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HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu in Motif

Cthulhu, the legendary ancient creature conjured from the imagination of HP Lovecraft looms large in this month’s issue of Motif. Here are three parts of our feature coverage. Look for an upcoming interview with Cthulhu later this month: Lovecraft’s Legacy: Cthulhu’s Call Still Echoes, by Adam Schirling Necronomicon Rising – info on the August Convention, […]

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VOTE in the 2013 Motif Theater and Film Awards

Click here to vote The professionals have spoken and the 2013 Motif Theater and Film award nominees are in! So here’s how it works… We contact the industry greats and present them with a list of categories. They send us nominees from each category within their particular expertise. We throw the results into a survey and […]

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The Exonerated Leaves a Lasting Impact

Summer often ends up being the time when frivolous theater rears its ugly head. Not to sound snobbish, but lately, it seems like finding anything meatier than No, No Nanette would be a challenge. That’s why it’s so refreshing to have 2nd Story Theatre presenting a gripping piece of theater that’s sure to leave an impact that’ll last through the […]

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Epic’s Fire Island Presents Theatergoers with an Unusual Experience

Fire Island, by Charles Mee, is the current offering at Epic Theatre Company. Directed by Kate Lester, this Rhode Island premiere explores the ups and downs of various couples as they spend a weekend on Fire Island. The Fire Island script is cinematic and poetic. Mee, a current playwriting professor at Columbia University, has an […]

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RI Pride Celebrates 37th Anniversary

On Saturday, June 15, Rhode Island’s LGBT community held their 37th annual Pride celebration in Providence. The day featured sunny skies, lots of heat and passionate performances from several local entertainers. This year’s theme, “Love Forward,” signifies the freedom for people to love whom they want. The recent passage of marriage equality legislation in the […]

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