Hip-Hop: Plug In: The Outlet lets new local artists shine

outletAlthough 2018 is edging closer to its end, artists and curators are far from ending their grind. Just ask the folks over at This Is The Plug, more specifically Maddie D and Go DJ. Standing as one of the major outlets geared toward promoting artists on the local scene, The Plug has been making a number of moves in their lane for quite some time. In addition to their radio show, in which they consistently spin local music from the likes of Nino, Cam Bells, Flawless and more, Maddie and DJ premiered a new event titled The Outlet this past summer that featured four performances from some of the top artists around the state. This Is The Plug is returning to Dusk for a second installment of The Outlet on November 13 with a quartet of new acts: Reign Mercedes, Sabs, Cuphasol and Rah Money Ramon.

I recently spoke with Go DJ and Maddie about The Outlet and This Is The Plug. We first discussed the strong relationships they’ve had with artists over the past four years and their hopes to build on those relationships. “What we’re working on now is transitioning into a PR company for artists, athletes and influencers. We are able to do this through the relationships we built with venues, media outlets, DJs and more,” they said.

The Outlet is more than just a catchy name the duo thought of, they explained. “It stemmed from our name, The Plug. An outlet is a way of expressing one’s talents and emotions. We felt like it was time that we used our hosting skills, honed throughout the years, and create our own platform for artists to display their talent and connect with their supporters/fans.” By putting on events that allow artists to showcase their talents and playing their music on their radio show, they are simultaneously “the plug” and “the outlet” for the local music scene.

I asked them what factors went into choosing the lineup for the upcoming show, and they told me that for this specific installment, they based their choices on “lyrical content and the unique sound and stage presence to ensure we put on a great show.” As they described how each artist caught their attention, I could see the cohesion they sought in this installation.

They said they were really attracted to Reign Mercedes’ energy, recalling a surprise performance of his at their last showcase where, “he freestyle’d unexpectedly at our last showcase and we said, ‘Wow, that kid can rap.’” As for Sabs, it’s his wordplay that caught their attention. “He is witty with his wordplay and a man with many flows.” Another artist who caught their attention because of his flow was Rah Money Ramon, whose “voice is very distinct as he flows effortlessly over beats.” Hailing from Pawtucket and Providence and currently residing in Miami, his sound features elements from the three locations.

RI is flush with talented artists waiting for a moment to shine from outlets (pun intended) like This Is The Plug. As for their goals as a brand, the duo revealed their plans to become somewhat of a home base for artists. “We want to push our culture forward and continue to create a platform for artists and grow to larger stages and cities.”

The second edition of The Outlet will take place on Tue, Nov 13 from 8 – 11pm at Dusk, 301 Harris Ave, PVD. The Outlet will also be hosted by Go DJ and Maddie D of This Is The Plug and music will be provided by DJ Dymand.

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