Event Wrap-Up: Ten Tight Years

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 1.09.51 PMWhen I arrived at Fete on July 8 for “Ten Tight Years,” Tight Crew’s tenth anniversary party, I wasn’t sure what to do first. Entry for the event took place to the side of the venue’s main entrance, where an outdoor block party was happening — complete with a bounce house, ball pit cage (you read that right!) and gyroscope ride (not for the faint of heart or those prone to motion sickness; this simulated zero gravity and flipped partygoers up, down and around). And oh yeah, fuck fidget spinners — they had fire spinners!!

Sensory overload aside, I can’t say that I expected any less from Tight Crew, the Rhode Island-based EDM event production company and beloved creative group of people.

Walking into Fete from the block party, attendees were greeted by a whirring array of retro arcade and console games provided by Shelter Arcade Bar and Robert S. Dunn, followed by the main room of music, deco and vendors, which featured banners, designs and photos slideshows from the past 10 years of Tight Crew events (and man, oh man, were there lots!). In total, there were three rooms of lights and sounds (provided by Supreme Sounds and Lighting and Alien TV) at this rager.

As someone who’s been going to these guys’ events since 2007, it was great to see many of the same smiling faces that have supported the Crew since the beginning — including DJ Venom on the main stage, who absolutely slayed lives and snatched souls (figuratively speaking!) — supporting the Crew once more. This helped to ensure that the 5pm – 2am party’s unique brand of energy, aka, the “Tight Crew family vibe,” was absolutely on-point.

One of the coolest things about “Ten Tight Years” was how above-and-beyond it was, even for Tight Crew. In addition to all the other attractions and features of the event that I’ve mentioned so far, which have happened at previous events of theirs, there were some new additions, like a BBQ food truck and performance by local breakdancers.

Congratulations are certainly in order to Tight Crew and everyone who’s been a fan/partygoer of theirs. I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the next 10 years!


Video by Jon Bettinger

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