Well, I Ax You…

WellIAxeYouIn the normal course of conversation, if you hear the words “booze” and “axes” together, you might conjure an image of Vikings and leave it at that. But not in Rhode Island. No, in Li’l Rhody we have gone the extra step and opened an ax-throwing club (equipped with a healthy supply of beer, wine and spirits). Complete with bullseye targets and a big old wall to catch all those mischucks, the AXE Bar at R1 Indoor Karting in Lincoln is the only establishment of its kind in the Ocean State and welcomes wannabe Norse warriors of all abilities to try their hand at the art (so long as they’re aged 16 and older). Ten lanes are currently open for business, each separated from the next by substantial, ax-proof dividers and capable of holding up to six people. But worry not, this isn’t uncontrolled mayhem on the streets of Providence County. Each group is held under strict supervision and receives thorough instruction on best practice and health and safety before anyone sets their hands on an ax. Not into the idea of hurling lethal weapons? The 90,000-square-foot entertainment venue also offers paintball, rock climbing and laser tag for those with alternative tastes. Check it out at 100 Higginson Ave, Lincoln.

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