HxC: Busy Spring Leads to Busy Summer

Apr 21 The Met Balance and Composure, From Indian Lakes, Queen of Jeans
Apr 23 Firehouse 13 Degrader, In Depths & Tides, Values, Sedatives, Proxies
Apr 29 AS220 Empty Vessels, I Am Become Death, Worst Days, Implosion Crusade
May 23 AS220 Iron Lung, Woundman, V-Sect, Hardware
May 24 Firehouse 13 Gideon, Invent Animate, Ghost Key, The Worst of Us

The next few months in PVD are full of shows featuring great local acts. Each year, spring seems to be a teaser for the major tours that come through the city in the summer. This year is no different and most venues are hosting some of the local favorites.

On April 29, AS220 is hosting one killer show with locals from all over Rhode Island. Empty Vessels is a longtime favorite in PVD along with I Am Become Death, Worst Days and Implosion Crusade. Each band takes noise to a whole new level, leaving their audience always expecting something crazy and different each time.

Leading up to the month of June, Gideon will be taking the stage at Firehouse 13 on May 24. Although they aren’t exactly punk or hardcore, they put on a great performance and are definitely worth a listen.

With the summer being right at the tip of our finger tips, we are in for some great shows come June and July! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming tours from big acts and all the locals.

HxC: Marching into Spring

PVD music is more explosive and dynamic than ever before. The bands coming through the area in the next month spread over a wide range of genres, from gritty punk to fluffy pop punk, all of which have their own special sound to share with our music-loving city. Aurora PVD has something going on almost every day of the week. Starting March off strong, they have a free show with locals Hussy. Each band playing this show pushes the limits and barriers of sound to the very peak. The Met has some big names this spring including Four Year Strong, pop punk legends from Massachusetts. They are celebrating their 10-year anniversary of their record Rise or Die Trying. This show is sold out! The end of March will mark the third time that the Providence Tattoo & Music Fest goes down at Fete. With more than 20 bands playing throughout the day, you can hear all sorts of music, ranging from metal to hardcore. There will also be more than six different local RI tattoo shops hanging out for the day. And if this spring didn’t have enough exciting stuff happening, The Descendents — yes, The Descendents — announced that they will be playing Lupo’s in September. I suggest grabbing those tickets ASAP because they will sell out.

March 6: Aurora PVD — Hussy, Neaux, Power Monster, QTY, Wishroom

March 7: The Met — Ghost Bath, Amigo the Devil, Wreak, Tovarish

March 10: The Met — Four Year Strong, Can’t Swim, Sleep On It, Light Years, Nothernmost

March 25: As220 — Alice Bag, Secret Circle, Death Bed

March 25: Fete — The Providence Tattoo & Music Fest 3

HxC: May Mixes Genres

May is bringing all sorts of genres to Providence. This month you can catch a little bit of everything, from punk to grind and even some lighter pop punk. For all the pop punk fans, A Day To Remember will be stopping by Lupo’s on the 10th for their East Coast tour with Parkway Drive and State Champs. These guys just announced another tour with Blink 182 this summer in Boston. So if you weren’t quick enough to snag tickets for this show, be sure to catch them next time they’re in New England. Toward the end of the month, Full Of Hell will be back in the city at Firehouse 13 just after their tour in Europe. These guys have not stopped touring, and just recently released a collaboration with the doom noise band The Body. This collaboration is more than your average split. Both bands have their own unique and groundbreaking sound and they meshed them together to create some of the darkest and heaviest songs that either band has created. This collaboration has not been released yet, but you can grab a presale copy of the LP through Neurot Recordings’ website. Providence locals V-sect, Sandworm and Ascend/Descend will be joining Full Of Hell on this tour date. Every band is sure to have a crazy set; this is a show you will not want to miss.

May 8: Dusk — Bleak, Deathface, Wreak, Violet

May 10: Lupo’s — A Day To Remember, Parkway Drive, State Champs

May 19: Firehouse 13 — Full of Hell, Empty Vessels, Sandworm, Ascend/Descend

May 22: Firehouse 13 — Hellshock, Deathwish, Sadist, Ascend/Descend

May 28: Machines With Magnets — V Sect, Sandworm, Lingua Ignota, Muslin, The Body

HxC: Everything’s Coming Up Hardcore

Providence is finally welcoming spring, and there are plenty of shows blowing into town with it. The Met and Lupo’s are hosts to some of the bigger pop punk bands that are coming around. Both Four Years Strong and The Wonder Years will be playing this month. Four Years Strong is taking over The Met on St. Patrick’s Day. And what’s a better way to celebrate than with Boston locals? The Wonder Years are playing Lupo’s early in April with Letlive. Both bands know how to put on a great show. Providence punk legends Dropdead and Boston legends Slapshot are going to be playing an unforgettable show in Newport with FI, Firewalker and Corrective Measure. Firewalker from Boston is taking over the hardcore scene right now, with their original female fronted lineup. AS220 and Firehouse 13 both have stacked lineups throughout March and April. All of spring is sure to bring some of the best lineups at some of the best venues in the city!

March 17: The Met — Four Years Strong, Light Years, Can’t Swim, Trophy Wives, Sayings

March 18: The Cafe — Slapshot, Dropdead, FI, Firewalker, Corrective Measure

March 23: AS220 — Reason to Fight, Safe & Sound, Spirits, Waste of Life, Worst Days

April 2: Lupo’s — The Wonder Years, Letlive, Microwave

April 17: Firehouse 13 — Slapshot, Forced Reality, Worst Days, Barfight Champs, Words of Truth

HxC: Cold Weather Can’t Stop the Music

After a long holiday season, PVD is waking up and bringing some great talent back to the city. After putting out their new full length Abandoned back in August, Defeater is returning to PVD for a short East Coast tour. This will be their last stop before they head to Europe for a few months. They will head back this way in May with Turnstile.


PVD locals Way Out are celebrating their new EP release at Aurora; their post punk sound always makes for a great show. As220 is hosting a late night show with locals Waste Of Life and Honest John. This is a great line-up with Massachusetts hardcore bands Swamps and Foxfires, and venturing all the way from New Jersey is 9/6.

This month, Firehouse 13 is hosting a matinee punk show with some local favorites. Fucking Invincible is kicking off their tour in PVD with Deathface and Hussy at Aurora. They are touring their new EP I Hate Myself and Want You To Die released by Atomic Action Records. Although the EP has not been released quite yet, you can pick up a limited version at their shows along with a ton of other merch!

February 13: The Met — Defeater and Caspian, O’ Brother

February 19: Aurora PVD — Way Out (EP release) Black Beach, Savage Blind God, Laika’s Orbit

February 20: As220 — Swamps, 9/6, Foxfires, Waste Of Life, Honest John

February 21: Firehouse 13 — Held Hostage, Out.Live.Death, Cheech, Barroom Heros

February 28: Aurora PVD — FI, Deathface, Hussy

HxC: Giving Thanks for Live Music

With the holiday season right around the corner, fewer shows are popping up around PVD. The end of November, however, has some good shows on hand. If you missed the last-minute H20 and Angel Dust show at Dusk, you can catch them playing at The Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on November 19. Meanwhile, Atomic Action! Records have been putting together matinee shows over in Newport. Their most reason show included PVD locals V-Sect and Fucking Invincible. All of the shows are all ages and have had a great turn out! If you want to check out this new venue for punk matinees they will be hosting Waste Management and Sweet Jesus in mid-December — definitely not one to miss. As220 is hosting Radio Carbon’s CD release show. Opening up this show is a new PVD hardcore band Worst Days. They recently played their first show with Edhochuli and Power Whores, and the turn-out for a Monday night show was great.

November 20: Firehouse 13 — Vital Remains, Churchburn, Sangus, Untombed, Bog Of The Infidel

November 21: As220 — Empty Vessels, Radio Carbon (CD Release) Six Star General, Worst Days

December 19: Cafe 200 — Waste Management, Sweet Jesus, Take Control, Prison Hit

HxC: Frightfully Good October Shows

October always seems to bring the best bands rolling through PVD, and this year is no exception. Each weekend of the month is packed full of shows for fans of all types; you can get your taste of punk, metal, grind, hardcore and even pop punk. Rambudikon and the guys from Simons 677 are no strangers to their monthly fests, and this Halloween they are hosting the third annual Kreepfest. This all-day event will have more than a dozen local bands playing and a costume contest with a cash prize. Both Firehouse 13 and As220 will hold Halloween shows as well; if the local pop punk scene isn’t your taste, you can stop by either venue to catch some great punk and hardcore acts. Firehouse is hosting hardcore band Sheer Terror on Halloween night; local openers are still to be announced. If that isn’t enough, As220 is having a Halloween bash and costume party as well! PVD punk hardcore band Drop Dead will be headlining the night with Backslider and Your Enemy. If you couldn’t find any plans for Halloween night, there is plenty going on in the city, so catch some of your favorite locals and get dressed up!

Oct 15: The Met — Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation, Soreption, Churchburn

Oct 23: Firehouse 13 — The Paraplegics, DNR, Rhode Kill, The Inhuminoids

Oct 24: Firehouse 13 — Afternoon Monster Mash- Lesser Life, Divided Life, Full Body Shot, Rat Trap, Boxed In, Bottomfed

Oct 24: Firehouse 13 — Darkside NYC, Scars of Deceit, Words Of Truth, Honest John, Sick Joke, Dead Skies

Oct 27: As220 — Mellow Harsher, Falter, Feedback Psychosis, Gowl, Summit Lesion

Oct 31: Simons 677 — Rambudikon; Kreepfest 2015

Oct 31: Firehouse 13 — Hardcore Halloween with Sheer Terror

Oct 31: As220 — Drop Dead, Backslider, Your Enemy

HxC: Festivals to Usher in Fall

Fall is finally here and with the changing season comes pumpkin flavored beer, corn mazes and two weekends of punk and hardcore music festivals! Although the festivals are smaller compared to some of what we see in Providence, there are over 25 bands from all over New England, New York, Pennsylvania and even Norway coming to party in the city. Starting off the month will be the annual Scurvy Dog Parking Lot Mega Show, which is an all-day, free event that takes place right in the parking lot of the Scurvy Dog. This year the event is sponsored by Dogfish Head brewery, who will have draft beer going all day and night. If that isn’t enough, there will be over a dozen bands playing throughout the afternoon and into the evening to end your Labor Day weekend on a high note.

The next annual festival is the Riotous Outburst Records 4th annual Fall Fest. Spanning three days, bands from all over will spend September’s last weekend in Providence jamming to all sorts of punk, metal and hardcore. The first day is located at As220 where the self-proclaimed grind/punk band from Pennsylvania Die Choking will headline. RI locals Cross-Armed Calculator will open the fest. The second and third days will both be held at Firehouse 13 where two New York bands will headline. Thulsa Doom and Child Abuse will tear up PVD as they bring the Fall Fest to a close. This year, Riotous Outburst Records has Gaute Granli joining the fest all the way from Norway! He will play a solo set on the third day. Also on day three’s schedule is a cookout and outdoor yard-record sale.

These two annual fests are the perfect way to bid summer goodbye and welcome the fall.

September 6 and 7: The Scurvy Dog — The Hornets, Sasquatch, The Quahogs, Louisiana Hayride, THE WORRIED, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion!, Minibeast The Viennagram, Beta Motel

September 24: As220 — Fall Fest Day 1: Die Choking (PA), Empty Vessels (CT), GRIZZLOR (CT), Aneurysm (MA), Cross-Armed Calculator (RI)

Sep 25: Firehouse 13 — Fall Fest Day 2: Thulsa Doom NYC, Funeral Cone (MA/RI), Aggressive Response (NY), Mouthbreather (CT), Monsignor Meth (RI)

September 26: Firhouse 13 — Fall Fest Day 3: Child Abuse (NYC), Gaute Granli (Norway), Psycho (Boston), davidcarradine (RI/CT), Street Feet (NY), I Eat Rocks (PVD)

HxC: Ending Summer on a Face-Melting Note

With summer coming to an end, you can almost taste the fall air slowly rolling toward Providence. And with fall comes all the best festivals in the city. Many venues are prepping for the upcoming festivities, so they’re leaving the last half of August with fewer shows than usual. But that doesn’t mean that you should take any time off from seeing shows. The post hardcore/ screamo band Pianos Become The Teeth will be playing The Met on Tuesday, August 18 with The World Is a Beautiful Place … and Turnover! It has been over a year since these bands have played PVD and it is sure to be an eventful evening.

If that genre isn’t your forte, then stop by Simon’s the weekend of August 20 where each night you will be able to hear all styles of music. On the 20th, metal will take over Simon’s with headliners Unearth and Fit For An Autopsy and a ton of great locals, including Great American Ghost, Elegy and In Depths & Tides. Only two days later, Simon’s and Rambudikon will host a day of pop punk with their Pop Rocks Music Festival. Locals Trophy Wives will headline alongside many more of PVD’s pop punk bands.

Also on August 22, Dusk will host Morpheus Descends with locals Witch King and Impenitent Thief. Firehouse 13 will hold a mostly local show on August 23 with Mis(s)Invader and Nervous System.

August 18: The Met — Pianos Become The Teeth, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Turnover, Take One Car

August 20: Simon’s 677 — Unearth, Fit For An Autopsy, Hollow Earth, Hope Before The Fall, Great American Ghost, Elegy, In Depths & Tides

August 22: Simon’s 677 — Pop Rocks Music Festival

August 23: Firehouse 13 — Mis(s)Invader, Nervous System, Polluter, Tomb and Thirst

August 22: Dusk — Morpheus Descends, Martyrvore, Witch King, Impenitent Thief

AS220’s Foo Fest Takes Over

Taking over Providence and AS220 is the 19th annual Foo Fest. Saturday, August 8, Empire Street will be turned into a summer block party with more than 12 hours of music, alternative art, performances, kid-friendly activities and plenty of food and drinks. Foo Fest highlights Providence’s creative and cultural scene, showcasing DIY technology alongside local artists and vendors. According to organizer David Dvorchak, each year Foo Fest has been evolving and incorporating more art and local talent to create the perfect blend of music and art, while showing the diversity and originality of Providence’s overall talent. A special addition to the fest is the Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire.

This year Providence will be host to more than two dozen different musical acts, each with their own original sound and style that is sure to please the taste of all Foo-goers. Headliners this year are a shoo-in to be playing the fest; Deerhoof has paved the way for many musical acts with their original take on a style of post-indie music. Their avant garde style sucks you in, not to mention their outrageous performance. Opening up for Deerhoof are the two Providence local headliners, Death Vessel and The Low Anthem. Both Providence favorites bring a unique and appealing sound to this year’s Foo Fest.

Music isn’t the only thing that Foo Fest and As220 have to offer. As220 and Providence pride themselves on being a DIY-friendly environment encouraging self expression. Throughout the day, there will be family-friendly activities, including kids crafts from City Arts, who provide an art-based education for Providence youth. The Providence Anarchist Bookfair(bb) will showcase their work in the Black Box Theatre where you can cool off with readings and presentations throughout the day. If that isn’t enough, the renowned Providence Poetry Slam will perform on the As220 Main Stage in the afternoon; get there early to catch them! Back again this year is the sought-after Providence Comics Consortium. According to Dvorchak, Foo-goers should go “outside of 95 Empire Street and ask a question, which will then be typed up and pneumatically rocketed upstairs to our professional staff who are waiting to illustrate advice for you (and pneumatically rocket it back down)!”

Food trucks and vendors will stick around for the day and evening, giving a chance for vegans, vegetarians and carnivores to grub on items from Julians Omni Bus, Like No Udder, AS220 FOO(D) and many more. Foo Fest is a non-stop party to celebrate and thank the city of Providence for all the love and support it’s given for the past 30 years.

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