Hip-Hop: An Interview with Unstable Era

This weekend I got the opportunity to catch up with two of my favorite artists coming out of RI. I met these guys not too long ago and it is awesome to see how much they have grown as artists over the past year. Although a lot of people directly associate drugs and violence with hip-hop music, this duo is aiming to travel in a different direction by avoiding the street life and going off to college while still chasing their dreams on a daily basis.

Spocka Summa: Can you introduce yourselves and tell me where you’re from?

Unstable Era: Our names are Taj Amani and Silver and we’re from Providence.

SS: How does living in an urban setting inspire you?

UE: It forces us to go through a lot of life experiences and struggles, which fuel our message and choice of content. Also traveling to different urban settings allows us to realize that there’s more out there than just where we’re from.

SS: How do you view the local hip-hop scene?

UE: We believe the hip-hop scene is at an early stage in the city, but is definitely developing and becoming more of a presence in our local culture.

SS: What is your message?

UE: To focus on being yourself and becoming a better version of yourself. We also focus on spreading peace and unity. Good vibes only on this side.

SS: What is your goal?

UE: To support ourselves and the people closest to us, and to be able to change people’s lives and become an inspiration for the youth

SS: What are your thoughts on local hip-hop beef?

UE: We feel that it’s pointless and it’s something we don’t get involved with. Focusing on our own camp and building our fanbase are our priories.

SS: Where can we find your music?

Taj Amani: soundcloud.com/taj-amani
Silver: Soundcloud.com/silverd4

SS: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Taj Amani: I have an EP called Promises coming this fall.

Silver: I have an EP called Digital Paradise dropping later this summer.

Hip-hop stands for a lot. For some it is a way to tell a story of their life and ambitions. For others it can be a way to escape a negative environment. We all have choices in life — some may be harder to make then others — but if you focus on your end goal anything is achievable.

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