Trivia: What’s The Best Time Of Day?

TriviaHow well do you actually read our magazine? 420 is everywhere in RI. But can you find the 420s in our magazine hinted at below?

1) I’m not going to FRONT, this first one is easy to find.
2) In the center of it all, you will find the abandoned treasure you seek.
3) On second thought, make that four cheers for 2020.
4) Always preheat your oven and be sure to set a timer,  especially if you toke up before these munchies.
5) Our first bit of content holds our last 420. You may have read past it if the picture next to it hypnotized you.



1)  Page 7
2)Page 18
3) Page 27
4) Page 28
5) Page 5

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