Trump Watch: The Fall

As September begins, Trump comes out swinging. The Full Moon on September 6 is tightly connected with Neptune, so we can expect smoke and mirrors. A bit of confusion as Mercury struggles to make things clear.

As summer ends and autumn begins, there’s a change in attitude and atmosphere. The President shifts from doubt to overconfidence and back again. As he is forced to pay attention to details, he is learning that the office of the President is a far cry from producing and starring in “The Apprentice.” Governing is a collaborative effort. It would appear that collaboration is not something Trump carries in his tool box. As his efforts continue to be thwarted, perhaps he will learn the value of that tool. And thwarted he will be, seemingly at every turn. Feelings of isolation will continue.

October opens with typical Trump talk and impulsive action. Illusion and delusion rule the day. Diplomatic upsets and problems connected with women can be expected. Whether a wife, daughter or senator, the feminine will be a thorn in his side.  As Jupiter moves from light-hearted Libra into the more complex sign of Scorpio on October 10, the energy begins to shift. Jupiter in Scorpio does not take things at face value. Jupiter in Scorpio wants the truth and will dig deep for it. During this time, mean old Saturn continues to sit on Trump’s Moon and oppose his Sun. Saturn demands that you do the work. Clever sound bites and misinformation will not cut it now. Despite that, during this mid-October time frame, expect some classic Trump: outrageous, outlandish and over the top.

The Full Moon of November 4 brings the possibility of false information brought to him by some adviser who may not be clear on the facts, but be strong on high ideals. This will be a full tweet period. Conditions will be hectic and the President will be under a lot of stress. Stress may cause him to shoot off his mouth and force his communications into damage control.

Around the period of the New Moon on November 18, expect some shocking news. The possibility of a train wreck or aviation mishap is strong. Trump will keep the roller coaster going with his own brand of shock and awe. Saber rattling continues as issues of power and control move to the head of the class. After the Last Quarter Moon on November 26, the time becomes ripe for some serious talk with foreign diplomats and governments. The question is, will the President be taken seriously?

Mercury turns retrograde at the Full Moon on December 3 and remains so until December 22. During that retrograde period, Mercury will backtrack over Trump’s Sun and Moon. Echoes from the November New Moon period will reverberate. Those issues will pop up again. Something Trump said then will hit the news during this period.

At the New Moon of December 18, a change in energy is in the air. Most significantly, Saturn moves into Capricorn and by the end of the week, Mercury will turn direct in motion. The chickens come home to roost. Information is revealed. There will be power struggles, both public and private.

The August eclipse fell upon critical points in Trump’s horoscope. A solar eclipse is a New Moon – seed planting event. The effects are felt over the months following when planets travel over the eclipse point. Significant events will take place at the February 15, 2018, solar eclipse. This is the companion to the August eclipse, falling in the opposite sign of Aquarius. Events in February will be connected to events in August. Trump will be faced with harsh facts and harsh reality. This autumnal season will be peppered with events, news and situations that will lead up to a significant occurrence in January/February 2018.

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