Summer in the Stars: 2022

Get up early and greet the Sun as it enters the tropical sign of Cancer on Tuesday, June 21 at 5:13am EDT. It’s summer and time to soak up them sunbeams. The chart for that magical moment provides a road map for the season. The indications point to hot, dry and windy weather. Governing bodies, summit conferences and the condition and attitude of the general public are emphasized in this chart. Behind the scenes, negotiations run smoothly while the public debate rages on. 

The New Moon in Cancer on June 28 provides a respite from the heat with gentle breezes keeping us cool. Public opinion fluctuates as we feel the pinch at the gas station and supermarket. The energy of Neptune is strong at this time. Gas, oil, the oceans, booze and drugs are on Neptune’s agenda. With Mars and Pluto in the picture, the key word is explosive, whether natural, man-made or accidental: Keep your hard hat handy. 

At the Full Moon on July 13, opposition is out in the open. The aggressive and argumentative take the floor. Arguments ensue. Keep your cool and try to take the high road in all of this. A sudden downpour or some extreme weather event around this time upsets our plans. Winds, weather and earthquaky stuff impact agriculture and once again the public must deal with the fallout.

The New Moon on July 28 brings us into Leo territory. Mercury, Saturn and Uranus are in an uneasy configuration. Electrical storms, traffic accidents, shocking news and events occur around this date. Land, values and productivity suffer under Saturn’s influence. When Mars tangles with Uranus on August 1, be ready for the fireworks leading up to and beyond that date. Explosive is the keyword. Don’t run the red light. 

The Full Moon on August 11 brings in the fog, literally and figuratively. Nothing and no one is clear on any subject. Mars and Saturn square off and the energy of these two can be quite unpleasant. Fluctuation in the stock markets requires expert advice. On a personal level, you get the feeling that someone is trying to “keep you in line,” which may require restrictions placed upon you. Get clear on what is important to you and proceed from that point.

The Virgo New Moon on August 27 brings those relationship issues to the forefront once again. Here, money and values are the important points. Confrontations force us to consider how we value ourselves. Shift the energy from confrontation to conversation and the exchange of ideas. Meaningful dialogue will save the day.

At the Full Moon on September 10, Mercury turns retrograde. Mercury is the big dog at this time. In addition to ruling news and information, Mercury rules trains, boats, planes and all kinds of transportation. If you have been putting off having that conversation, put it off no longer. Be on the lookout for the “big bluff,” someone who promises more than can be delivered. Scrutinize everyone and everything. Learn all you can in order to make an informed decision. 

The summer season presents us with a mixed bag of energies. Some dates of note are July 1, August 1 and August 7. The energies build during the weeks surrounding these dates. The indications point to volatility, intensity and explosive actions and events. September 9 Mercury goes retrograde until early October: Be sure to clear your desk beforehand. 

Lunar Notes: June 2022

Aries: Jupiter and Mars in your sign bring a lot of energy. Sometimes too much. It’s easy for you to overdo these days. Remember, sit down before you fall down. If you can pace yourself, you will be able to handle all the busyness that occurs. You’re a juggler, handling many things at once. 

Taurus: Venus in Taurus until the 22nd scatters rose petals in your path. You attract people and pleasant events. Be wary of overindulgence and being tempted by the beautiful and luxurious. You are attracted to these things but your wallet will complain. Your actions create reactions you did not expect. Roll with the punches.

Gemini: With the Gemini New Moon setting the tone for the upcoming month and your ruler, Mercury, now direct, it is all systems go. Meetings, conversations and expanding your network satisfy your restless nature. You toss around ideas about your future and consult with significant others in your life. You listen to the feedback. 

Cancer: You expand your network with an eye to improving your public and professional standing. Those in authority are either benevolent or belligerent. There seems to be no middle ground. A conversation needs to take place, about work conditions or something to do with your daily routine. 

Leo: Unexpected events, while not personal, impact you and prompt you to take a look at your life’s direction. You consider shifting gears and heading into new territory. Consider your heart’s desire when contemplating your options. Let that which gives you joy lead you into the future.

Virgo: With Mercury direct you have a lot to say. People listen. While it is time to take care of business, which you do quite well, you create space to enjoy your personal, private endeavors. At times it is quite a juggling act but you do maintain the balance between your public and private life. Both are important to you at this time. 

Libra: You will need all your diplomatic skills as you navigate between the benevolent and belligerent in your life. On one hand you’re getting spiritual guidance and on the other an argument. Mid-month brings a crisis point. This is a good time to present new ideas and stave off further disagreements. 

Scorpio: You see and sense more than meets the eye. This works in your favor as you always want to get to the bottom of things. You see through the phony and fraudulent and also through those who put on a brave front and cover their fears. You are tough with the former and tender with the latter.

Sagittarius: The current Lunar cycle keeps you involved with the significant and not so significant others in your life. You’re either people pleasing or people pissing off. You’re energized in ways that prompt you to express your authentic self and you are wasting no time with people or activities that do not bring you joy. 

Capricorn: Pluto has been in your sign for the long haul and will be there until next year. Pluto’s energy is inexorable. That energy separates the wheat from the chaff. Pluto transforms and whatever is left is usually better than what was before. In the short term, you work on yourself, your health and yes, your fun.

Aquarius: You get creative; put the work-a-day world aside and enjoy convivial gatherings with those who know how to have fun. Friends, neighbors and casual encounters open you to new possibilities. Your world is expanding as are your viewpoint and ideas. Ever curious, you are up for the new and different. 

Pisces: There is a lot going on in and around your life. You may find it hard to be objective as much of this is close to home, literally and figuratively. When the outside world intrudes, be sure you are getting the message clearly. And be sure that you are expressing yourself clearly. Communication is the key. 

Lunar Notes: May 2022

May brings shifts in energy and a change of focus. The period leading up to May 10 should be a time of action as Mercury goes retrograde and Jupiter enters Aries. A Lunar Eclipse shakes things up on May 16 and Mars kicks up some dust at month’s end.

Aries: The eclipse season brings concerns about money. A little tweak to the budget should take care of your concerns. Conversations with people who share your interests keep things lively. While you are not out to win a popularity contest, your social calendar fills up. Old friends come calling and prove their worth.

Taurus: The May Lunar eclipse highlights your relationships, who you relate to and how you do that relating. You’re changing and some people like the old you and are having a tough time adjusting to the new you. Stay the course and keep on your path. These changes you are making are long overdue. 

Gemini: The focus is on what’s inside and what’s outside. Thoughts bubble up from your subconscious resulting in actions that don’t produce the results you expected. You learn from this. On the outside you are expanding your network and the connections you make now will benefit you down the line. 

Cancer: Your intuition is right on target so pay attention to what your gut is telling you. These internal messages you receive involve friends, co-workers and professional contacts. There’s a wide range of issues that you have been puzzling about and your inner guide will lead the way. 

Leo: Something ignites your suspicions. Your relationships run from the crazy and quirky to the more sober, traditional types of people. You are not about to sit back and let someone dictate your moves or try to restrict you in any way. Some serious conversation may be in order. Make yourself clear.

Virgo: Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde on May 10. Get all your ducks in row by that time. During the retro period it is a good time to contemplate, meditate and reorganize. This period is filled with news, information and all kinds of new data on your radar. Take the time to assimilate all the new info you gain.

Libra: It seems like everything in your life these days requires a negotiation of some kind. Love, money and all sorts of people require conversations and adjustments. All of this places emphasis on what it is you value, in relationships and in your life in general. Someone provides expert counseling and advice.

Scorpio: The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio impacts you in ways that are not immediately apparent. Meditation and quiet contemplation will serve you well during this period. You will soon get a strong sense of purpose; of what it is you need to do to set you on the right path. You’re serious and carefree at the same time. 

Sagittarius: New methods, new habits, new routines help in the transformation to a new you. Along the way you manage to do the things that you love. Romance is in the air if you’re so inclined. While you may still be stuck in some old routines you see the glimmer of change on the horizon.

Capricorn: The seeds of creativity have been unlocked and you are manifesting new ideas and new ways of being. You are expressing the authentic you, who you really are. This is somewhat of a surprise to those around you and to you as well. You’re feeling a sense of freedom and liberation. Go, Capricorn, go!

Aquarius: Activity on the home front runs from serious property issues to minor glitches in the appliances. You make some great social contacts in and around your immediate neighborhood. Stimulating conversation about art, music and politics inform your days. Invitations arrive by the bucketful. Try and stay organized.

Pisces: A financial windfall fattens the wallet. Don’t be tempted by expensive and luxurious items that look good but have little practical value. In a month you’ll wonder why you even considered such a purchase. You meet some exciting people on a day-to-day basis. Stay flexible as minor disruptions make scheduling difficult. 

Lunar Notes: April 2022

April promises to be a tumultuous month. As the month begins, Mars and Saturn stir the pot. Use energy wisely here. Jupiter and Neptune get into the act and we can only hope that the spiritual side is activated. Otherwise, it is all fog and mirrors. The month ends with a Solar Eclipse. Change is in the air. 

Aries: The New Moon in Aries signals change for you. Conversations with loved ones assist you when you are making plans. Your ruler, Mars, meets Saturn head-on in your house of friends, hopes and wishes. This could bring arguments with friends or some sound advice from an older and wiser colleague.

Taurus: Surprise and disruption continue to upset your routine. An authority figure or someone connected with your public life plays the heavy and causes some very public disagreements. In the middle of all this you have visions of a brighter future. Practical Taurus meets up with some mystical folk and listens to them.

Gemini: You begin to make some concrete plans for your post-pandemic future: a career move or a change in attitude when dealing with the higher-ups in your life. A long-distance trip may have to be put on hold. You keep busy with friends, loved ones and social groups you belong to. The Full Moon brings some fun times your way. 

Cancer: You become quite adept at juggling home and career, switching from the public to the private with ease. Making plans with friends for a local excursion or a long-distance trip brings new people and interests your way. An expected cash influx is delayed. This may throw a monkey wrench into your plans. 

Leo: Conversations with significant others bring up money concerns. Some of these conversations turn into arguments and there does not seem to be any reasoning with some people. Do your best to remain calm and logical. A shocking surprise comes your way from someone in your circle. The Full Moon promises to be busy for you. 

Virgo: You interact with a lot of different people during this period. Lots of conversations going on, some very pleasant, others not so pleasant. Taxes, insurance or some other tangled-up money issue requires clear thinking and reading the fine print. You’re good at that. Don’t overwork or overdo on any front. Maintain careful use of your energy.

Libra: These days it seems like you are “here” and everyone else is “over there.” No matter, you have to deal with the people in your life, whether near and dear or simply casual acquaintances. Some serious issues need discussion. A passion of yours may need to be put on hold. Remember, delays only postpone. Stay on course.

Scorpio: All the activities that bring you joy are on the table this month. You may have to deal with some serious issues on the home front before you can enjoy. Be sure to take care of business in a timely manner or else it will come back and bite you. You get creative and mystical and put insights gained to practical use.

Sagittarius: Your movements around town are restricted in some way. A car breakdown, road construction or a transit strike make for some clever maneuvers on your part. This does not upset you as much as it normally would, as you are able to work from home, and during this time you are quite willing to party on the home front.

Capricorn: With Pluto’s long sojourn through your sign you have been adjusting and readjusting your life’s foundation and those things you hold most dear. Your practical self has had some surprises and you are taking a new look at all the mystical stuff. You’re very creative and now is the time to innovate on a grand scale.

Aquarius: A busy month is in store for you. Be careful not to scatter your energies as circumstances will have you running here and there. Stay focused. Keep an eye on the budget as you’re tempted by the beautiful and expensive. Unexpected snafus with appliances and electronics blow a hole in that budget.

Pisces: Beneath the surface you are thinking about money, finances and things you hold dear. Deep thoughts. No one sees that. On the surface you initiate, are active and pleasant, attracting people and social events that keep you busy. Disruptions in your daily commute or routine require flexibility as you need to adjust. 

Lunar Notes: Spring 2022

Spring officially begins when the Sun enters tropical Aries on March 20. The horoscope for that moment contains some interesting dynamics. 

The season should start off with a bang. Venus and Mars in Aquarius engage in a not-so-nice way with Uranus in Taurus. Venus is peace, Mars is war and Uranus is anything goes. While we are focused on international conflicts, viruses, finances, inflation and other mundane stuff, Uranus sits there with the card of complete surprise up his sleeve. If you can think of it, that’s not it. Blindsided is the key word here. And prepare for the wild wind along the northeast corridor of the USA. Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces speaks of oil, gas, Big Pharma and some freakish weather. When Mars joins the party mid-to-late May things can get explosive. 

The April 1 New Moon in Aries brings on money woes with inflation and budgets on everyone’s mind. Venus says spend it; Saturn says be frugal. Transportation, school kids and overblown media messages are thrown into the pot. Rumor rules the day. The Full Moon on the 16 across the Aries/Libra axis brings the possibility of compromise and agreements, locally, internationally and on a personal level. Treaties, border disputes, deception and promising more than one can give are some of the issues brought into the open air with Jupiter and Neptune prominent at this Full Moon. In personal relationships be sure to be clear about where you stand and what you want and need in a relationship. Venus in Pisces sees all relationships through rose colored glasses believing “this is my soul mate.” Beware, we all have feet of clay. 

April 30 brings us a juicy Solar Eclipse in Taurus. The Sun and Moon in alignment with Uranus promises a time of surprise. Finances are in the forefront with emphasis on the working class. Wages, working conditions, food supplies and public health grab our attention. Here again the need is to get clear information before forming an opinion. In our everyday life we awaken to the sacredness of the normal routine. Things we take for granted take on a spiritual aura. 

On May 10 Mercury goes retrograde. You know the drill with retrograde Mercury, be ready for miscommunications, indecision and a change in plans. This is a good time to research, plan and complete projects already begun. Don’t begin anything new until Mercury goes direct on June 3. It pays to be flexible when Mercury is retrograde. On the same day Jupiter enters Aries: expect a lot of activity around this date. Something hidden moves into the light of day.

On May 16 a total Lunar Eclipse visible in all of New England occurs. With Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio, issues of power and control surface. With Mars joining Neptune expect some explosive, “earthquaky” stuff, literally or figuratively. Mercury retro in Gemini reminds us that words have power. When there is chaos around you strive for a calm center and speak with kindness and caring. You want to create healing not cause more damage. 

The New Moon on May 30 in Gemini brings a breath of fresh air. Retrograde Mercury engages in some serious talk with Pluto. Mars in Aries, with Jupiter, rattles the saber. Jupiter gives Mars a lot of confidence. Be wary of being too aggressive during this period. It can backfire on you. This is an aspect that does not encourage moderation. Venus in Taurus is strong and encourages joint efforts. This is a good time to hang with your peeps. We attract and are attracted to folks with similar interests and values. 

At the Full Moon on June 14 Mercury is at last direct. Projects and people move in forward motion. With Venus and Uranus together in Taurus expect some jolts in the stock market, food prices and diplomatic relations. In the life of us everyday folks Venus/Uranus combos can bring some exciting love relationships into our lives. Sex can be earthy, wild and kinky under this aspect, but Taurus loves stability and Uranus wants anything but. 

The season closes with the issues that concerned us at the start of Spring still playing a big role in our everyday life. While budgets and money matters are real and concrete issues that we have to deal with, it is important that we look beneath the surface. Events poke and prod us to look deeper and find out what is really important to us. What is it that you value the most? What is important in the scheme of things? Give it some serious thought, you’ll be surprised at what comes to the surface. 

Lunar Notes: March 2022

March opens with a powerful conjunction between warrior Mars and ruler of the underworld, Pluto. Although peacemaker Venus is in the mix, the dogs of war strain to be unleashed. At the end of the month, Mars squares off with Uranus, expect a big surprise. Whatever it is, you won’t see it coming.

Aries: While you’re out socializing and building your network much goes on behind the scenes with you. New ideas and plans emerge from your subconscious. You wonder where all this is coming from, but it is coming from you. Time to take a look at all of that and incorporate it into your conscious lifestyle.

Taurus: In the spotlight with new friends, job, ideas, plans and goals. The possibilities are endless. Events spur conversations, which open you to new ways of expressing yourself. Your creative juices are flowing and you are no longer stuck in the mud. Innovation rules the day.

Gemini: A change in direction, motivated by a change in your philosophy of life; you’ve been thinking deep thoughts. You develop a deeper appreciation for the intellectual and the artistic. You maintain a juggling act between the public you and the private you. A career advance is in the offing. Take a good look at it before you jump for joy.

Cancer: The New Moon brings new ideas and questions around what you share in common with others. This could entail money, values or other resources. You ask a lot of questions and the Full Moon may bring you some much-needed answers. Certainly, there will be a lot of conversation over a wide range of subjects.

Leo: You question the people you are hanging out with these days. How did they get into your life and do you want them there? Those that survive your scrutiny are worthwhile to have in your life. The other type, you won’t miss as you did not need them. Some money issues arise but nothing you can’t handle. 

Virgo: Your month starts off with some interesting conversations with the meaningful people in your life. A new relationship or an old one undergoing change are in the equation. Your daily routine requires effort on your part but hard work produces ample rewards. Conversations with authority figures prove fruitful.

Libra: Don’t let cash flow disruptions spoil your fun. Something unexpected there; you’ll survive. The fun and games continue and a relationship moves to another level. Hard to tell if one is ending or another beginning. You surprise yourself with what comes out of your mouth. Where did that come from?

Scorpio: You discover new ways to express yourself; more in tune with who and what you really are. Work and play entwine somehow and that’s ok with you. Someone in your sphere manages to shock you. Your personal space receives some attention, an uplift, remodel or simply straightening out some mess you have accumulated.

Sagittarius: While you stick to your home base you are still rocking and rolling along. Busy does not begin to describe it. You’re okay with that because these days you are a mover and a shaker. You get creative and innovative with everyday problems and snafus. Your solutions are practical and pragmatic. 

Capricorn: Someone exciting enters your world. This could be hot and sizzling but not very stable. You’re okay with that right now as you know where you stand and what you value. Relationships are not your top priority at this time. You’re more interested in ideas and conversations that keep your life moving ahead. It’s a busy time for you.

Aquarius: As the month unfolds you have Venus, Mars and Saturn in your sign. A concentration of different energies makes your life interesting. Remember Saturn will not let you get away with ignoring necessities or taking shortcuts. Venus makes you attractive, while Mars can make you aggressive. Go to the gym and/or go dancing.

Pisces: While Jupiter and Neptune, your co-rulers, are in your sign, a feeling of euphoria envelops you. Jupiter, always the optimist, and Neptune throwing up smoke and mirrors, warn you to be sure you are taking care of business. Conversations within your circle keep you on track and in touch with reality. Disruptions in your routine keep you flexible. 

Lunar Notes: February 2022

The month of February is a “moving forward” month. Mercury goes direct on Feb 3 and Venus is direct as well. For the romantically inclined, Venus and Mars running together sets off sparks. They form an exact alignment on Feb 16, a good time to get out there and socialize. 

Aries: You spend some time on inner contemplation as you decide what your next moves are. You’ve got some new goals that have you rethinking your plans for the future. January was the time to revise and review, February is the time to move forward. No big rush, take some baby steps. Friends offer great support.

Taurus: You agitate for some recognition. You have been putting a lot of effort into projects and plans and you deserve it: Don’t be shy. You’re busy at work and busy at home. The challenge is to create a healthy balance between the two. Take the time for some fun stuff: Music, dance, a museum visit to feed the soul. You need it.

Gemini: You forego your usual light and airy actions and conversations for some more serious stuff. There’s an inner dialogue going on with you as you probe deeply into your own psyche. You ask the serious questions. Conversations with a wise, sage-like type open your eyes to more possibilities. Keep those convos going. Your world opens up. 

Cancer: You question the validity and the need for some of your current relationships. You need folks in your life who share your values and sense of responsibility. A change in your alignments occurs without any effort on your part. Some people fall away while new people enter your life. The results bring some stimulating conversations.

Leo: Relationships move to the front burner. Some in your circle shock you, others bore you and some offer steady support and companionship. Attention turns to your daily routine and efforts are made to clear things up on that front so you operate more efficiently. Look for some on-the-job fun and socializing to brighten your days.

Virgo: You’ve had enough of taking care of business and are ready for some fun. When you partake of the activities that bring you joy, you become like a child with the wonder of it all. It’s not all fun and games though for you as you initiate and incorporate some new ideas and routines that make your daily life easier to manage. 

Libra: You play catch up on the home front as the recent past has kept you busy and on the go. Now is the time for you to settle in and think about what works on a deeply personal level and what keeps your foundation solid so you can rock on happily. A relationship, lover or friend from the past resurfaces. This could be interesting.

Scorpio: Life gets busy for you. February is non-stop. Some folks shock you; some folks think they are fooling you. If they are, Scorpio does not get fooled for long. You take care of business and have some serious, sober conversations. It needs to be said. This does not mean that you are not up for some fun and games: You are, enjoy!

Sagittarius: Reviewing the budget brings to mind the things that are important to you. You may eliminate some “stuff” that has cluttered up your life. You are working out what “works” for you and not what other people think is good for you. Some technical glitches or disruptions may delay you but you soldier on.

Capricorn: With Venus and Mars in your sign one minute you attract and the next minute you have to go out and get it. Mercury there as well promises that you will not be wasting words but will get to the meat of the matter right away. Things get interesting and your world opens up in unusual ways.

Aquarius: February kicks off with the New Moon in your sign. This signals new beginnings and changes you might wish to make. You begin with some serious self-examination. Schedules may be tough to maintain as unexpected disruptions seem to be the order of the day. As the month winds down, you shift gears and take action.

Pisces: Friends, acquaintances and professional contacts bring activity of all sorts into your life. Pleasant social stuff to be sure, but some encounters may be serious and have far-reaching results. Serious conversation and thought is in order. Your life becomes a bit topsy-turvy as the unexpected comes calling. 

Lunar Notes: January 2022

Aries: Usually you don’t care about your reputation, public image or standing in the community as you are fiercely independent and will go your own way no matter what. But the planetary lineup for January puts you in the public eye and these things take on added importance. Your independence wins the battle, if there is one.

Taurus: Although sure about where and what direction you are heading in, something has shifted and your desires and hopes for the future have altered as a result of that shift. A desire to break free from the usual norms has emerged. Conversations with a friend or an authority figure help to clear the way. 

Gemini: Shared views, resources and those amongst your acquaintances with whom you are simpatico spring to the fore. There may be some contentious conversations during this month. These are healthy conversations and involve things that need to be said. Express yourself freely, share your ideas and get your point across.

Cancer: Rethink that relationship, review those contracts and be on the alert for someone from the past to reemerge. An old lover, a freaky friend or long-ago co-worker are among the possibilities. No matter who or what comes along you have got your ducks in a row. Don’t ignore the urge to exercise. 

Leo: Conversations with your intimates, colleagues and various acquaintances result in a change in your routine. You’ve listened to some suggestions and tossed out others. You needed some outside input because of some sudden changes that threw you for a loop. Someone older and wiser may have some good advice.

Virgo: Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde mid-month. You will be busy getting organized before that time. After that time, you will review what you have done and make changes to streamline your life. An old flame appears or you might be reconsidering a current relationship. Things are not what you thought they’d be.

Libra: A lot of activity around your home and neighborhood keeps you hopping. You do a juggling act between work/home while trying to keep all facets and people in your life satisfied and in order. It may be time to take time for yourself. Something artsy, frivolous and joyful is in order. 

Scorpio: You enter into a busy period during January. Conversations, appointments and social engagements have you on the go all the time. Faraway places beckon you but so much is going on near home that you’ll have to be sticking around for a while. That does not mean you can’t plan and dream for that next trip.

Sagittarius: While most folks are hunkering down for the winter you are up, about and rearing to go. Mars in your sign reinforces your usual restless energy. Use that extra energy wisely. Burn off some of the excess with a foray into the great outdoors. Any exploration, whether physical, mental or spiritual, will feed your soul. 

Capricorn: The New Moon in your sign on the 2nd was like your personal New Year. You may decide to make some changes, these can be huge and ground shattering or simply small tweaks to your routine, or anywhere in between. The energy is there and you will feel it as it will lift you out of the winter doldrums whether you like it or not.

Aquarius: You vacillate between being solitary and sociable. You feel the pull of both and try to walk and maintain the balance between the two. Friends beckon with the promise of fun and adventure. Sudden upsets on the home front may prevent you from joining them. Be wary of spending too much on an item you feel you must have. 

Pisces: Jupiter, your co-ruler, now in your sign promises big things coming up. When Jupiter comes calling it is “lucky break” time. The drawback here is “to much of a good thing.” Try to avoid excess and take advantage of the spiritual awakening that Jupiter will provide. He’s bringing you the big picture. Take a look!

Lunar Notes: December 2021

December opens with a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Eclipses portend change. Mercury and Mars change signs on the 13th. Venus in Capricorn goes retrograde on the 19th and at month end Jupiter enters Pisces. These events bring shifting energies and perspectives. Actions, desires and ideas are mixed and matched. Make ready for the New Year. 

Aries: You get philosophical as the year closes out. Your belief system comes under scrutiny as you look for truth and meaning in your life. Your search raises questions, an older, wiser friend or acquaintance provides a solid sounding board for your ideas and musings. Helpful females enter. It’s all business and life’s direction at this point.

Taurus: You take a walk on the wild side finding excitement and a certain fulfillment delving into the forbidden and taboo. This may have something to do with your upbringing; a desire to break free from childhood restrictions motivates you. Money enters the picture: mine, yours, theirs. Whose money is it?

Gemini: The Solar Eclipse on the 4th opposes you. Relationships become the focal point for conversations, actions and reactions. You dig beneath the surface searching for motives and the true intentions of those around you. Those probing conversations reveal a great deal and bring to the surface undercurrents in some relationships.

Cancer: You explore the relationship between the body and the mind, and how physical health often depends on mental health. The result is, you feel better about yourself. Your working relationships, work space and daily routine improve from your inner search. Your goals in life shift as you become more confident.

Leo: You no longer want to play the game of acting in certain ways so as not to rock the boat. You express your authentic self, revealing your truth. You are not confrontational but behave in a joyful, playful manner. Relationships remain on an even keel. You and your co-workers converse, create and keep the ball rolling.

Virgo: Usually of a practical nature you experience some of the unexplainable.  Dreams, hunches and premonitions occur frequently. You like the facts, plain and simple and you are not comfortable with this type of phenomena. Relax into it and follow these mysterious prompts. Keep your eyes open and maintain your practicality. 

Libra: You think, perceive and exchange ideas, and get very excited when you engage in stimulating conversation. Your universe expands through your new ideas and research into the esoteric. On a lighter side, entertaining and revising décor on the home front relaxes you. A relationship hovers between commitment and to heck with it. 

Scorpio: As year end approaches practical matters occupy your thoughts and actions. You get your “ducks in a row” before the year turns. Your possessions, what to keep and what to dump move to the forefront as you do your year-end purge. Some lively and interesting conversations bring some sparkle into your life.

Sagittarius: December’s Solar Eclipse on the 4th signals change in your life. Your inner thoughts and feelings surface and play a role in these changes. Outside events color your decisions. What is important to you? Time to sort through your physical, mental and emotional “stuff” and dump what does not serve you any longer.

Capricorn: As usual, you say and do with less and create more. While active and talkative you develop new ideas and modes of being in silence and in solitude. This isolation works for you at this time. When you do take action be sure to gauge what the reaction will be. You could misjudge in that area. Be true to yourself. 

Aquarius: You’re a one-person community action program these days. You make change within and you want to make change without. Plans for the future, shifting goals and priorities are all part of these changes. You manage to incorporate some fun and games into your schedule doing those things that bring you joy.

Pisces: You get a sense that you are being “called” to do something. This may be life changing and earth shattering or a simple, slight altering of your direction at this time. You receive recognition for a job well done. Home and career, the public you and the private you become a balancing act with you as the master juggler. 

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At the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2021, the wheel of the year turns, ushering in the dark, cold winter months. A horoscope cast for the moment the Sun enters Tropical Capricorn sets the tone for the upcoming season. What pops out to the astrologer’s eye in this season’s chart is retrograde Venus in Capricorn snuggling up to big, bad Pluto. Both are opposed by Moon in Cancer. Pluto, with a 248-year cycle, was last in Capricorn during the American Revolution. With a “birth” chart of July 4, 1776, the USA is set to experience its first Pluto return in February 2022. This configuration in the Solstice chart sits on the USA’s natal Pluto and has great significance. We have felt Pluto’s influence throughout the last decade and will do so well into the next. Society changes when Pluto moves into play and it often takes years after the fact to figure out exactly what happened. Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 and will remain there until 2023. 

In the short term, Venus, ruler of love and money, retrograde in Capricorn speaks to women in positions of power: bankers, brokers, the financially and politically powerful. When retrograde Venus joins the Sun on January 9, it is a potent moment and a time to plant Venusian seeds. Manifestation of our desires and our ability to communicate receive an assist from the practical nature of Capricorn. 

The Moon represents home, the nurturing parent, and in world affairs, the people of a nation. In a configuration with the USA’s natal Mercury, we can expect the voice of the people to be heard. In Cancer, emotions will sometimes outweigh logic.

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 2, 2022 signals a time for the collective to sober up and get down to business. Jupiter’s move into Pisces at the end of December does not offer much hope in the realm of sobriety. With a 12-year cycle, Jupiter changing signs is a significant shift in the energies. While Jupiter is in Pisces, we often feel we have a direct line to the divine. This is all well and good, but this combination often produces the proverbial rose-colored glasses. It is important to see what is really happening, not what we wish to happen. Mercury, ruler of our thought processes, has moved into Aquarius at this time. Mercury likes it here. Ideas, intellect and logic are the perfect antidote to jumbo Jupiter rolling around in the misty, murky realm of Pisces. 

The Full Moon on Jan 17 across the Cancer/Capricorn axis kicks up the dust in the USA chart. An echo from the time of the Solstice hits the airwaves. Mercury retrograde warns us not to believe without questioning. Check it all out, wait until the dust settles before making any decisions. During Mercury retrograde periods it pays to be flexible. Schedules go awry, delays occur for weird reasons, snafus and snags rule the day.

The New Moon in February in Aquarius brings a clash between the cautious and the reckless. Mercury, turning direct on the 4th brings some clarity to any situations we find ourselves in. Something different and unusual is on the horizon. Could be weather related or simply some shocking news that results in a public outcry. 

At Full Moon time on February 16, Venus and Mars are cuddling up in Capricorn. Venus rules love, money and our desires. Mars rules our actions and our sex drive. This combo is not looking for a one-night fling. The energy favors a long-term relationship. Capricorn constructs may be slow to start but they are built to last. The sex will be just fine, Capricorn is an earth sign and gets into those earthly activities. 

The Pisces New Moon on March 2 sets the stage for the month. We can expect some real zingers on the national and international front. There are so many potent and prevalent energies in this chart that it is difficult to pinpoint. Health, courts and legal issues, broken faith and contracts are among the many issues that face us. Events that occur now may have far reaching effects that we may not be aware of in the near future. On a personal level, relationships move to the forefront. Be wary of issues of power and control in any relationship. Ideally a relationship should be among equals. Everybody has a voice and should be heard.

The season closes out with the Full Moon on March 18. Venus and Mars are still running together. Now they have moved into Aquarius where relationships have a different feel to them. Unlike sober Capricorn, Aquarius is always ready for a walk on the wild side. In Aquarius, first and foremost is friendship. If a relationship moves into the kissy-huggy kind, all well and good. But they always start out as friends. And if it doesn’t last, they remain friends. Not a bad deal.

This season we will feel some subterranean rumblings. There’re big changes afoot. We may not be aware of the significance of events as they occur. As the season rocks and rolls along it is wise to remember what is in your control and what is not. The trick is to recognize the difference. Saturn, ruler of the winter season, governs what you can see, feel and touch. Dealing with concrete realities is the order of the day. And don’t forget the promise of Spring.