All the Feels: Ahdri’s latest track will make fans “Stick Around”

New York singer-songwriter Adriana Lucia Cancelliere, aka “Ahdri,” recently released her 2020 single “Stick Around” three years after her first album. 

Three years back, Ahdri debuted her self-titled album through RI record label Hobo Castle. The ambiance of the record is very folk rock and even includes her own take on Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” Ahdri said she wants to continue experimenting with her music; lately she has been leaning toward a more R&B and pop rooted sound. 

Ahdri has gone back and forth from li’l Rhody to The Big Apple, gaining listeners in both states. Although she currently resides in New York City, she took time during quarantine to work on her music in Rhode Island.

“Being in New York expanded my interest in new music,” said Ahdri. “I was also influenced by artists I had never heard of, like Turkish-singer Selda Bagcan.” 

Other artists who have influenced Ahdri are Etta James, H.E.R., Billie Eilish and Amy Winehouse. She said she hadn’t really given those artists a chance before and is now obsessed with them. 

Ahdri grew up with musical parents. Her mother was into opera and her father was into punk music. Ahdri landed somewhere perfectly in the middle of both genres. Ahdri emphasizes that she isn’t fully embedded in one genre, which makes us wonder what she’ll put out next.

“I don’t really plan what genre I am doing,” said Ahdri. “I just get a melody in my head, write it and whatever genre it is it is.” 

Ahdri said the meaning in her songs are a mix of true feelings and alligator tears. She said the delivery is intended to be sarcastic and incredibly theatrical. 

“I’m not really into love songs,” she said. “I’m in between reality and my own fantasy world. The message is to just express yourself without caring and reach your higher self without fear.” 

Ahdri mentions one of her newer songs relates to carrying your own destiny. She said it’s not about fate all the time and more about your own free will. As of right now, she is in the works of producing another single in the studio and writing more songs.

Her new single, “Stick Around,” gives you all the feels. It’s her interpretation and mix of different influences. It’s a complete turn from her first album, and definitely a teaser for upcoming music. Her flow stays at a slow tempo, but includes more piano and less folky guitar this time. I would best describe it as a mix of Christina Perri and Adele. The theatrics in her voice complement the melancholy of the song. 

She encourages listeners and followers to stay up-to-date with her social media. Follow her instagram @ahdrimusic and find her music on all streaming platforms. Check out the new single here:

Wolfsheets: Wax On releases new single

Lowell experimental alt-rock band Wax On has led local fans through plenty of different emotions throughout the years. With every album release, they find a way to surprise fans with their sound. On August 4, they released single “Wolfsheets,” and we got a whole new level of Wax On we didn’t know we needed. The single is to be followed by the full record called Sprezzatura, which will be released on September 8. The inspiration for the record’s name is credited to bassist Nick Capezutto, who spent the night in a Wikipedia word search wormhole. He eventually came to the word Sprezzatura, meaning studied carelessness.

The band is made up of five members who are spread all over New England. Luke Pelletier and Dan Cady are on guitar and vocals, Nick Capezzuto is on bass and Mike Colucci is on drums. Jordan Collard, on trumpet, is included on this record, but is no longer part of the band due to personal reasons and distance.                 

The band started playing together in high school, and has been together for approximately 10 years. Prior to the upcoming Sprezzatura record, the band produced two other albums: Revolution is a Conscious Mind and Homework. Revolution is their first album and was recorded in a friend’s basement. In their album Homework, the band includes a more quality mixed and mastered collection of those songs, including “Operation Midnight Climax,” “Eyes Set To Kill (The Agency)” and “Lonely Stranger.” 

Sprezzatura is being released through Dollhouse Lightning, a record label from western Massachusetts, recognized for putting out local Providence band Bochek’s record and other R.I. groups, as well as TIFFY, amiright?, The Baja Blasters, and many others. Mix, master, and additional instrumentation is by Marco Reeves.  

“It feels authentic. It feels like we’re finally being recognized and brought into the real stream of things,” said Pelletier of the new album. 

Cappezutto said it feels like it was the next step and goal to properly write music and release through an official record label as opposed to producing, recording and marketing their music by themselves. He said that “Wolfsheets” kind of sounds like their older song, “Ursula.” Colucci said the writing process for Sprezzatura was very challenging, but as it came together, the writing became easier. 

“One of the coolest things that I really enjoyed about Homework was that there’s like a suite of different vibes. There’s reggae parts, post-hardcore parts, but there’s also ambient parts,” said Pelletier. “It’s a lot of stuff that’s kind of a spread over a broad spectrum. So with Sprezzatura, we tried to make it more cohesive, yet keep the variety there.” 

Wax On has used their time away from live shows to progress their sound further. Thus, Sprezzatura was born. Before the coronavirus madness, they played shows around Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Wax On embodies the sounds of multiple genres, including experimental math rock, heavy rock and some ska-punk elements — the latter genre is a topic of discussion among the members of the band. 

“All of our taste in music is very, very eclectic,” said Collard. “Our backgrounds and eclectic tastes make us unique, as far as bringing different material and ideas to the table.”

“Wolfsheets” has a similar sound to their previous records, but on a whole other degree of Wax On mania. The new single reminds me of Mars Volta’s “L’Via L’Viaquez” with the switch up in tempos and changes in vocals. The first minute of the song starts with white noise followed by a repeated guitar strum. Then from one second to the other, they burst into song. “Wolfsheets” fades from distorted guitars and wry, megaphone effect vocals to acoustic guitar and melodic singing throughout the song. The song builds up to the ultimate ending with a mix of trumpet, distorted screams, heavy guitar, and just head banging goodness. It is constantly changing beat and rhythm, and it is a great teaser for what awaits the upcoming album.  

Guitarist and vocalist Dan Cady said the whole album feels like a clock, but its hands go in opposite directions, yet it still syncs with the orderly time. Fan of Wax On and grizzlies. guitarist, Josh Zenil, mentions Wax On has always been great at perfectly blending chaos and sweetness. 

“I think that’s their strongest point in this song and why I’m a fan of so many of their songs. It’s like the perfect formula — reel in the listeners with melody and delicate vocals, then hit them with distorted guitar. That’s when everyone can go in banging their heads,” said Zenil. 

“Wolfsheets” can be heard on all streaming services You can preorder their album Sprezzatura, which comes out next month, on CD and cassette.

Get Excited, Mallrats!: Strip Mall is working on an album

Despite the quarantine, local musicians are still working to put out new music. Like most bands before the 2020 pandemic hit, Strip Mall was playing shows and getting their sound out to Providence locals in anticipation of a new EP estimated to come out in the fall. 

Strip Mall is a newer PVD-based emo band out of Warwick, Rhode Island. The band consists of three members: Vinnie Ortez, Jack Anderson and Nick English. The band does not categorize their sound as just emo music, but instead, they are party emo. How does one describe the party emo genre? Drummer, Jack Anderson, simply explains party emo as being moody and a little angsty. 

“We want people to dance and have a good time, even though you may be crying a little bit on the inside,” said Anderson.

Having known each other for years, Ortez and Anderson jammed a bit one day. They had never formed an actual band together. Ortez and English lived together and played in multiple bands together in the past, so eventually they brought in English and made Strip Mall official.

The inspiration for the band name simply came from their desire for something funny. Anderson said he  had it in his mind for a while and liked the vibe of it. Regardless of where the band name came from, it adopted the nickname “mallrats” for their fan base.

For the moment, they have two songs available on all streaming services: “Reverse the Curse” and “We All Have Plus Things.” Strip Mall’s sound acquires aspects from different genres like math rock and jazz. Ortez’s post hardcore-styled vocals are melodic and aggressive, and the riffs are very rhythmic and jazzy, yet root from a progressive rock style. Anderson said a lot of their songs have a loop section where they can jam for a while. Certain parts let Ortez solo for a bit, and for Anderson to change up the tempo. All-inclusive, Strip Mall really sets the mood to dance and vibe out. 

“You are gonna feel whatever we put out, and if it makes you dance, that’s a plus,” said Ortez. 

They are all inspired from different genres and subgenres, but meet perfectly in the middle of it all. Bassist, Nick English, said their venn diagram is a pretty eclectic mix. They all dabble a little bit in heavy genres, but listen to the same type of stuff whether it is emo or post rock. As for the songwriting process, English said it can be sort of a puzzle. Like most bands, they take pieces and fit them together. It’s important to realize that most musicians do not have an established process, but always seem to work with what each band member brings to the table. 

“We’ll come together, practice and put together two random parts, and I will try to glue it together with transitions,” said English. “I’d say that’s probably where I shine the most, and try to make the song flow together.” 

Strip Mall’s approach to making music is having fun. English said there is no point in playing music if the people playing aren’t having fun. Because you feel intensely what they feel intensely, Strip Mall is almost like a tribe — that’s what Ortez said Strip Mall feels like to him. 

“Any time I like to go to a show, I like to have fun and dance and sing the words. If we can inspire people to do that and maybe make up songs of their own, that would be great,” said English. 

For the remainder of our time in a socially distanced world, Strip Mall is working on recording the last four songs of their EP. Because they can’t meet in person, it has become difficult for the band members to lay down the tracks and get all the takes they are satisfied with; however, they plan on releasing it sometime in the fall. While you wait, you can still support and follow up through their social media and singles on streaming services. You can find their music on Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp. 

There is a compilation playlist on bandcamp started by Providence Podcast, Where The Living Room Used To Be, with local artists who donated songs to raise money for Pawtucket music venue, The News Cafe. The website offers a name-your-price option to donate money and download on electronic devices. Artists include Strip Mall, Nova One, Delko, Jesse the Tree, Slitty Wrists, Ghosts in the Snow and The Benji’s, among others. A simple listen will suffice for any local musician, so it is imperative you support your locals in times like this one. 

Bochek Is Sticking to Their Roots

Bochek is a PVD-based jazz-rock band that has been working its way up the scene — this year, they received the number one title from Battle of the Bands, hosted by Rhode Island College’s Student Radio, 90.7 WXIN FM. The band consists of four members: Nevin, John, Noah and Dante; past member and founder of Bochek is Zack Davey. 

Bochek’s first show was in 2012 when Davey entered the boys into the middle school talent show where they won third place. The band continued to play through high school as a cover band, and began writing and playing their own music at the end of high school. According to Dante, the name Bochek comes from a hymnal tune sung by the Buddhists. The band agrees that the name holds the idea and state of mind of “sticking to their roots.” 

Most of Bochek’s songs come from jamming out and piecing things together. The band members describe their sound as “jazz-rock with a punk attitude.” Throughout their set at live shows, the band has elements of funk, soul and groove, all mixed up with a barefoot guitar player, a drummer wearing a dress and wicked, poetic performances from the lead singer, Nevin, whose dramatically delivered vocals flow. 

Their song “Raygun” perfectly displays the jazzy rock vibe they’re going for. It starts off with a solo funky bass part, and nicely comes together with guitar and drums. The vocals join in after about 25 seconds of playing, and it all gives a dream-like feel as the vocals begin to transform into a falsetto chorus. The vocals purposefully sound faint, and gives a chill sensation before a sudden pause and drop hits. The song is one of my favorites and it holds a lot of feelings, vibes, soft yells and weird noises … good weird noises. 

“Fuck anybody that says you need to know how to do something,” said Noah. “Do whatever the fuck you want, and make what you want to make.” 

Bochek has played with many bands around the Providence scene, including Wax On, Jesse the Tree, Ava Callery, People Eating Plastic, Zoink Zulag and the Galactic Shag, and my band, grizzlies. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows.