Until recently, I thought Thanksgiving was the quintessential American holiday: no politics, no religion, just friends, family and food. Then an Indigenous American told me that for them it was a national day of mourning.

Revelations like that put dampers on the enthusiasm.

Yet I still believe in the possibility of the American Dream. 


Not the mortgaged house and 2.5 kids. Nor the flag waving, jingoistic, capitalist empire building. Not the country that splits its population into coasts and midlands, red and blue, black and white, rich and poor, citizen and alien, us and them.

I believe in our America.

Our America survived a fraught transition of power. 

Our America took to the streets during a pandemic to protest. 

Our America not only permits but encourages free speech and dialog. 

And our America joyfully celebrates the holidays of many different religions.

Yes, America is flawed. Yet here we live. 

This season, as we pause to celebrate and indulge, I invite you to take a few moments to remember the past, imagine a future, and continue working together to build our diverse and more perfect union.

– Mark Binder

P.S. This is my last issue as Interim Editor of Motif. It’s been a pleasure working with the writers and staff. Extra thanks to our fabulous designer, Francie Eannarino. I’m going back to my writing and storytelling. Please keep reading and supporting Motif, and follow me @markbinderbooks.