Why So Blue?


Get out your hemp pencils and mark your calendars — the Great American Hemp and Blues Festival is putting tickets on sale 4/20! On July 10, this music extravaganja will take over the Earth Ballroom at Mohegan Sun. Headlining the event is Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame 2019 inductee James Montgomery, who will share the stage with folk rock, reggae, country and blues bands. “To me, [hemp] is an exciting new field that’s evolving and roots music evolved into rock and roll and pop and hip-hop, so they’re both old traditions that have developed into something else in modern day times,” Montgomery says. “I love Mohegan Sun – every time I’ve been there the crowd was great and the people were great. The other bands on the bill – Muddy Ruckus and Mystic Daddy and others that we’re still talking to – it’s a chance to also see my fellow musicians play, which I haven’t seen in a long time. It gives us a chance to hang out and jam and see what everyone’s up to.”

But this all-day event isn’t limited just to musical entertainment. There also will be speakers, vendors and artisans selling their wares. It’s capped off by a Phish concert which, alas, is already sold out. For tickets and information, go to thegreatamericanhempandbluesfest.comCannabisFront6

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