Art Seen: Boheme’ Salon of Art in Warren

“ I want a piece of art to speak to me … to evoke something in me … to [make me] feel something,” says Valcourt of her art choices. “Many folks have discovered Warren so I am working within that process. And there’s a great artistic energy here,” says lovely Karen Valcourt, owner of the new art gallery in Warren, Boheme’ Salon of Art, which has been well received with strong local support during its first six months in town.artscen122img1

Valcourt instituted her inroad at Boheme’ art salon located at 504 Main Street in Warren, Rhode Island.  There are creative energies everywhere, but the East Bay of Lil Rhody, and in particular, Warren, has become a Greenwich Village of sorts and I dare say, middle class yuppies beware because this is a hipper crowd.  If you throw a piece of homemade pie from the Square Peg, you’ll probably splat a painter or a photographer or a musician or some old beatnik right in the face; they’re everywhere.

Currently on-view in her modest salon, there are about 12 artists represented in a variety of art, including painting, jewelry, photographs, ceramics, attire and gifts. This would be the perfect place to jump into that holiday shopping mood as you’ll find a nice assortment of offerings. Remember, when you shop locally and buy locally, you are truly helping in the most direct way you can.

Valcourt first came to the idea along with her daughter in-law and her sister who shared the idea with Karen but never left the starting gate. Karen started up her little gallery when she decided to go it alone and give it her all. She is energetic, positive and friendly with a great attitude and a pleasant persona. Her reddish-blonde hair, big blue eyes and great smile give an inviting welcome to the newcomer and potential client, and her openness is quite refreshing indeed.artscen122img2

Within a short distance you’ll find Muse, another Warren Treasure of fine jewelry and gifts and the Imago gallery as well, with full scale professional exhibitions.  The Hope Gallery in Bristol is only a few minutes drive from here, and there are many such small shops and galleries that dot the East Bay area. With plenty of parking and great eateries, this is an ideal way to shop locally while you feast your eyes on local products and art.

Boheme’  is right across the street from Coffee Depot, a favorite hang-out for local creatives, and a good road side stop over.  If you have never, or have rarely, hit this area, put it on your shopping list of things to do and go look around. I am sure Karen Valcourt will greet you with enthusiasm and welcome you to her art gallery for a nice look-see and the start of a Happy Holiday Season.