the greatest. When shopping for your Aquarian, think cutting-edge technology. Keep in mind that Aquarians need intellectual stimulation and are always looking to the future.  Science fiction and science fact, in equal measure, get Aquarius’ motor running. Biographies about rebels and revolutionaries make Aquarius happy.

Pisces: Pisces have a spiritual side that often detaches them from reality. Gifts that keep them grounded and on track are always helpful. Day planners, alarm clocks and a good pair of running shoes contribute to Pisces well being. The gift of music brings great pleasure to Pisces. Anything that will help your Pisces maintain the balance between the Pisces vision and reality will make a big hit.

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