You’re Getting Married Where? Is That In New York?

Imagine you’re a gay rancher living in Wyoming. You want to marry the love of your life in that gorgeous mountain setting where you met, but alas, Wyoming doesn’t allow same sex couples to marry so you need to leave your home state and find an acceptable substitute.

No, this is not the script of Brokeback Mountain. It is the reality that gay couples must face when they live in states where same sex marriage is not legal; or worse, illegal. Thankfully, our legislature got its head out of its ass last month and legalized gay marriage here in the Ocean State. That makes 12 states (13 if you count D.C.) in which a gay American can legally marry. Pitiful.

The good news for those in the remaining 38 states is you’ve got some great options for a destination wedding.  Forget the Caribbean or France – come to Rhode Island. There’s no denying the beauty of New England on the whole, but the other states have some serious issues: Massachusetts – too puritanical, Connecticut – too blue blood, Vermont – too rural, New Hampshire – too redneck, Maine – well, we’ve all seen those Stephen King movies.

Rhode Island, on the other hand, hides its issues. To the visitor, it looks like a perfectly normal, beautiful place to be with plenty of options.  If you’re up for old world elegance, rent a mansion in Newport. If you’re more on the laid back side, head to South Kingstown and get hitched at a farm or on the beach. If you’re a foodie, perhaps a Federal Hill restaurant or Little Compton winery would make an appropriate setting. If you’re an urbanite, a cruise down the Providence River during WaterFire would be a lovely way to celebrate your nuptials. If you’re a mountain-lover, well, you’re screwed. Head north. No worries though – the state is so small you can be elsewhere in less than 60 minutes.


Gay people of America – Rhode Island wants YOU. Come, get married, stay a while – move in if you’d like. Someday your home state will come out of the dark ages and decide to treat you as equals. Till then, grab some coffee milk and a clam cake or two and make yourself at home.


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