The Mob Squad Captures 5th Championship

Just when you thought the mob’s hold over Rhode Island was weakening…

After a season of icing the competition, the Mob Squad extended their undefeated streak on October 8 to recapture Providence Roller Derby’s home season trophy. Their 193-167 victory over the Sakonnet River Roller Rats was far from an easy win. The teams were separated by one point going into halftime, with a score of 99-98. The defensive hits from Mob’s #98 Harpie, #22 Citizen Toxie and #9 Sun Scream attempted to keep jammers #5 Craisy Dukes (with 75 points), #40 Milla Lowlife and #401 Trophy Knife at bay. Meanwhile, the Rats’ #1840 Trannie Oakley, #00 Puma Thurman, and the combo of #72 Pez DispensHer and #180 Munchie Minx proved a challenge to #16 Boones Harm (with 47 points), #17 Goldie Glocks and #12 Varla Gunz (with 55 points) from the start of the first half.

Just as thrilling as the first bout of the double-header, the Old Money Honeys defeated the visiting Boston Roller Derby’s Boston Common 175-101. As in the later bout, both teams were evenly matched. Boston held a 57-71 lead over the Honeys going into halftime. The second half was dominated by the Honeys’ empowered offense scoring nearly 150 points. Of their total, #350 Susie Homewrecker picked up 47 points and #345 Nutritional Beast pulled in 40. Not far behind was #6 Jetta Von Diesel with 34 points. Star blockers #11 Malady D’Amour, #206 Cindy Lou Screw and #57 Alexi Lawless also proved to be vital in that second half defense.

The bouts might be over for 2016, but the classes of new recruits have begun. Interested in becoming a skater or an official? Have little or no skating skills? No worries! PRD is opening up a skills clinic for Tuesday night, October 25 at the Forests Family Fun Center in Tauton, Massachusetts. For more information, head to or visit their Facebook page.

During the winter break, PRD is also looking for a new space to call home. If you or someone you know have leads on locations with a wide-open, covered flat surface with few columns, please reach out to

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