Clash of the Eras! The Jewelry City Steampunk Festival Returns to Attleboro

Screenshot_2018-08-25-13-47-33_2That tick-tock of the clock you hear is the countdown to the annual Jewelry City Steampunk Festival, which takes place on October 27. Staged in several locations around the Attleboro Public Library, the festival is a non-profit steampunk-themed showcase of arts, entertainment and education for all ages.

When the day arrives, downtown Attleboro — once known as the Jewelry Capital of the World — will be taken over by the steampunk community, who espouse a clash-of-eras science-fiction style that combines Victorian attire with industrial-era steam-powered machinery in everything from clothing and jewelry to music and live performances. Free and open to the public, all are welcome and costumes are encouraged.

“The general response that we’ve received from the public and the people involved [in last year’s festival] has been universally positive,” said Heather Rockwood, festival director and founder. Announcements of specials guests and performers have just started, but Rockwood has already confirmed several with Motif.

Some of this year’s participants include Red Fork Empire, Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue and food/drink trucks The Pickled Willy and Jackson Effie Coffee Cabin. And kids will have educational activities just for them. “We are working with the Providence Children’s Museum to create an active and interesting children’s area,” said Rockwood.

For more information on this Attleboro Cultural Council-supported event, go to or check out the event’s Facebook page. Not sure what to wear? YouTube videos of last year’s festival will help you design your costume. 

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