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untitled (2)There’s a lot of planetary action going on leading up to and beyond the Full Moon on Wednesday, November 25. On Sunday, November 22, 2015, the Sun enters optimistic Sagittarius leaving the heavy emotion of Scorpio behind preparing us for the holiday season. On Monday, Venus, the planet of love and money, opposes Uranus. Uranus brings about the unexpected and pushes us to alter our daily routine because one thing Uranus hates is routine.  With this aspect in play, we long to escape that daily routine. We seek excitement and stimulation. It is a good time to meet new people and have new experiences. Relationships begun under this aspect are usually very exciting, but lack stability.

As Monday shifts into Tuesday, Mars the warrior connects with Saturn the teacher and task master of the Zodiac. Mars is subdued in Venus’ sign of Libra, he wants to fight, Libra wants to negotiate. Mars is also the planet of action; connected with Saturn it is a great opportunity to get a lot accomplished in an orderly and productive manner. Around midnight, Mercury gets in the act and serious discussions take place. Communication might be difficult for some. Mercury the traveler proceeds with caution when hanging with Saturn.

On the Full Moon day, Mercury moves along connecting with Neptune and Mars. With Neptune, Mercury dreams big and visualizes what can be. The connection with Mars calls for action of some kind. Perhaps beginning to bring those dreams to fruition.

The Full Moon is exact at 5:44pm EST. The horoscope set for Providence, RI puts Venus in the driver’s seat. Venus rules money, love, relationships and desire. In this chart she is in the 5th house, the house of fun, games, children, romance and creativity. This is good for the artistically inclined and also good for all kinds of relationships.

While Venus holds a lot of power at this Full Moon, she is outgunned by the energy of the slower moving planets in dynamic configuration at this Full Moon. Venus is a fast mover and her influence is fleeting. Grab it while you can.

At this Full Moon, the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Gemini. In close contact with the Sun is Saturn and Mercury. These three oppose the Moon in Gemini and square Neptune in Pisces. The exact square between Neptune and Saturn becomes exact on Thanksgiving Day. This square is the big dog. Saturn and Neptune have a 36 year cycle, they were conjunct in 1989-1990 and in opposition in 2006-2007.  This is the first of three squares between the two. The second and third take place in 2016, June 17 and September 10. Keep your eye on those dates, the weeks leading up to those dates and following. They are slow moving planets and their energy is felt for months.

Neptune rules oil, religion, music, the oceans and natural gas. Mass migration in a search for a better life relates to Neptune. Saturn represents the conservative side of society, corporations, law enforcement, and order. World affairs certainly reflect these issues. Squares make things happen, action must be taken but often it is not easy. With Neptune in the picture, it is not clear.

On a personal level this square brings a dose of harsh reality to those who have been looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Neptune is the rose colored glasses and Saturn is the harsh reality. Folks like Mother Theresa glide through Neptune transits with ease because they operate on a very high plane of existence. The rest of us are down here in the muck and the mire slogging along as best we can. Neptune can be deceit and deception.  Someone dealing from the bottom of the deck. Before you accuse, be sure the deception is not self-deception. On the bright side, Saturn can ground and manifest the dreams of Neptune. Be advised, this is not wave the magic wand time, Saturn requires you to put in the effort. The results will be worth it.

A happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Reprinted with permission by Shirley Prisco

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