Corned Beef and Trivia

Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t just about getting absolutely shit-faced on green beer and eating corned beef. It’s also about celebrating being Irish. So let’s celebrate with a little test.

Saint Patrick is not the patron saint of snake-wrangling. In fact, there were no snakes in Ireland when Patrick was around. So what is he the patron saint of?

Saint Patrick was responsible for the construction of clay churches in 5th Century AD, making him the patron saint of engineering. Word of warning: You shouldn’t drink and engineer.


When the Irish arrived on American shores, charming New York nativist mobs created a practice on the eve of Saint Paddy’s day designed to insult the Irish. What was it called?

The practice of “Paddy Making” involved making effigies of Irish people wearing necklaces of potatoes with whiskey bottles sewn into their hands. Americans know how to welcome immigrants! The practice was banned in 1803. 

The beloved Saint Paddy’s day tradition of the Shamrock Shake once had its very own mascot. Can you name him?

Uncle O’Grimacy, who looks like a big ole’ green dancing turd wearing Leprechaun clothes, was the official mascot of the Shamrock Shake. 

What hip-hop icon shares a joint with the Leprechaun in the fifth movie in the Leprechaun franchise?

Ice-T smokes up the Leprechaun just before losing his finger in the masterpiece Leprechaun in the Hood.

The custom of drinking on Saint Patrick’s Day has a name. What is it?

Pota Phadraig or Patrick’s Pot. It is customary to drown a whamrock in your whiskey before sucking it down. No thanks. We prefer our whiskey “neat.”