Tips(y) at the Tilted Barn


The tip came from a man named Larry.

Larry — an unofficial beer aficionado — surreptitiously ran into two of my friends twice in the same night, first at Bayberry Beer Hall and then at Long Live Brewery. The three of them got to talking, and he soon let them in on a secret: Down south in Exeter, RI, hidden on a wooded path, is a place called the Titled Barn. This brewery is in an actual, physical barn, on a farm, and the owners create craft beer enhanced by their harvests. And, as we all know, fall is the season for pumpkins.

Their pumpkin beer is, according to Larry, the best in the state. And while we had never heard of this place before, there was a cohort of mysterious beer lovers who had, and they come out in droves as soon as the pumpkin beer is launched, with cans selling out at record speed. In fact, by the time we arrived at 7pm on the night of its debut, the cans of pumpkin beer were long gone.

But that didn’t stop us from trying it on tap! Last year, “Jack” boasted a slight caramel sweetness backed by a bready finish. I wouldn’t call myself a beer aficionado, but it was darn good.

In addition to their pumpkin beer, they also had three or four others on tap, including their popular “Chosen One,” and the “Other One.” Full pours and tastings are available.

Rumor has it the annual pumpkin beer has just been canned. Check for the latest brewing updates, and maybe you’ll get lucky enough to try the elusive, and delicious, Jack.

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