Harvest Some Fun

We are counting the days until the Washington County Fair returns to Richmond! We loved the virtual programming last year — we could almost smell the goats — but it just wasn’t the same. This year, we can’t wait for the carnival rides, live bands, games and demonstrations that show agriculture is alive and well […]

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The Cabinet

Salutations, louts and bully-boys! H.L. Popinjay here with another edition of The Cabinet, the column which, much like the chocolate cabinets of my wayward Rhode Island youth, is bound to give you a stomachache. Politicking is a nasty business these days, as evidenced by the recent public spat between The Mayor and The Governor over […]

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On the Cover

Do you recognize that hand on our cover? No? Let’s play a little game. Gen Xers over here, Zoomers over there. Now, Xers — picture that hand chopping wildly at the air, dressed in an oversized suit, the epitome of cool. Zoomers — picture that hand on TikTok, chopping wildly at the air, the epitome […]

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I am a woman, I am a queen Beautiful mind, beautiful soul Sexy from my eyes to the bottoms of my feet Every bit of me, the pride runs so deep Walk tall for all to see and witness The arrival of a Queen Don’t fret I’m just being me Seeing you creep and take a peek Loving and admiring all that you see Letting my insecurities get the best of me for a moment I get weak Then I think, oh no girl they like what they see, it’s you they seek A rockstar when you move the crowd  […]

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