Betsy Jones

“Betsy is wonderful,” says The Avenue Concept’s sculpture program manager Brian Dowling. “She is the general manager at The Avenue Concept, but somehow that title doesn’t encapsulate all that she does. If our organization were a ship traveling on an adventurous journey, Betsy would be the navigator, keeping us on a steady course as the winds and currents push and pull us in different directions. As an organization, we encounter all kinds of opportunities and Betsy has a great knack for seeing how they fit into our mission and most importantly our calendar and budget.

“Betsy is also the touchstone for so many of the communications within The Avenue Concept. She coordinates and communicates with the board of directors and prepares materials for board meetings. Many times she is the person who puts together the packages for people interested in renting The Avenue Concept facility for events. She also has a way of keeping everyone in our organization on task that is supportive and empathetic.

“I have so much respect for Betsy. She is such a humble, yet accomplished peer.”

For more information on The Avenue Concept, visit theavenueconcept.org