Your Weekend in the Stars

starsOn Wednesday, January 27, with Mercury now direct and waning Moon in Virgo, it is a good time to clear the decks and desks and tie up any loose ends that have been hanging. Finish and complete are the buzzwords for this energy. Thursday morning, Moon enters Libra at 9:59am EST bringing conversational skills to the fore. This is a good time to resolve any issues within a personal relationship. Libra Moon sees both sides of the picture, promotes fairness and favors teamwork and partnerships of all kinds.

Moon goes Void of Course at 8:34pm EST on Friday evening and remains so until entering the sign of Scorpio on Saturday at 10:50pm EST. This is one of those long Void of Course periods, best to kick back and just let things flow. It is best to ground and center, engage in any spiritual practice and avoid making decisions.

As Friday rolls over into Saturday, Mercury joins Pluto for some intense conversation. No idle cocktail party chitchat for these two. Deep, penetrating and profound questions, answers and conversation is the hallmark of this signature. With the Sun directly overhead in the sky on this Saturday, Venus connects with Neptune. This is a great aspect for the artist. Everyone becomes more aware of the love and beauty around them. The danger here is clinging to the ideal and not the reality. This is the original rose-colored glasses aspect. In areas involving love and money, be sure you are seeing what is, not what you want it to be.

Sunday with Moon in Scorpio all day, the Last Quarter Moon occurs. Quarter Moons create action. This Quarter Moon has Mercury squared off with Uranus. And the Moon while squaring the Sun snuggles up to Mars in Scorpio. January will end with a bang. This could manifest as a weather-related event, an aviation or transportation mishap, or outrageous words and actions by a prominent figure. With Uranus involved the unexpected rules, things that one could not possibly conceive of occur. These aspects also set the stage for the following week.  Expect more surprises as the first week of February unfolds. Hang onto your hat!

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