In Their Own Words: Write-In Candidate Greg Ferland for State Rep, District 31

WhMotiif: at’s the biggest problem facing our state?

Greg Ferland: Really? Just ONE? Okay … if it’s just one it’d be fiscal mismanagement.

Motif: Rank these in order of how much they impact children’s education: nutrition in schools, infrastructure, school culture/learning environment, adequate supplies, teacher incentives. How would you address these aspects of education?

Greg Ferland: I am unable to definitively rank the issues presented, as I feel as there is many issues with our educational system.  I’d rather empower teachers to teach and due away with all the bureaucracy they are forced to deal with daily.

Motif: How do you feel about supreme court decision that effectively makes every state right to work (Janus v. AFSCME)?

Greg Ferland: It was legally the correct decision. Unions are not “bad” as they advocate for their members rights, that’s a good thing. They’ve brought about many positive changes in workplace safety, rights, etc. In situations of some public employee unions however, it crosses the line with representation and individuals rights.

Motif: Is environmental racism in RI a problem and if so, how do you intend to address it?

Greg Ferland: I cannot answer this question as it does not fall under my purview as the district I will be representing is in North Kingstown and Exeter.

Motif: Do you favor sending troops to Worcester to recover the PawSox?

Greg Ferland: Hell yeah!  Why not think outside of the box?!? Nobody was completely happy with the way the situation played out…


And I really miss Benny’s too.


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