Your Weekend in the Stars: February Begins

With Moon in exuberant Sagittarius Wednesday, the hump of hump day feels like a mountain. We’re feeling restless and long for anything but the daily routine. In the morning, Mars tangles with Pluto bringing complex energies to the surface. Mars, the warrior currently traversing Pluto’s home turf of Scorpio, is excellent at delivering that famous Scorpion sting. This aspect, exact for the early morning commute, rouses anger. Be aware and alert while on the road. In the afternoon, Sun and Saturn get together bringing some of that “nose to the grindstone” energy that helps us make it through the day.

Moon is Void of Course through most of Thursday until 7:44pm EST when Moon leaves freewheeling Sagittarius and enters the more grounded Capricorn. The Capricorn motif continues throughout Friday and Saturday, setting the tone for the weekend. Capricorn is all about business, duty and doing the work that moves us along in life.  Friday evening, Venus gets up close and personal with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Venus is about love and money. Pluto is about power and control, and can bring obsession to the head of the class. With Moon, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn, romance and money deals may be slow to start, but there is a promise of longevity. A Venus in Capricorn romance may not have the sparkle and sizzle of other types of romances, but this romance does have stability with both partners grounded in reality. We recognize that each has feet of clay.

Around midday on Saturday, the action begins when the Sun connects with unpredictable Uranus. This aspect favors the spontaneous and unexpected. Be prepared for a change in plans due to unforeseeable events. Busy little Mercury links with big boy Jupiter, and facts get blown out of all proportion. This brings a lot of wind, whether it is in the atmosphere or from the blowhard next door. Rounding out the day Venus agitates Uranus. This aspect can bring romance that is exciting, capricious and very spur of the moment.

As Saturday rolls over to Sunday, the Moon enters forward-looking Aquarius. Humanitarian causes, friends and groups of like-minded individual attract our attention. Aquarius Moon is somewhat of a kick-back Moon with none of the usual emotional attachments. Detachment is a key word here. Hiking with a group and working on a campaign or for a cause do well while Moon travels through Aquarius. It’s not all brotherhood and sisterhood when Sun squares off with Mars around sunrise. Mars rules fighting and war. Sun can rouse Mars’ anger. By midmorning, Venus enters the picture sparking romantic passion. Venus and Mars together in any aspect can be the glue that holds a relationship together. Venus in earthy Capricorn and Mars in sexy Scorpio say let’s get physical.  It’s not only the eggs that will be frying this Sunday morning.

Monday morning we start the week with New Moon in Aquarius. The New Moon also sets the tone for the Lunar Month. In Providence, this particular New Moon encourages us to expand our network of friends and acquaintances — to socialize with an eye to moving ahead in the world. While we may encounter some belligerent and argumentative folks along the way, the atmosphere encourages a healthy exchange of feelings and ideas in order to clear the air. After the New Moon occurs at 9:39am EST, it is a good time to make a list of what you want to achieve. This New Moon is especially good for making plans and setting goals. Aim high!

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