June’s Trump Watch in the Stars

As James Comey sat down to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, transiting Sun at 17 degrees of Gemini activated Donald Trump’s lucky trine between Uranus and Jupiter.  The big question these days is: Will his luck hold?

A look at Donald Trump’s Solar Return chart set for June 13, when the Sun returns to its natal position, shows that the answer would appear to be yes, as lucky Jupiter sits on the Ascendant of that chart. The Solar Return chart is a tool astrologers use to forecast the upcoming year for the individual. But Jupiter here also indicates continued involvement in legal issues, laws, lawyers, justice and the courts. James Comey’s testimony is only the beginning as it kicks off what will be a long, hot summer for Donald Trump.

The day after Trump announced “total and complete vindication,” transiting Mercury (communication) made a comfortable aspect to Trump’s Neptune (rose colored glasses). The weekend following this testimony, planetary transits to his chart indicated plenty of agitation and deep, penetrating conversation. The work week opened on Monday, June 12, with transiting Mars squaring off with his natal Neptune. Mars likes to pick a fight, Neptune likes to throw up a smoke screen. The picture here is one of secret, covert action. As Neptune moves in direct motion on Friday the 16, that action may be revealed.

As the weekend of the 16th unfolds, transiting Mars agitates Trump’s Mercury, his talker, while transiting Mercury touches base with Trump’s Sun, his core self. Mars is action and Mercury is communication. With Mercury accentuated in the sky and within Trump’s natal chart, this will be a tweeting weekend for sure. As Mars is impulse, expect pronouncements off the cuff and without much thought.

At the Summer Solstice, June 21, lucky Jupiter is still in the picture.  When Jupiter makes favorable transits to a natal chart, it is like having your own personal guardian angel. The drawback here is it can also bring too much of a good thing. The president would be wise to avoid too much food and drink and to get on the treadmill for obvious health reasons.

While all this lovely stuff is going on, the planet Saturn has been hovering around Donald Trump’s Sun/Moon opposition. Jupiter rules the law, Saturn rules obeying that law. Saturn in this aspect to the natal chart often makes the person wish they were someplace else. Saturn is responsibility. Saturn is the government and authority figures. On the natal Moon it can bring problems with women and feelings of isolation. Opposing the Sun, as it is in Trump’s case, can bring problems with authority figures. A woman in a position of authority and/or his spouse will be problematic for him. Health issues may slow him down as well.

At the New Moon on the 23rd, Trump’s conversation will be confused. Expect one of those tweets or speeches that doesn’t make too much sense.  By the 25, he’ll be backtracking or trying to bring clarity to the situation.

The end of June into the beginning of July will be a very volatile time for President Trump. He’ll be working the old boy network and gearing up for a fight. Lawsuits and legal issues, as well as international diplomacy or lack of any diplomacy at all, are distinct possibilities. Personal and professional relationships are on the line. The gaining and losing of friends brings a Karmic element into play.

Donald Trump has some difficult aspects coming up through July and August. If you’re looking for his downfall, you may have to wait. Jupiter, the benevolent guardian, is still in the picture until late August, then begins to move off.  Saturn, the master of payback, will then be the big dog into the autumn months. The Great American Eclipse in August will have a huge impact on Donald Trump as well as the rest of the country. Stay tuned as we continue to explore the puzzle that is Donald Trump.

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