Trump Watch – Spring 2018


The Spring Equinox occurs on March 20, 2018, at 12:16pm EDT. In mundane astrology, Donald Trump, as head of state, is represented by the Sun. In the Equinox chart cast for Washington, DC, the Sun is in a very strong position.  But it is not all smooth sailing for the president because Mars and Saturn, conjunct in Capricorn, are also very strong and they are at an acute angle to the Sun. Saturn especially, in the house of open enemies, reinforced by combative Mars, insures that it will be a battle of wills between the president and his opponents. With Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion prominent, and Mercury set to go retrograde two days after the Equinox, there will be plenty of innuendo, rumor and an attempt to the shift the blame. Neptune is in Pisces, a more feeling, sensitive sign, given to seeing things through rose colored glasses. Mars and Saturn in Capricorn are interested in the facts and prefer to stand on solid bedrock. Mercury goes direct on April 15; reserve judgment until after that date.

Trump has got his work cut out for him. And he’s ready for it with Uranus jazzing up his natal Mars in Leo. He’s a fighter and he will fight. At this Ingress, when the Sun moves into Aries, that pesky Saturn opposes his Mercury.  Mercury rules how you talk, how you process information, your communication mechanism. Mercury is your tweeter. Saturn constricts, contains and requires structure, facts and form (the exact opposite of that Uranus pumping Trump up). Trump, with Mercury in Cancer at a 90 degree angle to his Neptune, speaks impulsively, emotionally through the filter of those rose colored glasses. Due to retrograde motion, Saturn will be at this point again on May 6 and December 10. Saturn is the taskmaster, lesson giver and the distributor of payback. You have to wonder what lesson, if any, will be learned.

The energy at the Spring Equinox impacts Trump’s financial dealings. Taxes and loans for sure, but some attention will fall on campaign contributions, for past campaigns as well as future campaigns. There are laws about what can be done with campaign funds. Trump will need to be reminded of those laws. Who and what entities are funding him will surface and raise questions. Leading up to the Full Moon of March 30 and the week following, events will test his self-restraint as he faces challenges to his ideas. And to this other issues that are raised.

The New Moon of April 15 triggers hasty action. He may well regret not thinking before acting as his tweets, talk and action will not go down as well as he would like. Issues with women diplomats and women’s issues continue to plague him. The women’s movement and the youth movement will bring far-reaching changes in the coming years, leading up to the 2020 election. Much of this is far bigger than Donald Trump, but he is a key figure in the scheme of things.

The Full Moon of April 29, plus or minus a week, brings power plays to the fore. In one of his random, rambling speeches, Trump will say something unconsciously that will reveal a deeper motivation. His power plays will be blocked as he faces much resistance. Be ready for words that wound.

By the New Moon of May 15, Trump is in survival mode. A very significant New Moon as Uranus moves from fiery, energetic Aries into the more sedate, solid Taurus on the same day. Around this time, we should get an idea of what the next few years will be like with the shift from fire to earth energies with both Saturn and Uranus in Earth signs. For Trump, it is significant because the Sun and Moon are at the top of his chart. Mars, the warrior at this time, takes a combative stance against Uranus in the final degrees of fighting Aries. This is an explosive combination. Here Uranus is sweet talking Trump’s Mars and all important Ascendant. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected. Trump is a Uranus type of person. He shocks, he thrives on chaos and he is a risk-taker. When the smoke clears, there will be some rather imaginative explanations.

The Full Moon on May 29 across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis gives a boost to Trump’s rather erratic communications skills. Mercury in Taurus, poised to enter Gemini at this Full Moon, demands concrete evidence. When Mercury moves into Gemini later in the day, glibness and lots of talk, whether valid or not, rule the day.

During the first weeks of June, expect some off-the-wall pronouncements. The New Moon of the 13th occurs hours before Trump’s annual Solar Return. This is kind of a rosy moment for Donald Trump. Venus is in town making nice, nice, rolling over his Cancer planets and Mars has moved off the fight and on to other things while Saturn, the stern one, has backed off a bit. But Saturn, just like Arnold, says, “I’ll be back!”

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