Steve Smith and the Nakeds Rock the GIBF

I’ve always felt a special kinship to Steve Smith and the Nakeds because like me they have been a rocking and a rolling since 1973. They as a band and I on this planet, but our bond is strong. I’m sure there have been a few Nakeds over the years. The ex-Nakeds probably have an annual convention in Florida to reminisce over that crazy show at Lupo’s in 1979. The one thing I will say about Steve Smith and the Nakeds is I’ve never been disappointed with them live. For years they were the band I’d catch randomly and be like, this is really bar rock done to perfection. Smith and the Nakeds are pretty much straight-up, no-frills roadhouse boogie. I’m sure they have a few albums, never heard any of them myself, but one doesn’t need to because their rock is pretty much universally accessible. As an added bonus, Steve Smith and the Nakeds are playing the Great International Beer Festival. What’s better than drinking beers from all around the world while rocking out to the Nakeds with Smith doing cheesy promos for (their sponsor) Narragansett between songs? Nothing Pagoda, absolutely nothing.

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