Getting Their Comic On: Cosplay contest winners announced

To help all those cosplayers bummed to not be able to show off their skill at Comic Con this year, Motif teamed up with RI Comic Con to hold a virtual cosplay contest. Judges faced a difficult decision, but declared the winners, listed below.

Winners of passes to RI Comic Con 2021


Belle, Sarah Mcginnis


Starfire, Lacey Sarria


The Reaper and the Pixie, The Weinbergs


Those Meddling Kids, Kayleigh Cahoon, Emma Tavares, and Thor Cahoon

Recipients of official Comic Con/Motif certificates

Runner-up: Trixie, Carolina Velasquez
Runner up, Youth: Dance off, submitted by Nathan Suher
Runner up, Youth: Pink Power Ranger, submitted by Sharon Santos

Best Mash-up: Ren Wonderwoman, Karen Hayes

Best Ensemble: The cast of Schitt’s Creek, Amadeus Finlay, Vikki Uustal, Denise Uustal and Jimmy Carrington
Best Story: Masked, Chris Dalpe and Michael Ahearn
Best Canine: Apollo as Cujo, submitted by Studio Blue
Scariest: Home Care, Shaun Miller
Most Wizardly: Gandalf, Michael BX
Most comfortable: Two Onesies, Alissa Marr