Why Not Drink About It? Our expert weighs in the perfect wines to fill your glass this fall

Have you ever truly thought about how fortunate we are to have a variety of seasons? Sure, shoveling the driveway isn’t on the top of anyone’s to-do list, but we all look at the first serene snowfall from our frosted-up windows the same way. Likewise, while no one is likely to revel in beach traffic, we all enjoy lying back with a cool ocean breeze at our cheeks while burying our toes in the sand with the same childlike wonderment we had as kids. Spring and fall have their own special places in our world, transitioning us from the extremes of the layered up, hibernating folk of winter and the hot, sticky, party animals of summer. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re in the throes of realizing we’re about to segue out of the perfection that is summertime in New England into the fall, bringing with it the perplexing question: What the hell do I want to drink? This is the time of year where warm summer-esque days and crisp fall nights can leave you feeling confused about which adult bevvies to keep on hand for your unwind time. Here’s a list of transitional wines that will cater to the weather’s fickle temperature swings.

First up we have The Supernatural Wine Company’s Pacific Potion Amber Pinot Gris. When you think of a New Zealand wine, most people inherently think of sauvignon blanc but this Hawkes Bay Pinot Gris is a great example of the varying nature of wines the country has to offer. True to its name, the deep amber color looks like it should have a fossilized mosquito in it that will start a whole new dinosaur population, but fret not — Jeff Goldblum is safe. Citrusy notes of nectarines and Meyer lemon blend perfectly with undertones of baking spices and lively acidity. The velvety mouthfeel helps give this pinot gris some heft, leaving you with a delectable vino for weaning yourself off the light white wines and rosés you’ve been partial to all summer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not packing away my affinity for rosés just because pool time is about to turn into a marathon of me binging on Hocus Pocus and Little Monsters until Halloween comes. Rosé has truly cemented its place as a year-round staple, and there’s no better example than Spain’s Buil & Giné Giné Rosat. Hailing from the Priorat region, this isn’t what you would normally picture when thinking of rosé. Its deep pink-red hued color is so rich it’s almost crimson. Flavorful notes of pomegranate, ripe raspberries and black cherries are rounded out by a zing of white pepper in the finish, a welcome change for your palate that helps usher in the chilly fall nights. Zippy acidity beckons for you to pair the Giné Rosat with stick-to-your-ribs fall fare, but remains versatile enough to enjoy without any food at all.

Even though the cooler weather typically brings about the desire for more hefty red wine consumption, lighter reds are a safe bet for these not-quite-bone-chilling nights. The La Boutanche Trollinger produced by Andi Knauss is a gulpable offering that is not only delicious, but comes in a liter! Notes of cranberry, raspberry and wild cherry envelop your palate, evoking the feeling of wanting to bust out your fall flannels and dust off the Doc Martins. This German bred juice will make you realize “99 Luftballons” and David Hasselhoff might have a run for their money as the country’s most enjoyable exports.

All of the aforementioned wines are sure to tick all the boxes on the “Perfect Wine Checklist” and hopefully, no matter which wines you choose, you’re enjoying them in the good company of friends or, at the very least, several seasons of “Friends.”