The event

RI Tattoo Awards, taking place at Gansett Brewery, 210 Tockwotton Ave, Providence, Rhode Island on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. Doors at 6pm, show from 6:30 – approximately 9pm.

Here is the event on Facebook – feel free to spread the word! https://www.facebook.com/events/987342308580542 

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Participants must have an aesthetically pleasing collection of visible tattoos and must be able to attend in person in Providence on April 12. We are asking participants to arrive by 6:15pm; the runway part of the evening should take place around 7:15.

You will need to sign the photo release, which basically allows us to use photos from the event in any and all promotional activities for Motif. We will not sell your likeness to anyone. We’ll have these printed out on the day of the event for you to sign.

Participants must show proof of vaccination and booster, or a negative COVID test from within the last 72 hours. We will have a limited number of rapid-tests available on site, while that supply lasts.

What to wear

When you check in, you’ll be given a sticker with your name and a random number – the number is how judges and voters will identify you. You’ll need to be able to put that sticker somewhere people can see it. Beyond that, you definitely want to have footwear, and we are conducting a PG event. Wear whatever you like, as long as it won’t get us in trouble (and obviously, you want to show off your tatts). We suggest you bring a top layer to wear before and after the judging period to keep you warm. There are rest rooms you can change in, but no dedicated changing rooms, so plan accordingly.

What to expect

Each participant will receive a sticker with their id number on it. The awards show will include presentations, talks, live music and more. The modeling show will take place around the middle of the program (an exact order of events will be available on the day). 

When the modeling portion commences, each participant will be given a moment with the mic to introduce themselves, say a little about themselves and point out any skin art details or backstory they’d like judges to pay special attention to. We ask you to please keep this to three minutes or less (remember, less is often more!). If you are not comfortable introducing yourself, one of our MCs will be happy to introduce you – in that case, please write up the introduction you would like and email it to tess@motifri.com by April 9th.

You will then be free to walk the “runway,” which will be at ground level through the middle of the Gansett space, about 20 feet long. We will ask all onlookers to maintain a respectful distance, but our judges may ask to inspect some of your work more closely.

After walking the runway we will ask you to stick around for a few minutes during a break, so that people can ask questions if they have any and decide how to vote. Everyone attending will be able to vote for two participants, and the judges will also be making their decisions. 

After that break, we will return to the regularly scheduled programming and will announce the winners near the end of the awards show


There will be two sets of prizes: a first, second and third prize determined by the popular vote of attendees physically present, and a first and second prize selection by our judges, Steven Tefft (of 12 Tattoos & Body Piercing), winner of Season 2 of “InkMasters” and Dani Ryan of 1001 Troubles Tattoos, first runner-up of Season 12 of “InkMasters.” Any ties will be broken by Motif publisher Mike Ryan.

A number of participants and runners up will also receive gifts and/or gift certificates from our sponsors, R1 Indoor Karting, TimeZone, Gansett Brewers, Jerry’s Artarama and Dick Blick.

Cash awards:

Judges selections: $150 each

Popular vote: $150 for first, $75 for second, $25 for third

All winners will be recognized in Motif Magazine and online


We reserve the right to change any of these details if circumstances require us to. All judge decisions are final.

Thank you for joining us, and please, throughout, please remember the most important guideline of all – have fun! We appreciate you working with us to create an awesome and memorable event!

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