Cowboy’s Movie Corner: Ms. Raimondo Goes to Washington

Woo-ee! Hollywood’s addiction to remakes, reimaginings and reboots has no shame. The latest moving picture to get this rehashed, cashed-in treatment is that beloved American classic and scourge of 10th graders in second period everywhere, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The Newspaper Cowboy can report that a certain famous local sibling filmmaking duo have dusted off some old timey cliches and rewritten the script to resemble our esteemed boss, Governor Gina Marie Raimondo. 

Jimmy Stewart’s kindly old Jimmy Stewart-esque boy scout troop master is replaced with an eye-talian Rhodes Scholar, plucked from the upper echelons of power to become the secretary of commerce (with product placement, of course). That Rhodes Scholar is taken under the wing of the more experienced Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who’s caught up in a scheme involving too many online geeks and too much GameStop stock. The script itself disintegrates after that. The famous local brothers were hoping to collaborate on their big hit Washington melodrama with famous DC fanfic writer Aaron Sorkin, but Sorkin vanished in search of some powdered inspiration.