Mike D’s Top 10 Tracks of October

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Wavves; “Way Too Much”
Here is the lead single from the upcoming album V due out October 2 as long as Wavves and their record label Warner Brothers don’t break up in the meantime. The song starts off with a Queens of the Stone Age like riff, then 11 seconds later goes back into their garage punk pop wheelhouse. Their last album, Afraid Of Heights, was in my CD player for at least a year straight. If this single is a sign of what V has in store, things are coming up Milhouse. Wavves headline the Paradise in Boston on October 5. youtube.com/watch?v=gPdx7Il9DrM&feature=youtu.be
DMA’S; “Your Low” 
Does Australia default fall into Brit pop? This song ruled my summer. While this song has the confidence of a Brit pop hit, it’s almost too sweet to truly fall into the genre. As the population holds its collective breathe for an Oasis reunion at Coachillaroo, I would still rather hear new music from new voices even if being directly influenced by greater older musicians. I listened to the entire new Libertines album with hope and excitement and ended up with apathy and meh. This track shows more promise to me than what the Libertines or likely Oasis can bring to the table in 2015.
Kurt Vile; “Pretty Pimpin”
The lead single off Kurt’s contender for album of the year, “B’lieve I’m Goin Down,” is a force. The song describes the process of being overwhelmed and exhausted or possibly drugged. We’ve all been there, waking up in the haze of the night before, looking in the mirror perhaps still drunk and not recognizing recent additions in hair, weight or age. The lyrics and word play Kurt uses in this song will have you singing the lines all day long. I recently saw an underwhelming set by a band and the first house song that came on was this and what a welcome listening. I pretty much get excited every time I hear this song; it’s such great song writing. Kurt Vile headlines a sold-out show at The Paradise in Boston on October 2. youtube.com/watch?v=659pppwniXA
Widowspeak; “Dead Love (So Still)”

I’m a couple spins in on their new album, “All Yours,” and this is the standout track. It’s a really warm California Americana dream pop wandering. Does that make sense? I might be losing my mind, but this song is still making me feel warm and comfortable. Widowspeak play the Unitarian Universalist Church in Cambridge on October 9. youtube.com/watch?v=ij2JmCgn5bg

Gardens & Villa; “Fixations”
This song is a fun romp back into the ’70s days of glam rock. There’s a lot going on in this video. It seems like it’s a ’70s Warhol party thrown on the West Coast as envisioned by Daft Punk or maybe Adult Swim, but with drones and selfie sticks. The more I think of it, this might just be a RISD undergrad party. youtube.com/watch?v=68tWUkZoPaM
Kool Keith; “Dr. BiPolar”
Its been a long time since I have been excited about a Kool Keith album. One of my favorite MCs of all time hands down, Keith seemed to have been phoning in new material for the last 14 years. His collaboration with North Carolina producer L’Orange on his newest album, Time? Astonishing! breaks the pattern of monotony by challenging Keith. By bringing to the table entirely different beats than Keith is used to working with, Keith has to slow down and entirely flip his flow.  The result is a re-energized effort from the 48-year-old MC as showcased in this track “Dr. BiPolar.”
Blacklicious; “The Blowup”
Staying relevant and staying creative aren’t necessarily easy in hip-hop longevity. A lot of artists stay household names from critical early entries like De La Soul and keep touring and releasing albums banking on past success, but don’t necessarily keep consistent. Sacramento’s hip hop duo Blackalicious have been steadily cranking out great hip-hop records for over 16 years and their new album Imani, Vol.1 is no exception. The record stands up with my favorite of theirs, Nia, which dropped in 1999. It’s a shame the act never caught the crowds or acclaim that some of their predecessors have received, but the underground certainly supports and loves them. Also, they drop one of my favorite sayings “kick rocks,” a classic fuck-off euphemism. youtube.com/watch?v=XDDbD9GmcHM
Made Violent; “Wasted Days”
With the ’90s revival in full swing, get ready of the onslaught of the oughts and here it starts with Buffalo’s Made Violent.  I was driving with a friend who’s also in the music business the other day and when this came on he said, “The Strokes are still making music?” “Wasted Days” has a similar upstroke guitar ballast of early Strokes or The Libertines to it.  Check out their self-titled EP. youtube.com/watch?v=-IM0KM3jw4k
Royal Headache; “High”
Royal Headache’s 2nd album, High, is amazing and this is the standout. I saw the band recently up in Boston, their touches of soul on ballads such as this track get traded in for more of a punk swing live. What I hear is singer Shogun and the rest of the band have decided to part ways after touring supporting this record, which is heartbreaking after having caught them for the first time. Shogun is such a force as a frontman, it’s hard to imagine the band going on without him.  Grab this record and don’t let go. youtube.com/watch?v=31xk1Z96CrI
All Dogs; “That Kind Of Girl” 
Its kind of funny and great that so many of the new crop of indie rock bands borrowing from the ’90s are female-fronted, flipping the script of the male-dominated scene of the ’90s. Breakout artists of 2015 like Courtney Barnett, Waxahatchee, Hop Along and hopefully Columbus, Ohio’s All Dogs. Their new album, Kicking Every Day, dropped in August and has been getting great reviews. “That Kind Of Girl” is the song that stands out off the album, an angst guitar blast of a lost relationship “underwater kicking every day.” youtube.com/watch?v=WWb685Oh70M

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