Lunar Notes

Aries: You segue from an “all about me” to a more collaborative stance. This does not mean you give up your independence or that “me first” attitude, but you do look for folks with whom you share some common ground. Any group efforts are not without their vigorous discussions. You speak your mind because you have a lot of ideas.

Taurus: Your preference for quiet contemplation fades away as you shift into a more active, social mode. By mid-month, your schedule is filled with the pleasant and pleasurable. You enjoy popularity, social events and helpful people. At month-end some relationship issues surface. Who do you want in your life?

Gemini: A busy and active period finds you connecting with new friends, old friends and connections that further your ambitions. You are ambitious these days and feel quite comfortable putting yourself forward. At times you can be quite aggressive. No harm in that, but it is not your usual style.  Do what feels right for you.  

Cancer: This is a month of shifting priorities for you. You make an effort to amp up your connections, expanding your network of personal friends and professional associates. By Full Moon time at month-end, you are into fun, games and all the stuff that you really enjoy doing. You’re looking for common ground from those around you.

Leo: You spend a lot of time planning and thinking about the big picture of your life. You are not focusing on the details — you are thinking about the big picture. Mid to late month you step out and take action. You are in full networking mode. You see that your connections will help you move along.  You make a good impression.

Virgo: Your daily routine is a mix of fun stuff and serious business. It’s a juggling act you are performing here. You perform your responsibilities while being open to new ideas and expansion of your day-to-day existence.  You take action and get noticed. Use your verbal skills and quick thinking to score some points. 

Libra: The New Moon sparks a new beginning in relationship matters.  Could be a new relationship or a change in an existing relationship. Some of this could be internal to you — what you want in a relationship and how you relate. You find you prefer those who share your interests and values, and you won’t mess around with those who don’t.

Scorpio: Lots of stuff going on internally and beneath the surface.  Something or someone emerges from the past. You’re okay with it all, but it does require some conversation and interaction. Full Moon on the 26th finds you speaking your mind and not caring what folks think. Get your thoughts and feelings out there. Be gentle.

Sagittarius: Finding new ways to express yourself occupies your time these days. You get creative and a little out there, but you soon settle into it as all this new you stuff becomes part of your routine. Conversation with those in your life require time and energy. You need to have them and are not shy about speaking your mind.

Capricorn: Big reevaluation time for you. You’re thinking deep stuff. Values, friends and point of view all come under scrutiny. You blend the past, present and future possibilities into your personal way to move forward. Full Moon on the 26th brings it all into focus. Something sparks your creative urge. Follow that urge. 

Aquarius: New ideas surface and aid you in dealing with authority figures, siblings and other folks in your life. You are becoming quite the authority figure yourself. You pull things from your past to set you up for the future.  You’ve got big ideas, but remain grounded in reality, dreaming big while remaining functioning. Good work. 

Pisces: While you may seem spaced out and dreamy, you are actually probing your inner most self and coming up with some profound truths.  These truths may be important to only you. But that is alright. By month-end you will be able to express these thoughts and ideas in a way that will impact those around you.  

Lunar Notes

Spring arrives on the 20th, bringing with it more hope and optimism than the season usually brings. Jupiter is on the horizon in the spring chart, beefing up that optimism with a promise of more good things to come. The month of March is not without its surprises, so be prepared to adjust your stance and alter your course. 

Aries: Some relationships feel like they need a do-over. You need to think about this for a while. When spring arrives on the 20th you may feel different. In the meantime, it does not hurt to have a conversation. At month end, the Full Moon hits your relationship buttons. Could be time to take action. 

Taurus: You work on making new connections and improving your relationships with those you work and play with. This is a good time to visualize what you want for your future. Dream big and think about manifestation, making your dream a reality. You have some new ideas about making and managing money.

Gemini: Mars, the planet of action and energy enters Gemini at the beginning of the month and gets you moving and motivated. Action centers around your professional life, then shifts into the topics and activities that you most enjoy. You’re able to manage both work and play, accomplishing a lot and having fun while you’re at it.

Cancer: As the month unfolds, you garner some favorable reviews. You present well and look good to those who matter. While success in your public life is fantastic, you also want to have harmony on the home front.  You work at that and things are on an even keel there. Friends surprise you with some unusual behavior.

Leo: A period of consultations and conversations ensues, keeping your brain busy for the month of March. Some of these encounters broaden your outlook while others seem to want to put you in a box. A wise one gives good advice. A rambunctious friend becomes articulate and also offers good advice.

Virgo: You initiate a conversation or take an action that leads to a closer relationship with someone in your arena. This could be romantic, but mostly it is interesting and intellectually stimulating. Work space and daily routine get a going over as you organize, eliminate and expand all at once.

Libra: You begin the month with your nose to the grindstone, clearing off your desk and completing necessary tasks. You act on your ideas. As spring arrives, your focus shifts. The Full Moon at month-end shines upon you.  Relationships are highlighted as you shine so much you attract people to you.

Scorpio: You search for people and activities that bring you joy. You’re in the having-fun mode. As the month progresses, you shift your focus to more mundane and everyday tasks. Something pushes your subconscious button, triggering an inner probe on your part. You look deep to discover what is bugging you.

Sagittarius: Lots of action/interaction on the home front and in the neighborhood. You connect with people while carrying out your daily routine. Someone has a lot to say; some of it might be worth listening to.  Don’t get angry. Let that person blow off some steam, then have a decent conversation. 

Capricorn: On one hand, you are serious and sober, on the other, you are wild and crazy. You bounce from one to the other. That is just how things are for you these days. Not to worry; you need both aspects of yourself at this time  You bubble over with ideas that come to fruition at month-end.

Aquarius: You are juggling the two biggies in your sign. Jupiter, who says go, go, go, and Saturn, who says stop, stop, stop. Somewhere in there you must find the right balance. Jupiter opens your mind and expands your universe. Saturn keeps your feet on the ground. You need them both.  Month-end brings fresh ideas. 

Pisces: New Moon in your sign on the 13th signals a new beginning. This is a creative time for you and also speaks to romance and other light-hearted pursuits. You are the one with all the action. You are motivated and take steps to get what you want. Some money issues lurk at month-end. Put your thinking cap on. All is well. 

Spring in the Stars: Will the planets align in our favor this season?

Spring’s arrival on March 20 brings more than the usual hopeful optimism that is typical of the season. Jupiter rising in the Equinox chart highlights trust — trust that all will be well. Hopefully that optimism will last because we have a few bumps in the road ahead. Mars, the planet of action, arguments and athleticism, makes its presence felt. Saturn and Uranus in aspect throughout the season create conflict between the traditional and the avant-garde. A Lunar and Solar Eclipse along with a Mercury retrograde period signals a period of ups and downs and all arounds.

The first Full Moon after the Equinox on March 28 has the Moon in relationships-oriented Libra opposing Venus in “go it alone” Aries. Venus in Aries can be a pioneer of sorts. Fiercely independent here could mean a breakup of some sorts. On the upside, it can signal a relationship that takes one into new territory. 

In the first week of April leading up to the New Moon on April 11, Mars, the mixer-upper, squares off with Neptune. Mars rules, among other things, fever while Neptune rules strange viruses. While pandemic is on our mind and yes, there is a strong possibility for a spike in cases, new variants, etc., this combination can indicate other explosive activity. Neptune has dominion over the oceans, natural gas, oil refineries and pharmaceuticals.  Mars is action and can light a match in the middle of a volatile situation.  

The Full Moon of April 26 finds Sun in Taurus opposing Moon in Scorpio and both of them tied up with the great awakener Uranus, which, in turn, pulls sober Saturn into the picture. It is a mix of disparate energies that can shake up society and individuals on multiple levels. Social, political and economic issues are all thrown into the mix. The headlines will reflect this jumble of energy. Relationships, mutual agreements and home décor/repairs receive a jolt and require some expenditure of energy. 

The New Moon on May 11 puts both Sun and Moon in Taurus. The energy is slow and steady. Taurus is known for loyalty and has the ability to stick it out. This lunation warns us not to get stuck in a rut. If change is in the air, give it a good look and modify those changes to suit you personally. Jupiter poised to move into Pisces on the 13th signals a major shift. Jupiter rules Pisces and here, that trust signaled at the start of the season, becomes faith.  Jupiter in Pisces accentuates our spirituality and belief systems. With Neptune, co-ruler of Pisces in that sign, these energies become more important. With this combination, be sure to take off your rose-colored glasses. Deception is easy and the wise ones put on their skeptic’s hat.  

The Full Moon on May 26 ushers in the eclipse season with a Lunar Eclipse along the Gemini/Sagittarius. Here Mercury slows down, getting ready to retrograde on the 29th. Get papers signed and deals made before that time.  Eclipses signal change. Gemini and Sagittarius signs are mutable and like information. With Gemini, it is the normal, everyday back and forth of ideas and info. Sagittarius digs into those weighty tomes and pontificates upon weighty subjects. Philosophy, religion and law all fall under the Archer’s arrow. News of legal matters and legislation captures our attention.

Before the New Moon, Solar Eclipse on June 10, Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This is a time when the shit hits the fan. At the Solar Eclipse, Neptune is at the top of the chart. The upside of this, we’re talking to God. The downside, we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Remember, Mercury is retrograde, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.   

The last major aspect before the season changes is between Saturn and Uranus. These two have been in play all season, but become exact on June 14. This is the energy that brought us the assault on the Capitol. While Uranus can be a game changer in a positive sense, the planet is really at home in the land of chaos. Saturn wants order and conformity — two very different energies in a combative stance. Events now will try our faith.  

Jupiter starts us off during this spring with faith, hope and optimism.  Hopefully its good qualities will carry us through. 

Red Flags

The warning signs for domestic abuse are myriad and not always obvious. We’ve listed a few of the red flags you should watch out for. And remember: domestic abuse isn’t always violent — it’s about controlling and manipulating the mind and emotions of a partner.

  • Hypercriticism – you never do anything right 
  • Physical abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Humiliation – shames and insults you, especially in front of other people
  • Controlling behavior
  • Extreme jealousy of friends and time spent away from the abuser
  • Blaming others and you for all their problems
  • Isolation – prevents you from spending time with friends and family
  • Intimidating behavior, especially using guns and knives 
  • Restricts use of car and controls money
  • Makes decisions without consulting you
  • Pressures or forces you into unwanted sex acts
  • Sharp mood swings
  • Throws things and/or punches walls when angry
  • Restricts your movements 

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, reach out for help by contacting the RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence (, the Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center (, Sojourner House (, the Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center ( or the Women’s Center of RI (

Lunar Notes

February opens with a third Quarter Moon with Moon in intense, emotional Scorpio squaring off with the Sun in the intellectual, freedom-loving sign of Aquarius. The question is: Do we lead with the heart or the head? Mercury is retrograde and will be so all month. Beware of false rumors and be ready for disruptions in your schedule. Venus, in Aquarius, falls in love with a friend.

Aries: Pandemics and lockdowns present no hindrance to your extensive networking and maintenance of your many connections with friends. In some ways, this is a new day for you. You visualize and work on manifestation of your hopes, dreams and wishes. Sudden changes in money and the budget throw you for a loop.

Taurus: You focus upon your reputation, standing in the community and your public persona. You behave in a manner that is unusual for you. Your usual rock-steady attitude receives a shakeup. This results in some uneasy conversations within personal relationships. You’re undergoing change.  Others try to adjust.

Gemini: You dig deep into some heavy issues, no longer satisfied with merely skimming the surface. Your mind wanders far and away, evoking big dreams and profound truths. Something is bubbling up to the surface from your subconscious. Right now it is illusive, but soon it will solidify.  New ideas blossom. 

Cancer: No matter what goes on these days, it always seems to involve someone else. No chance for you to go it alone, as some issues are complex and tangled up with the significant others in your life. An unusual and quirky friend provides some comic relief. Their unexpected actions bring a smile to your face.

Leo: Relationship issues fall under review during this period. This includes business, professional and personal relationships. Seems like everyone is piling on at the same time. Step back and remain cool. Deal with each one as they surface. Some authority figures behave in a shocking manner.  Stand up for yourself.

Virgo: What you considered your own little world has been expanding to encompass realms you never dreamed of. There’s a bit of fantasy in your life now, but that does not prevent you from keeping your feet firmly on the ground. You discover that some of your routine is not so routine after all.  Review your daily process and improve it.

Libra: Joyful activities warm your heart. Your creative juices are flowing and you are socially active. Love involving romantic interests, as well as children in your life, brings you more joy. A romance may move to the next level. Money matters emerge that are surprising and upsetting.  

Scorpio: You hang tough, keeping to the home front or at least close to home. There is a lot going on. Something from the past emerges and needs to be dealt with. A relationship involves some unexpected behavior. This person’s actions shock you. It is not anything you can’t deal with. The question is: Do you want to?

Sagittarius: Active and busy, you don’t have much time for quiet contemplation. That’s not your cup of tea anyway. Your small world is opening up and you begin to see the big picture. You have some serious, but fascinating, conversations that spark some new ideas within. You get innovative when it comes to work routines.

Capricorn: Money, budgets and the things that you value most are up for review. You have money, but it needs to go toward the practical and useful.  You may not want to do that as you are attracted to the artistic and beautiful at this time. To lighten things up, an exciting person sparks your passion. A fun person, but a bit unreliable.

Aquarius: With all the planets lined up in your sign during this period, it is time to rock and roll. You may not feel like doing that, but there are signs of expansion of the mind and spirit along with the necessary discipline to manifest your dreams. Unexpected glitches with household appliances keep things lively at home.

Pisces: You seem to others as if you are in dream land. You’re not, but you are into some deep contemplation and self-reflection. It is good to do this extensive self examination at this time. You are able to come up with solutions to everyday problems and to move on with your life. Expect disruptions in your routine. 

Lunar Notes

January started off with a bang and things probably won’t settle down any time soon. Inauguration day on the 20th coincides with the First Quarter Moon. Quarter Moons are times of action. At this one, Mars and Uranus are exactly conjunct. We already felt the vibe of this duo on the 6th, and on the 20th it is stronger. Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th. Get all important paper work done before then.  

Aries: The focus shifts to your public persona, your standing in the community and your reputation. This is a great time to make connections and expand your network. Some surprises come your way that will affect your budgeting. A little self-healing is going on here as you begin to engage in those activities you truly enjoy. 

Taurus: Change, disruption and interruptions prevent any attempt to maintain a schedule. Your career and public image are at the top of your list these days. A long-term goal may be within your reach. This close, you may decide this is not what you want. An intuitive friend offers counseling and some spiritual guidance. 

Gemini: New ideas roll around in your head as you discover some folks who share the same values as you. Discussions with these people spark your intellectual curiosity and send you on a journey of discovery. Your ruler, Mercury, retrogrades at month end. This ushers in a good time to read and digest all that you have learned. 

Cancer: Partners, friendships and other relationships fall under the microscope during this period. Money, shared resources and values dominate discussions. Some crazy and argumentative friends shock you and cause you to react in a way that might not be productive. Try to be a healer in these volatile situations. 

Leo: Career, routine and relationships receive jolts and unexpected developments. Some folks are interested in power and control. Beware of obsessions and the obsessive. Events beyond your control shake up your world. They may create difficulties now, but further down the line the results will be beneficial.

Virgo: You’re serious about getting tidy and organized. For you that is really saying something as you are normally in that groove. But these days there is a heightened awareness about the proper order of things. Someone brings out your passionate side. Oh yes, earthy Virgo can be quite passionate. Be on the alert for the controlling one. 

Libra: Activities that you love and bring you joy dominate during this period. This is a time for you to get creative, with your life, your relationships and your “space.” Love and romance are in the air. Someone quirky and passionate is on the horizon. This is a good time to begin a creative project that requires discipline and inspiration. 

Scorpio: You begin this period like a hibernating bear, staying close to home and keeping a low profile. There is plenty to do on the home front.  Some of it is work, some is play. Lots of conversation going on. By month end you are ready to head out into the public and get noticed. Someone surprises you with their unexpected, quirky actions.

Sagittarius: While the world is hunkering down for the winter, you are on the go, busy, making calls, driving, talking and exchanging ideas. Your schedule is busy and you have trouble keeping up with it all. Someone on the work front gets aggressive, argumentative and seemingly unreasonable. Remain calm and chill.  

Capricorn: Venus in your sign during this period lightens things up a bit during the gloomy winter. Not enough to ease your concerns about money and your budget. Your usual practicality comes in handy as you figure out how to deal with any shortfalls. Capricorns are really creative and that creativity gets a boost during this period. Use it!

Aquarius: With Jupiter and Saturn, that rare conjunction, in your sign it is truly a new beginning, a new cycle for you. A new seed has been planted in your psyche and may take time to manifest. In the meantime, you concentrate on you. Who you are and what you want to do. Change on the home front reflects the changes within.  

Pisces: Your daily life, routine and immediate surroundings continue to have disruption, interruption and unexpected monkey wrenches upsetting everything. While this is going on outside, a lot is going on inside. Some serious self examination occurs that will set you on a new course in the months to come. Listen to your heart. 

Lunar Notes

December is cosmically busy with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all changing signs. These changes suggest a change in attitude, ideas and desires. While Sun, Mercury and Venus, in a sign for a month or so, have an impact on our day-to-day activities, Jupiter, in a sign for a year, and Saturn, for two and a half years, bring into our lives an awareness, an energy that takes time to emerge and articulate. In December we plant the seed.

Aries: This month when you speak out you will be heard. This is a good time for you to speak out loud, giving vent to your ideas. As you speak you will clarify your inner thoughts. This is a good thing for you as you are formulating plans for the future. You find that your goals are changing.  New ideas and philosophies enter your consciousness. 

Taurus: There is a lot going on beneath the surface and behind the scenes with you. You are brainstorming, tossing around ideas and new modes of action. A shift in career or direction in life floats across your radar. Give this process time to solidify and gel. Things may look different come mid-January. Not to worry, forward motion is in the air. 

Gemini: You are cleaning up the debris, the fallout and the tangled threads of your relationships. Not all are complicated. Some are simple, but you have definitely decided that there are certain things you want and need from the folks around you. You are acting on your hopes and wishes for the future. Try and keep it friendly.

Cancer: As new thoughts and ideas float around in your consciousness, you begin to implement the new and novel in your life. Relationships and conversation assist you in bringing to the surface what has been rolling around in your inner being for a while. Unusual friends and excitement on the social scene liven your days. 

Leo: Your creative juices are flowing. You use your time wisely doing some of the things that bring you joy. You socialize within your circle and appreciate those around you who provide you with inspiration. Events beyond your control create an opening and a shift in your direction.  Upsetting, but not a disaster. Relax. 

Virgo: You manage restriction and isolation well. By putting your thinking cap on, you maintain social interaction and contact in a safe and sane manner. You spend time beautifying your surroundings. Friends do take on a more important role in your life. They do bring you joy and you begin to appreciate them more. 

Libra: You use this time to stretch your creativity. Writing, painting or merely making things beautiful and pleasing to the eye. There are some folks sowing discord in your life. You have about had it with this type of energy and are ready to give them the boot. Being fair-minded, you may opt for a conversation before you lower the boom. 

Scorpio: While all is shutdown, lockdown you shifts into busy mode.  Whether remotely or personally, at a safe social distance, you are engaged in meetings, conversation and exchange of ideas and facts. An undercurrent through it all is your deep consideration of the important things in your life. You are finding what truly matters to you.

Sagittarius: Down time and restrictions do not hinder you when it comes to social interactions. You figure a way to engage socially that is smart and safe. Lots of ideas are moving around in your head and you get innovative when it comes to your daily work routine. Month-end brings a close look at finances. 

Capricorn: Professional and personal relationships transition. Some are on track to deepen and strengthen, while others fall by the wayside. You’re OK with it all. Pressure lifts mid-month when Saturn moves into Aquarius bringing some relief from heavy duties and responsibilities. You feel free to speak your mind.  

Aquarius: When Saturn and Jupiter make their Grand Conjunction at the Winter Solstice, there is a push/pull energy around you. A tension between expansion and contraction. On one level you have gotten rid of a lot of “garbage” and are ready to move on, but on another level, you want to be sure of your steps. Careful steps are the key. 

Pisces: You indulge in a lot of thought about what you want, where you’re going and what will serve you best. The New Moon on the 14th signals a change in direction. You begin to take action around the Winter Solstice, and by month end, you figure out your heart’s desire. With startling news and discoveries, you re-work your plans. 

Winter in the Stars: What does astrology say the season holds for us?

This year on December 21, 2020, the Sun enters Capricorn and winter begins with a bang. Tough guy Mars squaring off with the great destroyer Pluto sends an ugly signal highlighting strength, power, greed and obsession. Pluto can transform, but he often does it with a wrecking ball. At this Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn form their all-important conjunction. 

For centuries, this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, often referred to as the Great Conjunction or Great Chronocrator, has been a reliable indicator of economic, social and political trends. This 20-year cycle is a cycle within a cycle. For approximately 200 years, the conjunction between these planets occurs in the same element, Earth, Air, Water or Fire. When this cycle changes elements, it is called the Great Mutation. For the past 200 years, these Great Conjunctions have occurred in the element of Earth. The Earth emphasis is on the material: property, the production of goods and physical boundaries. At the solstice, when they meet again, it will be in the Air sign Aquarius. The change of elements from Earth to Air heralds a huge societal shift. We may not see what it means when it happens, but change is in store. The element of Air, and especially Aquarius, places emphasis on the collective, collaborative efforts, ancient wisdom. Personhood replaces Brotherhood. Science and abstract ideas float through the atmosphere. 

The Full Moon on December 29, 2020, has Venus tangled up with Neptune creating an alluring illusion. Escapism leads the parade, bringing fun stuff and viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, especially in the areas of love and money. If you are not in church on your knees or searching for the Holy Grail, Neptune will lead you down the primrose path. Beware of drugs and alcohol; they’ll sneak up on you during this time.  

Our feet are on the ground at the New Moon of January 13, 2021, with Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn prefers careful money management. In love, Venus here is slow to start romantically, but in the long run can bring a lasting relationship.  

The First Quarter Moon on January 20, 2021, falls on Inauguration Day.  Mars is up to no good. He joins forces with Uranus. Uranus is the great awakener, the big game changer. These two together can signal violence, upsets and explosive action; volcanic and earthquaky types of things. It’s not pretty. Looking at things differently, Uranus rules the latest technology while Mars rules fevers, inflammation, and the old timey ague. A scientific breakthrough is possible. No matter how you shake it, look for the unusual on this Inauguration Day 

The Full Moon on January 28, 2021, tells us we are not out of the woods yet.  The death rate, finances and debt dominate the news cycle. Venus with Pluto warns us not to become obsessed. Know when to let go.  

The New Moon on February 11, 2021, continues the emphasis on debt, finance, etc. At this time, fickle Venus has moved along into Aquarius and now snuggles up to Jupiter. Venus in Aquarius wants to be friends, first and foremost. Before, during and after any love affair or romance, she wants to be and to remain friends. Hanging out with Jupiter she has no problem spending money. Whether she has it or not. Spend, spend, spend. We may find Congress doing the same. 

After all that spending the “Budget” rears its pesky little head when the February 27, 2021, Full Moon rolls around. Venus has wandered off into Pisces where she doesn’t care about money or art, she’s looking for her soul mate and she’s sure she found him. Someone needs to open her eyes. Mars is now making nice-nice with Pluto, so perhaps some of those tough money, tax and insurance issues can be resolved. 

A new attitude prevails at the New Moon on March 13, 2021. The emphasis on Pisces prompts us to charity, spirituality and oh yes, escapism. Be very careful with news and information, check the sources, read and listen to all viewpoints. It is easy to get bamboozled with the energy that is around during this period. Public opinion ricochets from one point of view to another. Traffic, transportation and students add to the noise. Do your research. 

The Winter Solstice chart indicates a time of finishing up, carrying out some final tasks before being able to move forward. Often, when we move from one phase to another, the road gets a bit bumpy. Stand your ground with an open heart.  

Trump Eclipsed: Strange happenings in the sky when the electoral votes are certified

All will agree that this 2020 election is one for the books. And it is not over yet. For all of us, it has been a lesson in civics. Although the media usually calls the election on election night, it is not official until the states certify that election. States have different dates by which they have to certify according to the laws of that state.  Most states have to certify by mid to late November. California has until December 11. Then the Electoral College votes. The Electoral College meets on the “first Monday after the second Wednesday in December.” This year that is December 14. Then on January 6, Congress meets in joint session where the President of the Senate opens and certifies the electoral votes.  

There is a Lunar Eclipse on November 30 and a Solar Eclipse on December 14. These are significant dates in the process and they impact the natal chart of Donald Trump. 

In astrology, eclipses are strong indicators of change. The degree of any particular eclipse reacts to planetary transits to that degree. In essence, eclipse degrees remain “hot” for months, and even years.

Donald Trump was born at a Lunar Eclipse. That eclipse occurred at 23 degrees across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. This is a “hot” degree for Trump. 

As you delve deeper into astrological lore, the pre-natal eclipse, the closest eclipse that occurs before you were born, can play a significant role in the individual’s life. That degree remains “hot” throughout the individual’s life.

Donald Trump’s pre-natal Solar Eclipse occurred a few weeks before he was born at 8 degrees Gemini.  

On November 30, 2020, around the time when most states have certified their election, there is a Lunar Eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. This is the degree of Trump’s prenatal eclipse. In addition, the big three — Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn — are stirring up the pot, opposing Trump’s Venus and Saturn. Pluto in particular is in very close opposition to Trump’s Saturn. Saturn is about structure; form and one’s standing in society. Pluto brings into play the issues of power and control. Pluto can bring you to great heights and to great depths.  

On December 14, 2020, when the Electoral College meets, there is a Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. This eclipse degree is the degree of the Lunar Eclipse at Trump’s birth. At this time, Pluto has only moved minutes from its position a few weeks before. So not much has changed.  

The weeks between the Electoral College vote and the Joint Session of Congress are cosmically busy. The Winter Solstice, the celestial marker of the new year, occurs. At this solstice, the 20-year cycle of Saturn and Jupiter begins anew. For centuries, this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, often referred to as the Great Conjunction or Great Chronocrator, has been a reliable indicator of economic, social and political trends. This 20-year cycle is a cycle within a cycle. For approximately 200 years the conjunction between these planets occurs in the same element, Earth, Air, Water or Fire. When this cycle changes elements, it is called the Great Mutation. For the past 200 years these Great Conjunctions have occurred in the element of Earth. The Earth emphasis is on the material. Property, the production of goods and physical boundaries. At the solstice, when they meet again, it will be in the Air sign Aquarius. The change of elements from Earth to Air heralds a huge societal shift. A conjunction is a seed planted. We may not see what it means when it happens, but change is in store. The element of Air and especially Aquarius places emphasis on the collective, collaborative efforts, ancient wisdom. Personhood replaces Brotherhood. Science and abstract ideas float through the atmosphere. Change in element signifies a change in leadership. Here we are focused on the Presidential election, but this change in leadership extends throughout society. As our ideals shift, so will our choices change as we seek different types of leaders (keep your eye on 2024).  

For Trump, at this Grand Conjunction, Pluto has still not left the building. Pluto is persistent and will continue to knock on your door until you answer. Here he is knocking on Trump’s Saturn. Saturn says walk the straight and narrow, conform, follow the rules and obey the law. When Pluto and Saturn are together, the path is not easy.

The final reckoning comes when Congress finally meets in Joint Session on January 6, 2021. The slower moving planets are still exerting pressure and stress on Trump’s natal planets. Mars, the planet of action, makes a very sweet and positive connection to Trump’s Ascendant. Mars is a driving force. Here Mars is at the very last degree, indeed the last minutes of Aries.  While this is a “good” aspect, a planet in the final degree of a sign is considered weak and signifies the end of a cycle.   

The session opens at 1pm. Saturn in the sky at that moment is given pride of place. Sitting high in the sky, posited at home base, the 10th house, Saturn has all the “dignity.” What this means is Saturn has all the power, the strongest energy exerted. The Saturn traditions of order, structure and tradition hold sway. Up there with him is the planet Mercury, in no-nonsense Capricorn. Mercury, in the sign that Saturn rules, is the vote. This position reinforces the Saturnian principles. The Moon, ruling the public, is in Libra. Libra is the sign of balance and negotiation and is the peacemaker. In a combative stance with Mercury, Moon in Libra pushes for fairness and justice.  

Trump, with his natal Mars on the Ascendant, is a fighter and he will fight to the bitter end. As Trump is also a man full of surprises, expect some behind-the-scenes shenanigans in order to influence the outcome. Nancy Pelosi, an Aries with a Scorpio Moon, will have something to say about that.  With the strength of Saturn throughout the proceedings, it’s a safe bet that when all is said and done, tradition wins.    

Lunar Notes

November will prove to be a busy month with some planets changing direction while others are joining forces, creating pockets of energy that will have an impact on the course of events. When Mercury moves from retrograde to direct motion on Election Day, be prepared for information to emerge that corrects any misconceptions. Expect action mid-month when Mars goes direct and Jupiter bonds with Pluto. Politics, public health and shifting tides alter our opinions. Hang on tight! 

Aries: Your feelings of being held back and boxed in dissipate mid-month when your ruler, Mars, turns direct. The New Moon on the 15th may send some money your way. Relationships require you to be assertive but diplomatic. Someone crosses your radar that sparks your interest. With careful planning, you can expand your horizons.

Taurus: Relationships improve with co-workers and the more personal type. You have been discovering hidden aspects within, and you are eager to talk about them. Be sure to think before you act as your actions may not have the results that you expect. While your dreams of the future may seem wild, they do help you to plan in a practical manner. 

Gemini: Something about your work day, job, grand career plans percolates and bubbles to the surface. Things may have to remain in the planning stages for the time being due to circumstances beyond your control. Not to worry, you are laying the ground work for future endeavors. A friend encourages you to act boldly. 

Cancer: Your stay-at-home comfort zone isn’t working for you these days and you look to get up and get out. Do so before the long winter begins.  You feel the need to do the things that bring you joy. And you get out there and do those things. Some folks encourage you while others want to keep you down. Do what your heart tells you.

Leo: You work from your home base, organizing and innovating as you go along. Something very public and unexpected shifts your view for the future. Month end brings a real desire for change in your life and plans.  Money that you were expecting, perhaps from insurance or tax refund, seems to disappear. Keep moving.

Virgo: A crowded schedule keeps you on the go. You are torn between duty and fun. With careful planning, you can have both. Your ruler, Mercury, is now in direct motion and your inner thoughts and ideas can now be brought to fruition. Your efforts bring forth your creativity, and that creativity gets you through the tough stuff.

Libra: The emphasis is upon you and your personal style. You hold your own against those who oppose you. While they crank up their opposition, you bounce back with facts, tact and persistence. Mid-month, New Moon time, the energy shifts and you examine your personal values. What’s important in the scheme of things?

Scorpio: The New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th signals a new day for you. It is like your personal new moon, so capture that energy. Sit and soak up the vibes on that day and wait for the message, the urge and the inspiration that comes along. Your ideas are deep and profound. Some require work to bring to life. You can do it!

Sagittarius: You focus on your inner life as introspection becomes part of your daily routine. You are doing some deep thinking about money, values, what matters and what does not. There’s a big transformation going on that will take more than a day, week or month. Take these new ideas as they come to you. No worries. 

Capricorn: This has been a Capricorn year, some of it difficult but with positive and constructive results. Through your connections and friends, you see opportunity to head in a new direction. You have gained a lot of insight and wisdom over time; use it to plan your next steps. Get ready for some excitement to spark your days. 

Aquarius: While the world has been placed on isolation and restriction, you have put this time to good use. This year is a preparation year for you.  You are cleaning the cobwebs of the mind out and getting ready for a fresh start. You are almost, but not quite, there yet. You can feel the winds of change. No fears, you’re ready. 

Pisces: Things clear up mentally and emotionally for you. As you begin to think clearly, you see how you have been limiting yourself. Awareness of the big, wide world brings you to a change in direction. Think and plan and be ready when the world opens up. In relationships, don’t limit yourself; keep that big old world in mind.