Tigerman WOAH Aims To Rock The Copenhagen Beer Festival

tigermanThe second edition of the Copenhagen Beer Festival is taking place at the Sowa Power Station in Boston on September 23 and 24. It’s a wild time featuring more than 50 craft breweries, live music, food vendors and a whole lot of fun. One of the bands performing during the weekend is Tigerman WOAH, based out of Lynn, Mass. This quartet of upright bassist Kevin Landry, drummer Adam Henderson, guitarist Jon Feinstorm and ukulele player Adam Kaz have a sound that walks the fine line between being a jug band and a weird Americana anomaly reminiscent of Tom Waits. They also have an intense and raucous rock ‘n’ roll sound that’s contagious.

“Adam [Kaz] and Jon are from Georgia, Adam [Henderson] and myself are from Massachusetts,” Landry says on the act’s formation. “The band started shortly after Kaz and Jon moved to Lynn, met former drummer Jon Morse and they decided to make a record just for themselves to have. Morse brought me in to the mix to lay down upright bass on the record. A few months and gigs went by and Morse needed to step down and encouraged us to bring Adam aboard.”

The band’s self-titled debut album took Boston by storm last year and upped the band’s profile within the city’s music scene. “The record was recorded at The Bridge Sound & Stage by Alex Allinson.” Landry describes the making of the LP. “We produced the record ourselves with the help of Alex. It was the most prepared we ever were for recording, having done months of preproduction on our own. We love working at The Bridge and with Alex.”

Tigerman WOAH have a unique musical aesthetic that’s tough to pin down. “It’s what we’re influenced by and what we love to do,” Landry states. “We love loud, amplified, ‘turned up to 11’ rock ‘n’ roll as well as intimate, acoustic music and initiating group sing-a-longs.” On playing this weekend’s beer festival, Landry mentions, “We got to play last year and there’s definitely a ton of beers to choose from. Our recommendation is to drink all of them and rock out with us and see all the other bands!”

People around New England are already anticipating the band’s follow up to their debut. “There’s no when yet, but there’s some writing and recording retreats for us on the calendar,” Landry says about a sophomore release. The Copenhagen Beer Festival will take your tastebuds and senses by storm after the first sample. Don’t miss out on a chance to heighten both of those when Tigerman WOAH take the stage. These guys from the north shore of Massachusetts do know how to make an impression.

Buy tickets to the Copenhagen Beer Festival here: copenhagenbeerfest.eventbrite.com;Stream Tigerman WOAH’s self-titled debut via Bandcamp: tigermanmusic.bandcamp.com/album/tigerman-woah; Tigerman WOAH’s Website: tigermanwoah.com

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