Dance of the Living Dead: Providence Zombie Night 2017 is Here

The dead shall rise once again and party it up all night long at the annual Providence Zombie Night! On Saturday, Oct 14, make your way to the Quarantine Zone Block Party at 19 Snow Street in PVD, sponsored by The Dark Lady. “This will be our third year at the Dark Lady,” said Rev Al, creator and host of the RI Halloween tradition. “They have become the official home for [the annual] Zombie Night.”

The 21+ event kicks off free of charge at 7pm, but there’s a small entrance fee if you come after 9pm. Another reason to come early: Get your full access bracelet that grants you unlimited re-entry, in case you need to feed on the living, whether meat or veggies.

After the stroke of 9pm, the party gets hotter with the fan-favorite burlesque show: the Boolesque. Led by Bettysioux Taylor, this year’s cast includes Vivienne LaFlamme, MaidenX, and, Zombie king queen RGBperforming for the first time on the ZN stage, the legendary Bli Tzen VonShtupp. Another first, Rev Al has announced ZN’s first official zombie belly dancer – Inara Smith. Also featured will be a fire-spinning performance by Amanda Salemi, the vocalist of Consuelo’s Revenge.

For a night like this, Rev Al always warns that douchebags “will be eaten on sight,” and in today’s social/political climate, he recommends people “check [their] political correctness at the door” as it’s all fair game at ZN with costumes. Every year, zombified versions of characters, icons and celebrities of all generations invade the block party. Guests are encouraged to get as gory and creative as possible to compete for this year’s prizes — a cash prize will go to the crowd-voted best zombie of the night. Also, ZN’s friends at Rhode Island Comic Con will be giving away two free passes for next month’s event to the best couple/group/horde of maggot-infested, flesh-feasters.

Rev Al comes every year with amazing makeup designs. What is his secret? He gets all the best tips from the award-winning makeup artist, Art-on-the-Spot’s Kara Andrews. “I want to thank the Zombie Queen, Kara Andrews, for making me look like the best Zombie King [I] can be every year,” said Rev Al.

In a Motif exclusive, Kara has given some awesome tips on simple ways to blend in with the dancing dead. If you can’t afford Hollywood levels of horror, you can save money while still looking fabulously decayed.

  • Makeup: It’s always best to apply makeup with makeup sponges, thin paint brushes and spray bottles. Try to use water-based makeup and eye shadows for the best results.  Recommended brands include Mehron and Wolfe.
  • Techniques: Utilize black eye shadows and powders to enhance the “sunken skull” look on your temples, under your eyes and under the cheek bone for contouring. Spray a bit of water on your powder makeup and rub it with a sponge to create a cream. Various colors of eye shadow (yellows, browns, purples) can help enhance a more freshly dead look with bruising over a powered face.
  • Flesh/Wounds: Liquid latex can be combined with pieces of toilet paper and cotton balls to create split/shredded flesh. Paintbrush-dabbed or spray bottled “fake blood” is great, but consider adding fresh “scab” to open wounds for something thicker and more realistic. Ben Nye Fresh Scab is a great product to pick up.
  • Extras: Body glue and medical adhesives can act as spirit gums to hold objects in place. Always try to be creative with items you wouldn’t expect to create the effect you need (eg, painted and cut press-on nails glued to your lips to create sharp teeth).
  • Resources: If you can’t handle referring to realistic medical and accident photos, many other websites and videos are provided by companies such as Chit-Chat and Silly Farm. Also, YouTube is full of tutorial videos for everything from simple designs to grand special effects.

For more information and special announcements, visit the Facebook event page at: Providence Zombie Night 2017.

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