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Mike Ryan

One Hell of a Film at Barnaby Castle

“Let’s throw a par- … I mean, a movie,” decided Kaitlyn Frolich, head spook at Barnaby Castle. Barnaby Castle — the grandiose, gothic mansion on Broadway in Providence that has gathered national attention at times for its ornate, baroque interior design and history dating back to the industrial revolution — including acclaim as a murder […]

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Supporting Portland: Protesters gathered in PVD Saturday night

Protesters gathered in front of the Providence Public Safety Complex on Saturday night, with law enforcement in riot gear standing a block away. One hundred and fifty mostly young people came out to protest police brutality and called to defund the police.  The rally’s original intent was to show solidarity with the city of Portland, […]

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Providence Tours go Viral: A monumental scavenger hunt

There is a lot of history hidden throughout Providence in plain sight. The memorials, monuments or statues you may encounter in your daily travels probably pass you by without you ever noticing what they stand for or where they came from. The Providence Tour Company normally would take you on a fun-filled amble through local […]

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Car Hopping: Dine-in restaurants grapple with turning to takeout

At this point, your favorite restaurant has done one of two things. Either they’ve closed for the foreseeable future, or they’ve gone to curbside/takeout/delivery. Among those offering takeout, some are working to leverage inventory they built up or had in reserve, and you can expect them to stop offering takeout in the next few weeks […]

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