Mental Health 101: A crash course of current support resources in Providence Public Schools

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), one in five young people in RI is affected by mental illness. Sometimes instead of getting treatment, they deal with it themselves or even take their own lives: like 10-year-old Isabella “Izzy” Tichenor from Utah, who died of suicide in November 2021 as a result of […]

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The Squid’s Ink: Huger Health Care?

Yes, it seems like the Lifespan/Care New England merger deal was rejected by both Attorney General Peter Neronha and the Federal Trade Commission. But our hackers found documents indicating that plans remain in place… This story and analysis came up through back channels and was written with repressed bile and intestinal fortitude… “There is always […]

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Get in the Zone: An explainer of RI’s Health Equity Zone initiative

You may have heard of this forward-thinking RI Department of Health initiative that is beginning to serve as a national model for community-driven health. But what is a Health Equity Zone, and how does it work? What Are Health Equity Zones?  Ana Novais, deputy director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, defines Health Equity […]

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Take Your Vitamins: New research shows Vitamin D deficiency can lead to worse COVID outcomes

A recent article in the American Journal of Infection Control titled “COVID-19 fatalities, latitude, sunlight, and vitamin D” found that a country’s latitude had a significant effect on its COVID-19 death rate. Using data from 88 countries, the author, Paul B Whittemore, PhD, of Pepperdine University, found that 16% of the variation in COVID-19 fatality […]

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Trust Science?: Americans on both sides of the political divide struggle to decide who to believe

Americans seem to be dividing themselves into two camps: those who trust science and those who don’t. But even those who traditionally support science and have faith in agencies such as the CDC are looking askance at those agencies, wondering if they’re falling prey to political pressure. Dr. Michael Fine, doctor, community organizer and former […]

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