Tilted Barn Brewery Film Profile

Tucked away in woods of Exeter, RI is a brewery like none other. The Tilted Barn Brewery started when there was a hop shortage a few years back and the owners, Matt and Kara Richardson, decided they wanted more for home brewing purposes. Very quickly one thing led to another and the next thing they knew, the farm turned into a small scale hop operation and supplier for local breweries and home-brew stores.

Eventually they decided brewing beer with their hops was more fun than simply selling them and the Tilted Barn Brewery was born. The entire farm is open to visitors on Saturdays, you grab a sample and explore their fields while sipping a brew. The farm recently upgraded their brewing and tasting facilities to accommodate more people and beer for the seasons to come.

1 One Hemsley Pl, Exeter, RI


Sat 1 – 4pm

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