Fall in the Stars: What does the season hold?

When the sun, moving southward, reaches the celestial equator, summer is officially over. A chart erected for the moment the sun enters tropical Libra provides clues to what the season may bring. This year, that magical moment occurs on September 22 at 3:21 EDT. This chart has some powerful energies at work. Saturn and Uranus continue their year-long battle between the traditional and the radical. Saturn is staid and conservative, and colors between the lines. Uranus loves chaos and upset, and when coloring, has no concept of lines. Mars makes an easy aspect to Saturn, which allows the two planets to blend their energies with ease. Saturn and Mars are known as the Greater and Lesser Malefic. Easy for them, perhaps not so easy for us. Things can get ugly this season. Mercury opposes the Moon in this chart. Mercury represents the voice of the people, and the Moon also represents the people. So, discord is in the air and those voices will not be silenced. Saturn is the big dog in this chart and one thing Saturn does is make you work for it. No shortcuts. Do your homework. 

Just before the Last Quarter Moon on the 28th, Mercury turns retrograde and remains so until October 18. Y’all know the drill about Mercury retrograde; get papers signed and initiate all new activity before the retrograde period begins. During the retrograde period, revise, review, meditate and double check all your appointments. Be ready to change your plans because communication snafus are the norm during these periods.

The New Moon on October 6 has retro Mercury snuggling up to Mars, Sun and Moon. Pluto turns direct in Capricorn, kicking up some sludge from the netherworld. A few days later, Saturn turns direct, adding to the fun.  When planets change direction, they are slow and their energy is concentrated. Expect some conversations. The Libra energy is strong, and Libra likes to make nice-nice. You may be able to get over some hurdles in your relationships. The big guys, Pluto and Saturn, speak to the collective and world events, but they often hit home.  Pluto brings up the crap while Saturn tries to keep it all within the confines of social order.  

At the Full Moon on October 20, the Sun/Moon dynamic falls across the Libra/Aries axis. Relationships are on the table with Sun in Libra loving those relationships while Moon in Aries favors independence and going it alone.  Mercury is direct, so conversations clear things up. Jupiter has also turned in direct motion. Jupiter brings expansion and big thinking into our lives, which is an antidote to Saturn’s tendency to contract. During this period leading up to and beyond the Full Moon, a weather event or environmental event is possible. Earth is wounded and she’s fighting back. Fighting Mars squares off with Pluto; don’t expect it to be pretty. Mars has a lot to do with upticks in the virus these days. This can be an explosive aspect with some bad juju surfacing around this period. 

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 4 opposes Uranus in Taurus. Mars has just moved into Scorpio and will square Saturn and oppose Uranus in the lead-up to the Full Moon on the 19th. This will aggravate the year-long tensions between Saturn and Uranus. Expect virus stuff, social unrest and some earth-shattering events. Mars in Scorpio takes no prisoners, and he’s messing with the big guys. Mars will light a fire and stir the pot until it bubbles over. Hang on to your hat. Some events are bigger than you, although you can be caught up in it. Take a breath and try not to become too emotional. You’ll need logic and a cool head to navigate the roller coaster of life. Don’t worry about the things you can’t control. Work on what you can and leave the rest up to the universe.

The New Moon on December 4 is a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, can be a benevolent influence. Sagittarius rules religion, foreign relations and foreign travel. Folks may be prone to exaggeration, promising more than they can deliver. At this time, Venus in Capricorn snuggles up to Pluto, bringing up questions of value and worth. While budgets, personal and national, are topics of concern for some, it becomes a question of self-worth. Remember to give yourself a pat on the back. Sometimes getting through the day is a major achievement. 

The season closes with a Full Moon on the 18th, bringing Sagittarius and Gemini to the fore. Venus, still running with Pluto, is turning retrograde. Venus in Capricorn takes care of business and finance. She is not extravagant here, looking for quality over quantity. In love, Venus in Capricorn is slow to start. If the relationships survive the first bumps, it is a good guess that it will last. But remember: When Venus is retrograde, it is a time to rethink relationships. Flaws in relationships surface, and what you could tolerate in another person becomes intolerable.  Venus turns direct in late January 2022. Issues around love and money become clearer then.

We live in interesting times and it is a matter of opinion whether that is a blessing or a curse. We must live our daily lives amid the turbulence around us. This fall season brings a lot of that turbulent energy to the surface. World events may be shattering, but on a personal level, strive to remain centered and focused.

Lunar Notes

Aries: As summer winds down, you become more active. With no heat waves to hinder you, you get out and start moving. You engage in some meaningful conversations with those close to you. Mid-month, those conversations may become more heated. Don’t get angry, but do get your point across.

Taurus: While you are not quite ready to give up summer’s fun and games, you do begin some of that annual fall tidying up and organizing. You manage to juggle that with some interesting conversations and get-togethers with some of your more mystical friends. Your standing in the community becomes important.

Gemini: While you seem light-hearted and full of fun, there is some serious stuff going on with you beneath the surface. This could have something to do with your childhood or something/someone from the past. Don’t let it spoil your fun, you’ll figure it out sooner or later. In the meantime, take the fun when it comes.

Cancer: The Crab is busy these days. Action occurs on a lot of levels, from the serious and very personal to the fun, carefree activities that take your mind off all the heavy stuff going on. You manage to maintain an even keel. Some unusual action from the friend sector holds some surprises for you. A conversation is called for.

Leo: Have serious conversations about money and what is important to you. Your personal relationships come under scrutiny. While some are worthwhile and worth the effort, others no longer serve your highest good. Get it all sorted out before month-end when Mercury goes retrograde. You feel like spiffing up your personal space. 

Virgo: September’s New Moon in Virgo infuses you with the energy to make some changes. This is a good time for you to begin to make those changes; you might not see results for a while, but the energy is there for you to plant seeds of change. There’s a lot going on in your daily routine; figure out what matters to you the most.

Libra: While you are open and up front with everyone, there is much going on behind the scenes. No matter what it is, you so enjoy the lovely conversations and interactions you are having with those around you. There is a mix of the serious and the fun stuff. You take care of business, but also take advantage of the fun stuff.

Scorpio: When Venus moves into your sign on the 11th, don’t be tempted by some luxury item that you can’t seem to resist. Resist! Do take advantage of the many social engagements that come your way. Venus attracts and brings the fun. Don’t ignore other issues that are more serious. Remember to take care of business. 

Sagittarius: This month features interaction with folks from all aspects of your life. The personal, professional and the casual are all thrown into the mix. You think about changing direction or moving to a different space — not necessarily on the physical plane, but mentally and emotionally. Give it some thought. A conversation with a friend helps.

Capricorn: You may be feeling extravagant with Jupiter in your money sector, but Saturn also is there, and Saturn, your ruler, puts the brakes on. Saturn says spend it wisely. Money matters aside, some romance and other enjoyable activities head your way during this period. When you talk, people listen.

Aquarius: September brings you some favorable reviews. Don’t let it go to your head. Saturn in your sign is sure to set you straight if you get too cocky. Jupiter also is there like a guardian angel. It’s like a tug of war with these guys, and you’re in the middle. Keep your feet on the ground and do what you think is best.

Pisces: The ping pong ball bounces back and forth between you and the significant others in your life.  Conversations are deep and probing. Keep a cool head and stay the course. You know what you want and where you stand. Don’t get muddled. Remember to breathe, and be sure to take a breath before you answer.  

Lunar Notes

Aries: As you roll off the party train you begin to organize your space, life and priorities. It’s not that the fun and games are over, there are plenty of fun things in your life as well. But you are clearing out the junk and superfluous in your life. Not a bad deal. Old friends provide a great sounding board and good advice.

Taurus: Life is a mixed bag these days, from home life and personal space to the face you allow the public to see.  There is a lot going on that you play close to the vest. Expect some interesting and stimulating conversations with those folks you enjoy so much in your life. A tangle with an authority figure keeps you on your toes.

Gemini: Your day-to-day life becomes busy and you might want to travel far and wide, but conditions require you to remain close to home. That does not mean you can’t plan that big trip. In the meantime, you enjoy some special time with special people at home and manage to partake in those activities you so enjoy. 

Cancer: Lots of conversation centered around money and what is important to you. Some questions arise about what is mine and what is yours. This requires attention to detail, and you are advised to keep your thinking cap on.  While things remain pleasant for the most part, remember to keep a business-like attitude. 

Leo: The New Moon in your sign signals a new beginning of sorts. Change is in the air. Could be your attitude.  Some conversation is required with your nearest and dearest. You may wish to consult a professional, whether doctor, lawyer or financial advisor. Finances do occupy your time these days. Pay attention to details.

Virgo: While you are outgoing, active and up front with people, there is a lot going on with you behind the scenes. You keep things private and that is good, but remember there are people in your life that you can talk to and share some private things. Not the flighty ones, but the rock-solid, boring, nose-to-the-grindstone folks. 

Libra: You activate your network of friends and acquaintances. You have a variety of folks within your network as you like to pursue various pasttimes. Now you are getting ready for the social whirl that is bound to begin when Venus moves into your sign on the 16th. She will attract people, social engagements and all kinds of fun to you.

Scorpio: This month pulls in two directions, the public and the private. Your job and social standing put you in the spotlight. You don’t want to be there. You are interested in hanging with your friends and networking with those with like interests. Mid-month may bring some aggravation with some irritating folks.

Sagittarius: There is a lot of activity and energy around your career and public life sector. It’s a combination of aggravation and acclaim. Some folks view you favorably, giving rave reviews, while others seem to oppose you at every turn. Don’t let it throw you, your world is expanding and you are far above it all, seeing the big picture.

Capricorn: Your mind reaches far and wide these days, not to mention digging deep into your own psyche.  Thoughts are deep and profound. You’re digging for gold, that is, for what is important to you, what really matters.   By mid-month things lighten up a bit and you get out of your head and into the world. Fun stuff for a change.

Aquarius: With Jupiter back in your sign along with Saturn, your life moves from contraction to expansion. Some serious stuff is going on within you as you move through this time of opportunity. Because yes, there is opportunity for you out there. The trick is to recognize it. Full Moon brings out your best. 

Pisces: You’re in the middle of a long process of dumping that which does not serve you any longer. Some of this is simply material stuff cluttering up your closet while others involve emotional, mental and spiritual clutter.  Conversations with advisors of all types help you to sort through and find the gold in your life. 

Lunar Notes

July opens and closes with Mars stirring the pot. The warrior planet surely set off some fireworks around the 4th of July, and when Jupiter and Mars meet up at month-end, expect a big bang. Financial markets, fanatics of all sorts and fist fights abound.

Aries: Creative juices flow this month and you make a point of enjoying those pastimes that you love. When romance heads your way, try not to be too aggressive. Let it happen, don’t push it. Some unexpected money issues arise that require some adjustments in the budget. No worries, you’ll figure things out.

Taurus: You’re bubbling over with ideas; some are way out there and shock your friends. You are thinking way outside the box. Go with the flow because you are on to something. In the lead-up to the Full Moon, you gather those close to you around for a good gab fest with plenty to eat and drink. Bounce those ideas around. 

Gemini: You’re figuring out what is important to you. A lot has happened in the past year and you are changing your priorities. Take some time to think things through. Have those important conversations and take some needed action. By month-end you should have your ducks in a row. Progress is possible.

Cancer: July 9th New Moon is your new moon, in Cancer. This is a great time for you to start something new or make some changes. Sometimes it is as simple as a new hairdo, at other times you may wish to make deeper changes. Your plans for the future have been evolving. This is a good time to pin those hopes for the future down.

Leo: You mull things over before you take action. A lot is going on behind the scenes and below the surface with you. No one knows as you keep private things private. You may wish to be private, but you attract friends and acquaintances who insist on getting you out and about. You can remain private and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Virgo: This month holds variety for you. You make connections, have conversations and get totally social at times.  At other times you prefer the solitary down time to process all that is going on with you. On the 21st you become the belle of the ball when Venus enters your sign. Popularity and helpful people signify this transit.

Libra: This period favors your natural inclination to socialize and gather together with likeminded individuals. Your network responds to your social vibe, and you manage to connect with old friends and make new ones. This is great for you. An old friendship may morph into something new and exciting.  

Scorpio: While you are not comfortable being center stage or in the spotlight, that is where you are during this period. You get noticed and receive recognition. Most of this is good, but there may be a few thick heads in the crowd. You manage them quite well. Your social life improves along with your business associations.

Sagittarius: While you ponder the mysteries of the universe, you’re also thinking about getting away to a faraway place. You may not be able to do that at this point, but it is a good time to lay the foundation for that big trip. You’re attracted to big ideas that let you get a handle on the big picture. Put all this to practical use. 

Capricorn: Relationships, new ones, old ones, shift and change. It is hard to keep track. Folks are changing and so are you. Your values are changing and you begin to appreciate people and things that weren’t so important to you before this. No worries for there are better things on the horizon. Hang on.

Aquarius: Saturn in your sign activates your organization bug. Clear off the desk, clean out the closet and throw out the useless. That is just part of your routine these days. Some unexpected happenings liven your days and spark your interests. Relationships move to the forefront at the Full Moon. Chill, all is well.

Pisces: This period brings a mixture of daydreams and practical applications to your day-to-day life. At times you seem almost mystical and visionary, while at others you are rock solid real life. The trick is to take those visions and apply them to your life. Give it some thought and you will make that happen.

Summer in the Stars: Ready for another shocking summer?

As the seasons change on June 20, Jupiter appears to stand still in the sky, ready to move backward (Remember, from Earth, the planets only look like they are going backward. In reality, Earth has caught up and is passing them in the cosmic dance around the Sun.). Mercury is poised to change direction as well. When planets slow as they change direction, the energy of that planet is accentuated. They stand up and out in a crowd calling for our attention. With Jupiter and Mercury prominent in the Solstice chart, we are warned to be careful in our judgments, to check our facts and not be swayed by hyperbole  The Summer may be cool and a bit windy. A strong hurricane season is indicated. Expect some shocking news over the course of the summer. It’s hard to imagine what, these days, would or could be considered shocking.  

The Full Moon on June 24, with Mercury direct, brings conversation and negotiation to the forefront. There is definitely a Venusian influence abroad. Diplomacy, arts, culture and yes, romance is in the air. Moon in Capricorn aids in manifestation of one’s dreams and visions. Stuffy Capricorn is really a very creative sign. 

July opens explosively with Mars kicking it off with an opposition to Saturn and a right-angle aspect to Uranus.  Mars is action. Saturn represents the status quo while Uranus favors kicking down the walls of tradition. Mars in Leo says, “Let’s stir up some shit.” Expect more than the usual fireworks on the 4th. The New Moon on July 9, with Sun/Moon in watery Cancer, finds Venus and Mars running together in Leo. A Cancer New Moon signals heightened emotions. Relationships do take on extra emphasis at this time. It is not without its problems, though. Venus loves to relate; Mars loves to go it alone. In Leo, they both want center stage. The lead-up to this Lunation may bring us some of that shocking news (thanks to the Mars/Saturn/Uranus configuration), perhaps having to do with transportation. 

At the Full Moon on July 23, the Sun has moved into fiery Leo and Moon is in Aquarius. While this Moon is more intellectual than emotional, Mercury in Cancer prompts and promises that folks are going to speak their feelings. No covering things up; whatever is on your mind and in your heart pours out. On the 28th, Jupiter moseys back into Aquarius and takes a hit from Mars in Leo. Mars kicks things off, prodding folks to action. A religious, legal or political debate grows heated. Stay out of it. No one is going to change their mind.

At the New Moon of August 8, the energy has shifted entirely again. It’s Leo time! Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Leo strengthens that Leo energy. Self-expression, self-confidence and a joy in life are Leo hallmarks. This energy encourages us to do what we love to do. Some iffy weather and earth-related events, floods, fires and other fun stuff percolate around this time. Time for some legal talk and negotiations on an international level.  

The Full Moon on August 22 falls across the Leo/Aquarius axis. Sun is in Leo opposing Moon in Aquarius. Both are at the critical 29th degree of their respective signs. The 29th degree is the transition point from one sign to another. A Full Moon at this degree signals a turning point as the energy shifts. Often there is a sense of urgency. At this Full Moon, Jupiter is in the picture while Mars and Mercury are prominent in health-oriented Virgo. Indeed, physical and mental health issues emerge — health equity, vaccines or other issues of public health. On a personal level, one might become aware of how one’s physical health is connected to one’s mental and emotional health.

As September opens, Mars is at it again. This time in Virgo he opposes Neptune in Pisces. Mars is fevers, Neptune in Pisces represents strange viruses. Hopefully we are out of the woods on that front. But Mars with Neptune is not friendly. This configuration combines oil, gas and explosives. Virgo brings in the agricultural. Floods and crop damage are a distinct possibility.  

The New Moon on September 6 with Sun and Moon in Virgo brings health, agriculture and the working class to the head of the class. During the Virgo season, whether we are dealing with the crops, the economy or arts and culture, the critic comes out and we separate the wheat from the chaff.  

The summer season closes with the Full Moon on the 20th of September with Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces.  Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra have moved out of their comfort zone. Mars rules Scorpio and Venus rules Libra; they are visiting in each other’s home and are not comfortable. The Mars principle of action is blunted. Venus, the social butterfly, cannot seem to get off the ground. Mercury in negotiating Libra, making a connection with Jupiter in Aquarius, has the potential to save the day. There’s an international flavor here, perhaps a summit of some kind.  

We live in a topsy-turvy world. During this summer season, be wary of allowing your emotions to override your intellect. Whether in a friendly debate or watching the evening news, be sure you have the facts. Know what really is, not what you would like it to be. The Moon, ruler of our emotions, changes signs about every two and a half days, so some days we’re up, others down. Through it all, remember to breathe and remember: This, too, shall pass. 

Lunar Notes

June opens with a bang as Mars opposes Pluto on the 5th. Aries Moon jumps in and makes for a very lively, explosive weekend. Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd, so be prepared for the old trickster to play some tricks.  The New Moon on June 10 is a Solar Eclipse in Gemini. And Summer arrives on the 20th.   

Aries: Try not to get impatient and blow your cork when your plans are thrown into disarray. Be sure you have your facts in order before you engage in any debate. New ideas come your way, so take the time to evaluate and incorporate them into your world view. Mars lends you a boost of energy when you need it the most.

Taurus: You question all those things, people and values you have held dear. It is tough to rearrange your thinking after having some long-held beliefs. A spiritually minded friend offers some wise council or simply a sympathetic ear. Things are changing for you in ways you never expected. Work with your new insight.

Gemini: The Eclipse season has you rocking and reeling. Change is in the air. That’s okay with you as you are great at adapting. Some of these changes are inner changes that surprise you. Something is bubbling up from your sub-conscious that needs your attention. A shift in your direction or point of view reveals a lot.

Cancer: Venus in your sign improves your social life and gives folks a positive view of you. You enjoy the delights that Venus brings, but are also delving into your inner self, probing to find out what makes you tick. You find that you are more spiritual than you had been previously. Worlds open up to you. Not a bad thing.

Leo: Mars moves into your sign on the 12th, firing you up and giving you the energy to bring about some changes that need to be made. Before you make those changes, give it some thought. Review what needs to be done before you take that first step. After the 22nd, new information emerges. Think about it.

Virgo: You think about making changes in your daily life, your job and your long-range direction. Some of this is minor, but some things are major life changes. Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde, so give it some thought. Some things will not change overnight, but require careful planning. You’re good at that, planning.

Libra: The Eclipse brings out some broad and big ideas that have a bearing on your work, reputation and social life.   You have struck a rapport with those you work and play with. This is an inner connection that sometimes needs no words. Some folks you know you can count on. Listen to their words, heed their advice, make your own decision. 

Scorpio: A period of self development is connected to the last and current eclipse. You dig deep and are fascinated with some taboo subjects. Or what some people think of as taboo. For you it is meat and drink. Digging deep, whether it is within the self or the mysteries of the universe, is right up your alley. Keep digging. You may strike gold. 

Sagittarius: You love your friends, siblings and all the other folks you have a personal relationship with, but sometimes they all can get to be a bit too much. Tensions within some relationships emerge and things that you have coped with before now seem difficult to deal with. Some serious conversations are in order.

Capricorn: Your usual practicality is giving way to a more spiritual outlook. Stuffy Capricorn is really a very creative sign. That creativity is coming to the forefront in your life. While this might not mean you’re painting a masterpiece, you will get innovative and cutting-edge with solutions, people and daily life.

Aquarius: Your creative juices are flowing. That and a real desire to get out and have a good time brings joy into your life. Saturn in your sign all year has not been a walk in the park. You have and will take care of business, your health, and any responsibilities you might have. But that does not mean you can’t take the fun when it comes.

Pisces: Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces bring many gifts to you. The trick is to handle all this good fortune in a level-headed way. These gifts may or may not be material. Listen to your inner voice and follow your hunches. Don’t forget to take all the practicalities into consideration. See things as they are, not as how you wish them to be.  

Lunar Notes

May is a month of happenings! Jupiter pops into Pisces signaling a major shift. It will retrograde back into Aquarius in July. This time frame will give you a clue about what to expect when Jupiter enters Pisces for good at year end. A Lunar Eclipse on the 26th and Mercury going retrograde on the 29th end the month with a lot of focused energy.  

Aries: A bit of introspection on your part reveals to you the value of listening to the opinions of others. Jupiter puts you in touch with your spiritual side. Your usual action-oriented self slows down a bit as you learn to smell the roses along the way. You use your energy on self-improvement and understanding. Don’t forget to listen!

Taurus: You recognize your own importance while maintaining an awareness of the value of those around you. Jupiter’s shift brings new acquaintances and ideas for the future into your world. You seek those with shared values. Those new folks in your life open your eyes to the wide world around you. Explore!

Gemini: Some quiet time and inner exploration realigns your thinking.  Jupiter prods and pushes you into the public eye, but you’re not quite ready for that yet. The Eclipse across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis emphasizes relationships and shines the light on what needs to be done to maintain those relationships. To keep or dump?

Cancer: Mars in your sign revs you up for action. Jupiter brings spiritual awakening and a desire to add to your knowledge. This could signal a back-to-school regimen or simply a dive into some weighty tomes. The Eclipse points to ways you can keep yourself healthy. That Mars is going to get you off the couch and into the gym. 

Leo: May’s energies bring forth the “you love me and I will love you” dichotomy. What we give and what we receive in relationships. Jupiter mixes sex and spirituality, while the Eclipse calls for you to express yourself through those things you truly enjoy. After all is said and done, you may find yourself heading in a new direction.  

Virgo: Jupiter’s move into your relationship sector brings improvement and expansion in that area. Personal relationships assist you in widening your perspective. The Eclipse at month end heightens your sense of personal power while rocking your feelings and needs related to basic security.  

Libra: Jupiter in Pisces reminds you that your physical health is closely tied to your mental and spiritual wellbeing. On a more practical level, this placement brings the wide world into your daily routine. The Eclipse focuses energies on siblings, neighbors and information that has the potential to transform your daily life. 

Scorpio: Wisdom and spiritual awakening flow into your being as benevolent Jupiter sends that energy from one water sign to another. Your sense of “knowing” is enhanced. Listen to your intuition for often it “tells you true.” Eclipse energy highlights your personal set of values. You recognize your worthiness.  

Sagittarius: The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is up close and personal for you. Your own identity and recognition of that identity becomes very important. You’re motivated and initiate some personal changes. Jupiter at your foundation supports your self-esteem and aids in maintaining a firm base as you make changes. 

Capricorn: Jupiter says think outside the box and beyond the immediate.  Your mind expands and begins to take in far-reaching possibilities. You get creative. The Eclipse opens you to your inner world. You use all of your new-found ideas and feelings to move you along your way. A new path opens up.  

Aquarius: Jupiter puts cash in your pocket. The trick is making sure it stays there. There is a strong temptation to spend freely without a care for tomorrow. The Eclipse pinpoints your friendships. There is a lot of energy around acquaintances and your entire network. It may be time to prune some dead wood to make way for the new.

Pisces: Your ruler, Jupiter, is at home in Pisces and brings the promise of good luck and opportunity coming your way. You are in the right place at the right time. Be on the lookout for those moments. The Eclipse points to a career or change in life’s direction. Could be a juggling act between your public and private life. 

Lunar Notes

Aries: You segue from an “all about me” to a more collaborative stance. This does not mean you give up your independence or that “me first” attitude, but you do look for folks with whom you share some common ground. Any group efforts are not without their vigorous discussions. You speak your mind because you have a lot of ideas.

Taurus: Your preference for quiet contemplation fades away as you shift into a more active, social mode. By mid-month, your schedule is filled with the pleasant and pleasurable. You enjoy popularity, social events and helpful people. At month-end some relationship issues surface. Who do you want in your life?

Gemini: A busy and active period finds you connecting with new friends, old friends and connections that further your ambitions. You are ambitious these days and feel quite comfortable putting yourself forward. At times you can be quite aggressive. No harm in that, but it is not your usual style.  Do what feels right for you.  

Cancer: This is a month of shifting priorities for you. You make an effort to amp up your connections, expanding your network of personal friends and professional associates. By Full Moon time at month-end, you are into fun, games and all the stuff that you really enjoy doing. You’re looking for common ground from those around you.

Leo: You spend a lot of time planning and thinking about the big picture of your life. You are not focusing on the details — you are thinking about the big picture. Mid to late month you step out and take action. You are in full networking mode. You see that your connections will help you move along.  You make a good impression.

Virgo: Your daily routine is a mix of fun stuff and serious business. It’s a juggling act you are performing here. You perform your responsibilities while being open to new ideas and expansion of your day-to-day existence.  You take action and get noticed. Use your verbal skills and quick thinking to score some points. 

Libra: The New Moon sparks a new beginning in relationship matters.  Could be a new relationship or a change in an existing relationship. Some of this could be internal to you — what you want in a relationship and how you relate. You find you prefer those who share your interests and values, and you won’t mess around with those who don’t.

Scorpio: Lots of stuff going on internally and beneath the surface.  Something or someone emerges from the past. You’re okay with it all, but it does require some conversation and interaction. Full Moon on the 26th finds you speaking your mind and not caring what folks think. Get your thoughts and feelings out there. Be gentle.

Sagittarius: Finding new ways to express yourself occupies your time these days. You get creative and a little out there, but you soon settle into it as all this new you stuff becomes part of your routine. Conversation with those in your life require time and energy. You need to have them and are not shy about speaking your mind.

Capricorn: Big reevaluation time for you. You’re thinking deep stuff. Values, friends and point of view all come under scrutiny. You blend the past, present and future possibilities into your personal way to move forward. Full Moon on the 26th brings it all into focus. Something sparks your creative urge. Follow that urge. 

Aquarius: New ideas surface and aid you in dealing with authority figures, siblings and other folks in your life. You are becoming quite the authority figure yourself. You pull things from your past to set you up for the future.  You’ve got big ideas, but remain grounded in reality, dreaming big while remaining functioning. Good work. 

Pisces: While you may seem spaced out and dreamy, you are actually probing your inner most self and coming up with some profound truths.  These truths may be important to only you. But that is alright. By month-end you will be able to express these thoughts and ideas in a way that will impact those around you.  

Lunar Notes

Spring arrives on the 20th, bringing with it more hope and optimism than the season usually brings. Jupiter is on the horizon in the spring chart, beefing up that optimism with a promise of more good things to come. The month of March is not without its surprises, so be prepared to adjust your stance and alter your course. 

Aries: Some relationships feel like they need a do-over. You need to think about this for a while. When spring arrives on the 20th you may feel different. In the meantime, it does not hurt to have a conversation. At month end, the Full Moon hits your relationship buttons. Could be time to take action. 

Taurus: You work on making new connections and improving your relationships with those you work and play with. This is a good time to visualize what you want for your future. Dream big and think about manifestation, making your dream a reality. You have some new ideas about making and managing money.

Gemini: Mars, the planet of action and energy enters Gemini at the beginning of the month and gets you moving and motivated. Action centers around your professional life, then shifts into the topics and activities that you most enjoy. You’re able to manage both work and play, accomplishing a lot and having fun while you’re at it.

Cancer: As the month unfolds, you garner some favorable reviews. You present well and look good to those who matter. While success in your public life is fantastic, you also want to have harmony on the home front.  You work at that and things are on an even keel there. Friends surprise you with some unusual behavior.

Leo: A period of consultations and conversations ensues, keeping your brain busy for the month of March. Some of these encounters broaden your outlook while others seem to want to put you in a box. A wise one gives good advice. A rambunctious friend becomes articulate and also offers good advice.

Virgo: You initiate a conversation or take an action that leads to a closer relationship with someone in your arena. This could be romantic, but mostly it is interesting and intellectually stimulating. Work space and daily routine get a going over as you organize, eliminate and expand all at once.

Libra: You begin the month with your nose to the grindstone, clearing off your desk and completing necessary tasks. You act on your ideas. As spring arrives, your focus shifts. The Full Moon at month-end shines upon you.  Relationships are highlighted as you shine so much you attract people to you.

Scorpio: You search for people and activities that bring you joy. You’re in the having-fun mode. As the month progresses, you shift your focus to more mundane and everyday tasks. Something pushes your subconscious button, triggering an inner probe on your part. You look deep to discover what is bugging you.

Sagittarius: Lots of action/interaction on the home front and in the neighborhood. You connect with people while carrying out your daily routine. Someone has a lot to say; some of it might be worth listening to.  Don’t get angry. Let that person blow off some steam, then have a decent conversation. 

Capricorn: On one hand, you are serious and sober, on the other, you are wild and crazy. You bounce from one to the other. That is just how things are for you these days. Not to worry; you need both aspects of yourself at this time  You bubble over with ideas that come to fruition at month-end.

Aquarius: You are juggling the two biggies in your sign. Jupiter, who says go, go, go, and Saturn, who says stop, stop, stop. Somewhere in there you must find the right balance. Jupiter opens your mind and expands your universe. Saturn keeps your feet on the ground. You need them both.  Month-end brings fresh ideas. 

Pisces: New Moon in your sign on the 13th signals a new beginning. This is a creative time for you and also speaks to romance and other light-hearted pursuits. You are the one with all the action. You are motivated and take steps to get what you want. Some money issues lurk at month-end. Put your thinking cap on. All is well. 

Spring in the Stars: Will the planets align in our favor this season?

Spring’s arrival on March 20 brings more than the usual hopeful optimism that is typical of the season. Jupiter rising in the Equinox chart highlights trust — trust that all will be well. Hopefully that optimism will last because we have a few bumps in the road ahead. Mars, the planet of action, arguments and athleticism, makes its presence felt. Saturn and Uranus in aspect throughout the season create conflict between the traditional and the avant-garde. A Lunar and Solar Eclipse along with a Mercury retrograde period signals a period of ups and downs and all arounds.

The first Full Moon after the Equinox on March 28 has the Moon in relationships-oriented Libra opposing Venus in “go it alone” Aries. Venus in Aries can be a pioneer of sorts. Fiercely independent here could mean a breakup of some sorts. On the upside, it can signal a relationship that takes one into new territory. 

In the first week of April leading up to the New Moon on April 11, Mars, the mixer-upper, squares off with Neptune. Mars rules, among other things, fever while Neptune rules strange viruses. While pandemic is on our mind and yes, there is a strong possibility for a spike in cases, new variants, etc., this combination can indicate other explosive activity. Neptune has dominion over the oceans, natural gas, oil refineries and pharmaceuticals.  Mars is action and can light a match in the middle of a volatile situation.  

The Full Moon of April 26 finds Sun in Taurus opposing Moon in Scorpio and both of them tied up with the great awakener Uranus, which, in turn, pulls sober Saturn into the picture. It is a mix of disparate energies that can shake up society and individuals on multiple levels. Social, political and economic issues are all thrown into the mix. The headlines will reflect this jumble of energy. Relationships, mutual agreements and home décor/repairs receive a jolt and require some expenditure of energy. 

The New Moon on May 11 puts both Sun and Moon in Taurus. The energy is slow and steady. Taurus is known for loyalty and has the ability to stick it out. This lunation warns us not to get stuck in a rut. If change is in the air, give it a good look and modify those changes to suit you personally. Jupiter poised to move into Pisces on the 13th signals a major shift. Jupiter rules Pisces and here, that trust signaled at the start of the season, becomes faith.  Jupiter in Pisces accentuates our spirituality and belief systems. With Neptune, co-ruler of Pisces in that sign, these energies become more important. With this combination, be sure to take off your rose-colored glasses. Deception is easy and the wise ones put on their skeptic’s hat.  

The Full Moon on May 26 ushers in the eclipse season with a Lunar Eclipse along the Gemini/Sagittarius. Here Mercury slows down, getting ready to retrograde on the 29th. Get papers signed and deals made before that time.  Eclipses signal change. Gemini and Sagittarius signs are mutable and like information. With Gemini, it is the normal, everyday back and forth of ideas and info. Sagittarius digs into those weighty tomes and pontificates upon weighty subjects. Philosophy, religion and law all fall under the Archer’s arrow. News of legal matters and legislation captures our attention.

Before the New Moon, Solar Eclipse on June 10, Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This is a time when the shit hits the fan. At the Solar Eclipse, Neptune is at the top of the chart. The upside of this, we’re talking to God. The downside, we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Remember, Mercury is retrograde, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.   

The last major aspect before the season changes is between Saturn and Uranus. These two have been in play all season, but become exact on June 14. This is the energy that brought us the assault on the Capitol. While Uranus can be a game changer in a positive sense, the planet is really at home in the land of chaos. Saturn wants order and conformity — two very different energies in a combative stance. Events now will try our faith.  

Jupiter starts us off during this spring with faith, hope and optimism.  Hopefully its good qualities will carry us through.