Album of the Week: The Prefab Messiahs – Psychsploitation Today

Psychsploitation Today by The Prefab Messiahs
Psychsploitation Today by The Prefab Messiahs

Worcester, MA, psych-rock act The Prefab Messiahs were a bit ahead of their time when they started out during the early ‘80s. They were doing a weird take on hypnotic ‘60s pop and raw garage rock during a time where somber post-punk and electro-fueled new wave were dominating the music spectrum. After a couple of decades of languishing in New England rock’s storied past, the band got back together in 2012 and put out their first album in over 30 years with Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive in 2015. Their follow-up titled Psychsploitation Today is coming out Jan 26 via Lolipop & Burger Records, and it’s a gem of an album. There’s a multi-dimensional arrangement that goes along with sheer electricity accented by a variety of distorted feedback.

A big reason why the album has such a groovy sound comes from Doc Michaud on organ. It’s a blast from the past musically with unbridled fuzz to add the perfect touch. Zerox Feinberg’s voice is sapid while also giving Psychsploitation Today a laid-back vibe reminiscent of other psych-rock incarnations. The element giving each track an exciting feeling is the melding of drummer Ned Egg’s and bassist Trip Thompson’s talents. Their consistently tight rhythms are a rock-hard base for the band’s contagiously fun tunes.

When it comes to bands coming back after decades of absence, what plays a part in the reunion? Nostalgia and wanting to relive a time of youthfulness. The internet providing easy accessibility for musicians to distribute their music along with the coinciding rise in indie labels probably play a part, too. For the real answer, you’d have to ask The Prefab Messiahs to hear what their reasons are. There’s no complaining from me about them getting back together, and the proof comes from my top tracks off of the Album of the Week:


With an upbeat tone comes “Sometimes Sunnydaze” – the harmonizing from Feinberg, Thompson and Michaud is hypnotic during a song that can seem contradicting but in a clever way. “Monster Riff” is a party starter with an abundance of energy and a classic dose of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. The most old-school-style track on the album is definitely “Having A Rave Up,” another party anthem but also reminiscent of rock’s classic age during the late ‘50s.

As of this article, The Prefab Messiahs don’t have any shows announced in the immediate future, but you can be sure that they’ll be tearing it up in music venues all over the place throughout 2018. The next time they’re playing live, make sure to catch the show and don’t forget to grab a copy of Psychsploitation Today. It’s a shredder of an album that’ll shock the senses and melt brains.

“Sometimes Sunnydaze” stream: